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yoda, he was


And there you have it. Thanks to all who participated in the “guess what Owen’s going to be” game. There were some very inspired guesses. But as destiny would have it, Owen has embraced his inner geek at an early age, and I couldn’t be happier about it.


Owen actually handled his costume quite well – he even played in it for a while. Needless to say, the force is strong with this one. Master Yoda would be proud.


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Our house has been a buzz with lots of preparation for Owen’s first Halloween. It all began with the annual carving of the pumpkin. Travis, being the “Clark Griswold” of the family, insisted on our little family watching “Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin” to get into the spirit of Halloween. After the inspiration we received from Charlie, we set out to carve our beautiful pumpkin (which we picked ourselves…see “jumpin’ pumpkin jamboree“).


Travis and I were excited to see Owen’s reaction to the pumpkin, but he cared a whole lot more about the sounds he made when he kicked the newspaper underneath the pumpkin!


When we finally diverted Owen’s attention away from the crinkly newspaper to the pumpkin, he was not impressed. In fact, he looked down right offended that we would even entertain the idea that he would want to smear his hands in pumpkin goop!


Owen’s first pumpkin carving experience didn’t last very long. After a little bit of smearing (which I forced him into), it was off to the bath to clean off the sticky pumpkin. We had to wait until the next morning to get this adorable picture of Owen next to our wonderfully carved jack-o-lantern!


Besides carving pumpkins, I’ve been preparing for Halloween by baking some Halloween treats! Since becoming a full-time homemaker and mom, I am embracing the title whole-heartedly! I went to Target and bought myself a complete set of Halloween cookie cutters and sprinkles. Today while Owen napped, I whipped up a batch of homemade sugar cookie dough. After picking up Rowan and Savannah (the kids I take care of every afternoon), it was time to begin! We rolled dough, cut out some cookies, checked the oven every 2 minutes to make sure they weren’t burning, set them out to cool, and then iced and sprinkled! It was a blast! I even tried my hand at making the perfect orange colored icing. (I don’t mean to brag, but I paid attention during elementary art class and mixed the yellow and red food coloring to create a near perfect shade of Halloween orange!)


So, the pumpkin is carved. The cookies are made. The candy has been purchased. The costume is hanging in the closet and waiting until its identity can be revealed (check back tomorrow – it’s not too late to guess what he’s going to be!!). This family is ready. Only one more day!

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only one more day…

Yes, Owen has a Halloween costume this year. No, he’s not going to be a pirate (this pic came from one of his crazy, er, average days home with Emily).

We’ll reveal his costume on Wednesday, but until then we’re taking guesses as to WHAT he’s gonna be. The winner will get fame, fortune, their own TV series, a showcase on MTV Cribs, and, of course, a very public shout out on this very blog.

So if you’ve never left a comment – here’s your chance! We wanna hear your guess.

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So why not kick things off with a little Thriller? C’mon. You know you want to. The above video even cuts straight to the good stuff.

I also recommend you click here to see the Thriller dance interpreted by a rather…um…unexpected?…group of guys.

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rollin’, rollin’, rollin’…

Okay, here’s the progression! He’s doing it. He’s rolling over all by himself!




I know that the first picture looks like Travis is helping him, but I promise that he’s not! The last picture is what his face looks like every time he rolls…complete amazement that he accomplished such an amazing task!

I had to take Owen to the doctor yesterday to see what was up with this bad rash he had had on his chest and back for the last 3 weeks. Behind the doctor’s table was a big mirror. Owen got a kick out of looking at himself roll over in the mirror. Seriously, I think he rolled over about 10 times before the doctor came in! By the time she got in, the paper covering the table was ripped to pieces and covered in drool (Owen tends to drool even more when concentrating!).

In case you’re curious…the rash turned out not to be a rash. Owen has a “very extensive case of excema” (the doctor’s words). She said he’ll probably outgrow it in a couple of years, but until then, he’ll be covered in vaseline nightly! Poor kid. As you can see from the pictures, his itchy skin doesn’t seem to be keeping him from enjoying his new skill!

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wait a second…


Maybe it’s just me. But I’m pretty sure there’s a similarity here.

(sorry about the pixelation…not sure what’s up there)

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look, mom…no hands!!


As I am quickly learning, the life of a stay-at-home-mom is never dull! (In case you haven’t figured it out yet, this is Emily! My first post…yippee!) This week, Owen gained more independence, and I lost a little of my freedom. Gone are the days when I could put Owen in the middle of my bed and expect him to stay put. This week, Owen has become mobile…he rolls!! And boy is he thrilled about it! Every time he does it, he has a huge smile on his face and giggles. I don’t mind losing a little of my freedom when I see how happy he is about his newly found mobility!

As the picture would suggest, Owen has also started teething in a serious way. Drool pours out of his mouth and soaks his shirts, his fingers are constantly shoved in his mouth (which is cool with me except when I realize that Max has just finished licking his fingers…what are you gonna do?), and teething rings are my new best friend!

After an afternoon of fussy Owen, I was looking for something to soothe his sore gums. I pulled a chilly teething ring out of the fridge, stuck it in his mouth and expected to have to hold it for him (like I usually do). But, much to my surprise (and Owen’s, too!), the teething ring stayed in the mouth! What a day…

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8 years late to the party


If only I could flash back in time to my freshman year of college. I’d talk myself out of growing a beard…I’d elect not to take Geology…and I’d make everyone I knew watch Freaks and Geeks. It probably wouldn’t have saved the show, but at least I would’ve done my part.

Instead, I feel like part of the problem. F&G, like Arrested Development, was cancelled prematurely due to low viewership. I remember hearing about the show, and thinking that it was up my alley. But alas, I had more important things to do…like play Goldeneye with the dudes across the hall…what were their names again?

Anyway, Em and I recently watched the first season/entire series on DVD. In case you didn’t know, it came from Judd Apatow and crew, the guys behind Knocked Up and The 40 Year Old Virgin. Several of the castmembers from those movies were in this show, namely Seth Rogen (who really isn’t in F&G that much until the last few episodes).

We both loved the series. Although it takes place in 1980, the humor and situations are universal to anyone who was ever in high school. It’s also full of surprisingly poignant moments, and the life-as-confused-teen messages are solid. In other words, it’s going to be required viewing for Owen when he hits 9th grade.

So since I missed out on it the first time around, I feel it’s my individual duty to spread the good word to all of you about the show now. Check it out. It really hits its stride about 6 or 7 episodes in. If you were ever a fan of the The Wonder Years, you’ll love it. And if you want to sample the sense of humor, check out some clips.

On a side note, I’m making time in my schedule this year to catch 30 Rock, which I’ve heard has the potential to suffer the same fate as F&G and Arrested Development. I’m definitely a fan so far…

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Last weekend we headed west to KC, where we met my parents and hung out with some of the fam. We stayed at Luke and Amy’s house (Luke’s my cousin, pictured above), but somehow managed NOT to get a pic of Amy. Sorry about that, Amy. They have a great place and were fanstastic hosts. We also discovered that Luke is Owen’s favorite person to spit up on. Seriously, it was like there was a tractor beam from Owen’s mouth to Luke’s shirt(s) – it never failed.

Saturday morning and early afternoon we hung out with my folks and grandparents.




For those of you who don’t know, Owen’s middle name is Lane – my grandfather’s namesake. And I don’t think anyone who has seen the two of them together can deny that there’s a special bond there…the man simply knows how to make Owen happy.

Saturday afternoon we enjoyed some SmokeStack BBQ while watching Mizzou take on – scratch that – DESTROY Texas Tech. It was nice seeing the Tigers come back from a tough OU game and blow out a ranked team, and hold the #1 offense in the country to 10 points. Clearly, Mizzou deserves their ranking…unlike KU (sorry Don & Luke, you know it’s true). Emily and Owen were so into watching the game that I couldn’t even get them to pose for a picture.

Saturday night we were back at Amy and Luke’s, where we hung out more with my aunt Kelly, cousins Don and Casey, and Casey’s boyfriend, Brad. Amy cooked up a delicious Mexican spread. Later that night, we all watched Disturbia, which was actually a pretty fun homage to Rear Window.


So a good time was had by all. Thanks to everyone in KC for taking time to hang with us…and thanks to everyone who read this post for sticking with me. It ran a little longer than I thought it would.

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give this guy a hand

This is so good, I couldn’t just post it here.

“Manualist” Gerry Phillips has entertained and inspired a number of my friends and co-workers over the past week, and I feel it’s my duty to share his…um…art?…with you all.

“Ger” (as I endearingly call him) needs no more than a circa-1987 couch, computer speakers, a wrist-microphone, and his hands to make sweet, sweet music (as seen in his performance of Guns ‘n Roses’ Sweet Child of Mine above).

I highly recommend that you check out the rest of his videos, too. He rocks Bohemian Rhapsody, Oops I Did It Again, and even The Cantina Song from Star Wars.

So here’s to you, Ger. Don’t forget the little people when you’re playing (or would he be “manualling”?) for world leaders at Carnegie Hall.

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