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just in case you need an owen fix…



As you might hear Paula say on American Idol, “The camera loves him!”


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oscars in review


If you haven’t figured it out yet, Em and I are pretty big movie people. So like it or not, we gotta weigh in our opinions on who won and who didn’t last night. We managed to see 3 out of the 5 Best Picture noms: Juno, No Country For Old Men, and Michael Clayton. For the record, we liked them all.

Best Picture Winner: No Country For Old Men

No doubt about it. Granted, we missed two of the nominated films, but we feel great about No Country being the winner. Unique story. Fantastic acting. An overall intense movie experience. Emily and I both loved this one. And I think it’s a big sign that after the credits began rolling in the theater, I knew instantly that I would have to see it at least two more times before I can truly “get” all of the symbolism/deep-rooted themes that were lying under the surface throughout the movie.

Best Director/Best Adapted Screenplay Winners: Coen Brothers

Let’s keep the No Country love rolling. Anyone who can deliver a 2+ hour movie without a single note of music to add dramatic effect (until the credits, at least) – and STILL keep you on the edge of your seat simply from the tension of the story has our vote. I’m happy that the Coens officially have their place in Oscar history, too. I’ve loved so many of their movies over the years…Raising Arizona (which obviously inspired the name of this here blog)…Fargo…The Big Lebowski…O Brother Where Art Thou…the list goes on. They’re great writers, great directors, and funny, funny dudes. It’s interesting that their most serious movie is their Oscar winner.

Best Actor: Daniel Day Lewis

I’ve had a man crush on Dan the Man since I first saw The Last of the Mohicans (which was my first R-rated movie in a theater experience, by the way). I’ve only seen previews for There Will Be Blood – but those clips alone would’ve earned my vote.

Best Actress: Some French Chick

Okay, so we didn’t see this one. But we’ve heard she deserves it. We did, however, see Julie Christie in Away From Her and Ellen Page in Juno, and both were deserving.

Best Supporting Actor: Javier Bardem


No question about this one…he was so intimidating, even with that sweet 80’s insurance salesman hair. However, any other year, I think this one should’ve gone to Casey Affleck. He was outstandingly creepy/obsessive/disturbed in The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford. And yes…I just said that “any other year it would’ve gone to Casey Affleck.” Who’da thunk it?!

Best Supporting Actress

Tilda Swinton was good as the ruthless/insecure corporate woman in Michael Clayton, but Emily and I both feel that she didn’t hold a candle to Amy Ryan in Gone Baby Gone. Ryan nailed the lowest common denominator/white trash/ignorant human being character without cliche…she was sickeningly good.

A Few Other Oscar Notes:


  • Who keeps inviting John Travolta back year after year to present? The guy’s skin gets more plastic and his hair gets even creepier every year. And he’s supposed to be in the Hollywood elite? I just don’t get it.
  • Did Enchanted really deserve THREE nominations for best song? One, maybe. But three?! Note to the academy: listen to Eddie Vedder’s soundtrack for Into The Wild, and you’ll realize your mistake.
  • I felt Jon Stewart’s opening monologue was pretty average, but his bit about how dark all of the movies this year were, followed with the punchline, “Thank God for teenage pregnancy!” in reference to Juno was good stuff.

Our 2007 Top Ten:

Again, Emily and I haven’t seen a lot of them from last year, but here are our Top 10 favorites of 2007 so far. We can’t necessarily recommend all of these to everyone – some are pretty rough (especially #3 and #4) – but we dug ’em. Let us know if you agree or disagree.

1. No Country For Old Men

2. Juno

3. Eastern Promises

4. Gone Baby Gone

5. 3:10 To Yuma

6. The Assassination of Jesse James by The Coward Robert Ford

7. Michael Clayton

8. The Bourne Ultimatum (this is more Travis than Emily)

9. Knocked Up

10. Rescue Dawn

Almost in: Reign Over Me, Away From Her

Note: I’m gonna step out on a pretty strong limb here and say that once we see There Will Be Blood, Into The Wild, Sweeny Todd, American Gangster, The Darjeeling Limited, The Savages, and Dan In Real Life, this list might look a little different…

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today is a…


So what else do people do besides make cut-out sugar cookies?? Savannah (girl I babysit) cut out the letters in Owen’s name and wanted him to pose for a picture with her. He wasn’t too crazy about this idea…


While Savannah and I were being all Martha Stewart in the kitchen, Rowan (boy I babysit) was perfecting his origami skills by making Owen a paper hat.


Unfortunately this isn’t the kind of snow that makes you want to get out and build a snow man. This is the freezing rain that makes everything into slush kind. I’m hoping for one more big snowman-type snow so we can get some cute Owen in the snow pictures!

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some random owen pics…

Here are some of my favorite pics of little O from the last week.  The funny thing about this first picture is that Owen often smiles with his eyes closed (not quite sure why…).


I love this picture of my two little rascals!


This next one is a picture of Owen’s new favorite game.  We put one ring on our head and then one ring on Owen’s head and see who can keep it on the longest.  You’d think Owen wouldn’t get this game, but you’d be surprised!  The instant the ring goes on his head, he freezes and gets this goofy grin on his face.  Sometimes he actually wins (and not because I let him!).


Last but not least, this picture makes Travis very proud.  Not only is Owen perusing Travis’ movie collection, but he pulled Star Wars off the shelf.  I guess I’m going to have to get over my hatred for movies that take place in outer space (yes, that is another one of my weird quirks that probably should have been included in this post).


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happy nine month birthday, owen!!

It’s official…Owen has now been a part of this world as long I was pregnant with him. I always thought his nine month birthday would be a special one for that reason. It’s hard to believe that Owen has been here that long. I feel like it was just yesterday that we were learning how to survive on no sleep, but in other ways I don’t remember what it was like to leave the house without my diaper bag!


Besides turning 9 months old, Owen has learned to crawl!!! I was so anxious for Owen to reach this milestone and now I kind of want him to forget how to do it! He is EVERYWHERE! He is constantly in pursuit of Max’s toys, he tries to pick up every tiny piece of dirt that he sees on the floor, and he is very curious about all of my decorative items! He is a pretty cute little crawler. Check it out:

One other fun Owen fact…he’s cutting all four top teeth at the same time. Yikes! Not fun for me because he cries A LOT, and even less fun for him. I took him to the doctor Monday because we all had the flu last weekend. She commented on his teeth and said that it is pretty unusual for a baby to cut four teeth at the same time. The only positive spin I see on this is we’re getting through this painful teething process all at once, instead of one tooth at a time!

One last thing…Owen “talks” all the time. His favorite word is “bob”. He says “bob” all the time. Sometimes he says “bobby” or “bobbob”, but it always is some form of the word “bob”. He says “bob” in the bathtub, in the car, while he’s playing, when he looks at Travis and me… Oh yeah, once he looked at Travis and said “da-vis”…we think he’s a baby genius. Combining dad and Travis to coin a nickname is pretty advanced. Harvard here we come!

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happy valentine’s day!




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we’ve been tagged!

If you’re not sure what this means, check out Kristy’s blog–she explains it really well. In short, we’re supposed to share with our blog readers six quirks they probably don’t know about us. Our friend, Sarah, did this as well.

Because we’re a couple, we decided to do three quirks each. Here are three weird things about Travis!

1. Travis HATES the texture of cardboard–the way it feels, the sound it makes, the smell. Basically everything about it repulses him. As a practical joke, his college roommate, Kevin, sent him a piece of mail over summer break. All that was inside the envelope was a piece of cardboard. So clearly, others are aware of this oddity!


2. Travis MUST sleep with a fan. As his wife, I got introduced to this as soon as we got married. The man absolutely cannot sleep in quiet. There MUST be noise in the room. For the first 2 years of our marriage, we had this gigantic fan pointed directly at our bed blasting air at us ALL NIGHT LONG! Seriously, I often feel like I’m sleeping in a wind tunnel. As time has passed, I’ve grown used to this obsession with noise and wind. I sleep under 3 blankets while Travis basks in his windy world of sleep.

3. Travis has a serious neck phobia–specifically in the throat area. If anyone even acts like they might touch his neck, he freaks out.

So there are three weird things about Travis. Here are three things that are slightly odd about myself:

1. I love everything that has to do with prison. Not like I want to actually be an inmate there, but I love movies about prisons, TV shows about prisons, books about prisons. I love to drive by prisons. I get really excited when the prisoners are outside. I even make Travis stop mid-conversation when we drive by a prison so that I can drink in the full atmosphere of the prison. Travis told me he thought I might be one of those girls who tries to marry an inmate, but it’s obvious to me that he doesn’t truly understand my obsession. I have no desire to hang out with/talk to prisoners…I am just fascinated by the culture.

2. I love to eat cold leftovers. Specifically, I love to eat cold baked beans. Many people would consider me a gross person because of that.


3. I hate concerts WITH A PASSION. I get very uncomfortable when I have to watch people perform on stage (which makes me wonder why I don’t mind American Idol). Travis has helped me to see that I might be the only person on the face of the planet who feels this way about concerts. But that’s the truth.

Since I’m on a roll here, there’s even something weird about Owen. Sometimes he falls asleep sitting up. Here’s proof:


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