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good to the last noodle…

Owen’s first experience with spaghetti went something like this:

1. Shove it in.

2. Lick the fingers.

3. Full belly…completely satisfied!

This child is a lot of things, but he’s not a picky eater!!


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batman vs. the dark knight

First things first: I’m a Batman guy. As a kid, Superman rivaled him as my favorite “super hero” (I use quotations only b/c there’s nothing technically/genetically superpowerific about Batsy), but around the time Tim Burton’s Batman starring Michael Keaton came out, I was sold.

Though never a big comic book guy, I’ve loved the cartoons and movies – not counting, of course, the atrocities that are Batman Forever and Batman & Robin; the minute George Clooney whipped out the Bat Card and said “Never leave home without it,” I almost passed out.

Thanks to a great find by Emily, we’ve already started collecting pieces for Owen’s “big boy room” that are Batman themed (there will be a little bit of Superman in there, too).

Anyway, all of this leads to the fact that I’m uber geeked out for this summer’s The Dark Knight, directed by Christopher Nolan. The first trailer that came out a couple months ago really got me fired up, yet I have to admit, some of the shots seemed strangely familiar. Now, thanks to a frame-by-frame comparison of the dark knight to a 1989 trailer for Tim Burton’s Batman, I know why. Check it out.

Now, I’m not sure of the whole story here. Could be that the makers of this little video took some editing liberties to make their case stronger. Or, it could be that the suits in Hollywood told the marketing folks, “Do whatever you guys did back in ’89 to get all those people in the theater!” Regardless, this is borderline spooky.

Note: I by no means am of the opinion that Christopher Nolan and company ripped off Burton…after all, every Batman movie is going to have shots of Bruce, his love interest, the villain, explosions, the Batmobile, etc. I’m solely freaking out about how similar these trailers are (perceivably).

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Yes, that was my first response when I noticed this on the side of Owen’s crib:

In my mind, I’m thinking, “Of course I would never do something that would harm Owen’s crib…It must have been Travis.” I wasn’t meaning that I thought he did it intentionally. He never damages things around the house intentionally. He’s just a guy and I think that guys aren’t always as careful about things as girls are. (Sorry Trav! Don’t be mad!) Does anyone else feel this way or am I the only one?? Anyway, I called him in and showed him the mark and asked him what he did to it. He kept saying over and over again that he couldn’t think of anything he’d done to cause this. I didn’t really believe him, because, you see, I just couldn’t think of anything I had done to cause it, and Owen’s too little to do any damage…

…My son eats furniture. Sorry Travis…I’ll eat my words on this one.

Now our crib looks like this:

Not so cute, but at least Owen won’t be getting any splinters in his gums. I think I learned my lesson on this one…now I have two men in my house to blame for things!

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owen’s new kicks

Is it just me, or do these shoes look exactly like the ones I’ve seen myself wear in my baby pictures from the 80’s? I know that babies are supposed to have supportive shoes when they start walking…I just didn’t know they all look like this.

Owen and I headed to the mall to pay a visit to Stride Rite. After getting his feet sized and explaining what kind of shoes I was looking for (supportive for a beginning walker), I asked the girl what shoes she would recommend. She returned with these. I immediately asked her if she had anything else. She said that I could go with something different but it wouldn’t provide the kind of support that is recommended for walkers. So, these were my only option. And this pair of shoes cost $40. Yes, that’s right. $40. I want Owen to have good shoes so that he learns to walk correctly, I just wanted the good shoes to be some of the super cute and cool ones that I saw on the shelf. Oh well.

When I got them home, I put them on him and they didn’t look as bad as I thought. I have no issue with them to wear with pants, but I thought they’d look funny with shorts! We tried them on with shorts and they didn’t look quite as nerdy as I’d thought.

After leaving the store with Owen’s $40 shoes in my little shopping bag, I started thinking, does everyone buy these for their kids, or am I the only one? Is Owen going to be the only kid this summer parading around in his extra supportive, ridiculously expensive, white leather, high top shoes?

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don’t mess with mama!

Last weekend, Travis and I were doing a bit of spring cleaning. He was being all productive outside and I was doing the same on the inside of the house. When we got to a stopping point, he informed me that he’d “taken care of” the bird’s nest on our front porch, thinking he’d done me a favor. I surprised him by freaking out and demanding that he put it back. I mean, I’ve been in her shoes…about to have a baby, getting everything ready for the big day, going into labor, glad you have a safe place to go and have your baby. But in her case…it’s that time, she goes to her safe haven for baby delivery and…OH NO, NO NEST!!!!!!!

Wow, maternal instinct is a powerful force, even crossing the lines of humans and animals.

I’m happy to say that Mama Bird is back on the nest.

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This past weekend, Emily, Owen and I headed to Kansas City to visit my family. We had some good catch-up time with my grandparents and parents Saturday afternoon, followed by an evening at my cousin Luke and his wife Amy’s house (also in attendance were my cousins Don, Casey, and Casey’s boyfriend, Brad).

That night, the family gathered to play the premiere virtual music game…ROCK BAND. If you’re not familiar, it’s like karaoke meets air guitar meets simon (we played it on Luke’s XBOX 360). As you’ll see from the following video (under 2 minutes of actual viewing time), we rocked out such classics as “Mississippi Queen”, Weezer’s “Say It Ain’t So”, and Boston’s “Foreplay/Long Time.” I apologize now for my overly-enthused voiceover/camera work, as well as my unbearable rendition of Long Time. You can all thank me now for never being in a band.

Note: I’ve played Rock Band multiple times with other friends, but Don and Luke are the first people I’ve ever seen who choose to sit down while playing the guitar. My guess is it’s an homage to B.B. King…that, or they’re just lazy.

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11 months old!

Today, Owen is 11 months old! He’s becoming quite the climber lately. He’s now pulling up on EVERYTHING and starting to cruise around furniture. He never sits still. He looks very calm in the above picture, but the below picture shows what most of the pictures we took during this little photo shoot looked like!

Besides being extremely active, Owen is starting to enjoy going places. I love taking him with me places because he interacts with the people and the surroundings. For example, yesterday we went shopping at Hobby Lobby. Every time he saw a shopper, he reached his arms out to them like he wanted them to pick him up and then he waved at them. Little flirt!! Today, we met my friend, Sarah, and her son, Calvin, at the park. Owen got his first experience on a swing! He wasn’t sure about it at first, but he really had fun!

Here’s one more close up to see his sweet little face as he climbed all over me at the park!

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