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Is there anything better in life than when a Hollywood actress decides to show her “true” talent and become a singer? Just think about all the music we would’ve missed out on otherwise! J-LoLindsay LohanParis Hilton…Zooey Deschanel.

Wait – Zooey Deschanel?! Isn’t she, like, respectable?

Indeed, she has both indie and a-list film credits. So when I heard that she had teamed up with musician M. Ward to make an album as “She & Him”, I was pretty surprised – and intrigued. Especially after I remembered that she sang in Elf. If you don’t remember her little rendition of “Baby It’s Cold Outside” (accompanied beautifully by Will Ferrell, I might add), see it here.

So I checked out the music on their MySpace page, and I fell for it big time. They’ve got a very friendly Pop/Folk/Country sound that I dare you to dislike. You can listen to six of their songs for free right here. Also, you can get a little taste of their song “Why Do You Let Me Stay Here” in the below video (apparently a marketing piece for Urban Outfitters).

I’ll be curious to hear whatcha think.

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Those of you that don’t have a pet or are a bit germophobic may want to strip away my rights as a parent right now. You’re probably thinking that it’s gross enough that this happens in my home on a daily basis, but taking pictures of it really crosses the line. Those of you that have babies and dogs, I know you understand.

Here’s how I found Owen when I turned around from washing dishes at the sink:


I love how he’s strategically placed himself as close to Max’s water dish as possible. I also love how he’s seriously examining the toy he just placed into the water dish. After I fished out the toy, Owen discovered yet another way to have fun with the water dish. Check out this video:

For those of you who are freaking out right now, I did wash his hands after this happened.  And no, this is not a regular occurrence…well, not too regular!

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Although I’m in “the industry”, I actually try NOT to talk about advertising on this blog. After all, it’s about the family – my break away from headlines, write-ups and concept revisions. But when I saw this TV spot for Verizon, I felt the need to share:

Let’s get this straight: I’m not a Michael Bay fan (outside of Transformers). I get sick just thinking about Con Air (but to Mr. Bay’s defense, I’m mostly repulsed by Nicholas Cage’s horrible southern accent and mullet). But after seeing this, I feel reassured that the guy doesn’t take himself too seriously.

Awesome, indeed.

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the stats…


Yesterday was Owen’s 10 month check-up.  Owen seems to have no recollection of the negative things that happen at the doctor’s office (shots) and has a blast every time we’re there!  This time he enjoyed flirting with the nurses and playing peekaboo with the receptionist…he’s such a social little kid.

Our doctor is great about getting us in and out with no wait…quite a blessing when you have a baby.  Yesterday we had to wait about 5 minutes (not long and I’m not complaining).  It felt significantly longer than 5 minutes because Owen wanted to explore the entire room.  I wasn’t down with letting him crawl on the floor (gross!) so I had to entertain him on the examining bed.  This didn’t prove to be hard to do.  He enjoyed crawling laps on the table, kissing “the baby” in the mirror, and ripping up the protective paper on the table.  By the time the doctor came in, I was wiped out!  Here are Owen’s 10 month stats:

weight:  21 lbs  11.5 oz.  (80th percentile)

height:  29 1/2 inches  (70th percentile)

head:  95th percentile!!

Overall, he’s a healthy kid with a bad case of allergies.  He’s back on the purple medicine to help with the sniffles that she said will probably last from now until late June.  She also told us that Owen can begin eating table food!  I gave him some bread and deli turkey today for lunch and he loved it.  I’m excited about weaning him off baby food in the near future…that stuff is expensive!

The best part about the trip…no shots until he’s 14 months!

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If the large, singing, dancing mouse didn’t do it for ya, how ’bout this one?


If those two pictures didn’t bring back all of your childhood memories of Chuck E Cheese birthday parties, maybe this picture of Owen’s face will bring back that feeling of excitement and joy as you thought of the tickets you could win and the prizes you could buy.


You might be thinking, “Wow, Emily must be really bored if she’s taking Owen to Chuck E Cheese’s all by herself when he can’t even do anything there.” No, I don’t frequent CEC’s, but it is a good place to take two elementary school kids on spring break! Last week, Rowan and Savannah had spring break. One of our “field trips” consisted of this trip to CEC’s. First of all, let me say that I anticipated giving the kids 25 tokens each and letting skee ball and whack a mole entertain them for 2 hours. Okay, so I was wrong. 20 minutes after turning them loose on what I now believe to be a money sucking form of entertainment for children, they returned to me with piles of tickets and not even one token left over. I’d been sitting in my little booth enjoying my Diet Coke and nostalgic tasting greasy pizza when I realized it would take quite a bit of money that I didn’t have to entertain them for 2 hours.


Here’s something I realized while at CEC’s…the prizes are not as cool as I once thought. I remember walking up to the prize counter, tickets in hand, ready to purchase the coolest new toy that my winnings could buy. (Side note, modern technology has come up with a ticket counting machine!! What will they think of next?) As an adult, I looked at the prizes that 100 and 200 tickets could buy (which is the price range we were browsing) and I saw a lot of rubber insects, tops, and plastic jewelry. Funny how things change when we grow up! Rowan did purchase a bag of cotton candy. A pretty cool prize for 200 tickets, in my opinion. Although, lots of sugar plus an afternoon in my small house wasn’t the best combination. I made a rule that the cotton candy needed to wait until his parents okayed it.

One thing I’m really enjoying about having a kid (and babysitting elementary age kids) is getting to experience, again, all the things I enjoyed as a kid.

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Lately, we’ve been eating A LOT of cake. Normally, a person might have ONE cake for his or her birthday. But, this year, Travis had 3. Each cake was special in its own way.

Cake #1: This was the cake eaten at Travis’s birthday celebration with my family. Every year since I can remember, my mom has made a 2-layer rainbow chip cake. One year, she heard that good ol’ Betty Crocker was discontinuing the rainbow chip. She panicked…and bought out the grocery store’s supply of rainbow chip cake mix and icing. Later she discovered that this was a nasty rumor. Last time I checked, she still had a supply of rainbow chip cake mixes in her pantry.


Cake #2: This cake was eaten at Travis’s birthday celebration in Mena. The awesome thing about this cake is that it was a basketball court with two players, ready for the tip off. Way to keep the March Madness theme rockin’, Julie!

Cake #3: This cake was eaten at Travis’s birthday celebration with Owen and me. Because his birthday is March 16, Travis’s birthday will always fall near March Madness. Last year, I decided that we needed to take a trip down memory lane and bring back the cheesy cake decorating figurines we used to love as kids. I found a fabulous set of basketball figurines and plan on using them year after year until they fall apart. I actually really enjoy setting up the little men and figuring out who is going to guard who. I got so into that this year that I forgot the candles. Whoops…


Here’s one fun fact about Travis’s birthday…we discovered that Owen has a thing for cards. He likes to play with them, chew on them, drag them on the floor with him as he crawls, and he enjoys studying them. We were a bit disturbed when Owen spent a good bit of time studying the card that Travis’s friend, Beau, gave Travis for his birthday…(A bit of background so that you don’t think weirdly about Travis’s and Beau’s relationship–for years they have exchanged these cards portraying images of shirtless men. I don’t think I really want to know any more than that.)


For the first time, Travis got a birthday card addressed to “Daddy”. He was really impressed with Owen’s taste in cards.


After all the birthday festivities, we are okay if we don’t see another cake until Owen’s birthday in May!

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Last weekend, we loaded up the family SUV and headed down to Travis’s hometown of Mena, Arkansas. On the way down, we stopped by to visit with Travis’s best friend, Beau. Beau hadn’t seen Owen since he was 6 weeks old! They seemed to hit it off…


Once we got to Mena, we got to spend a lot of time with Travis’s grandma, Renie. Owen is such a little mover, so we tried to let Grandma Renie feed Owen his bottles. This is the only time during the day when Owen stays still!


Owen had lots of fun finding his first Easter basket. His favorite present was an Elmo cell phone! (Owen LOVES Elmo…If I happen to turn on Sesame Street at 7:40, we can catch Elmo’s World and this makes Owen’s day! He starts clapping his hands and laughing out loud.)


Owen wasn’t the only one to receive an Easter basket! Travis and I both got one as well, each filled with lots of fun goodies.


While we were in Mena, we got to spend a lot of quality time with Travis’s childhood friend, Annie. She and her husband, Walt, are leaving to be missionaries in Germany on March 26. They will be gone for 5 years…we will miss them a lot!


The most exciting part of the weekend to Travis (okay, and me too!) was getting to watch the conference championships on Jeff and Julie’s 50 inch plasma TV! It doesn’t get better than that (well, except for seeing the games live, but how often does that happen??). We had a great weekend eating Julie’s delicious food, relaxing, and seeing Owen interact with Grandpa Jeff and Nana Jules.


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Because today is the day March Madness begins! This is a day that Emily and I look forward to all year. We’ve got our brackets filled out, and we’re anxious for that first 11:20 game. Unfortunately I couldn’t take today off, but I’m already planning on working in my “satellite office” (a.k.a. a conference room at my office that has a flat screen), and keeping up with all of the games online.

But you don’t care about that. If you care at all, you want to know who we have in the Final 4. Here goes…

North Carolina, Vanderbilt, Memphis & UCONN, with Vandy beating Memphis. That’s right. Owen made picks. It went something like this: “Owen, if you want KU to win, pick the right cheerio, if you want Portland State to win, pick the left.” Or, “Owen, if you want Vandy to win, don’t make any noise for 10 seconds.” And yes, we did this for the entire bracket. Watch him win it all…

Kansas (boo), North Carolina, Texas & UCLA, with UNC beating UCLA for the title. I know, not too original here, but I think (as I’m guessing about 90% of fans think) Texas playing in Houston gives them the edge over Memphis, and all of the other teams are just too strong.

North Carolina, Georgetown, Memphis, & UCLA, with UNC beating Memphis. Gotta say, I like Em’s picks probably better than mine. I would love to see KU lose, and I think Memphis has as much talent as anyone in the tourney. Side note: last year Emily kicked tail in my office bracket, leading all the way to the last game, picking the final four dead on. I believe she picked like 8 more games correctly than ANYONE else, but b/c the final game was more heavily weighted, she ended up not getting all the money. But this year she’s got her game face on…

What about you, friends, family and readers? Who ya got?!

[thanks to Beau for the video idea]

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10 months old!

Yesterday was Owen’s 10 month birthday!  Here’s the monthly picture on his chair (he’s showing off his new skill…clapping!):


Owen has been busy this month exploring his world by crawling EVERYWHERE!  He has a very short attention span for toys and would rather spend his playtime flitting from one part of the house to another.  Max’s toys continue to be hugely exciting to him, much to my dismay.  I spend my days trying to hide them in places where he can’t find them!


Here are some other things Owen has been up to this month…

1.  Clapping!  He started this a couple of days ago and hasn’t stopped since!  For no apparent reason, he starts smiling and clapping several times an hour.  It’s pretty cute.

2.  Drinking from a sippy cup.  He is now figuring out how to hold the cup for himself so that he can drink.

3.  Eating cheerios!  Owen LOVES cheerios.  I have a feeling he could sit in his high chair all day long and contentedly eat cheerios if I’d let him.

4.  Spitting…You’ll notice in many pictures Owen’s shirt and chin are wet.  This is caused by excessive spitting.

5.  New teeth!  Our last teething episode has finally come to an end.  All 4 of his top teeth have broken through and he’s a happy camper again.  I’m enjoying his toothy grin and my happy baby again!  I’m just dreading when the next batch of teeth decides to make its debut…


Look for more pictures coming soon of our trip to Arkansas!

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Due to a trip to visit my family in Arkansas, we’ll be unable to add to the blog until next Tuesday. So I thought we’d wish you happy st. patty’s day a few days early…and what better way to do that than with a little leprechaun lore?

Note: this is one of my favorite things ever. I wait for March 17th every year just so I can watch this video again.

“Who all seen the leprechaun say ‘Yeeeeeaaaaahhhh!'”

Also, it should be noted that March 17th is my old college roommate Kevin’s birthday. But to truly appreciate this, you need to know Kevin’s full name: KEVIN QUIN O’SHAUGHNESSY. Born on St. Patrick’s Day. If that ain’t the most patriotically Irish thing you’ve ever heard, I don’t know what is. Well, a leprechaun in Alabama is pretty close…

Come back next week to see pics from our weekend, college basketball bracket picks, and more!

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