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who needs adenoids anyway?

Evidently not Owen! In fact, we’re hoping that removing them will make Owen a brand new kid. Let me back up and explain, in case you have NO CLUE what I’m talking about.

For the last 4 months, Owen has had recurring sinus infections. (He’s had 4 since May.) He’s also had 2 bouts with tonsilitis. Because of these ailments, he’s been on antibiotics a good portion of these last 4 months. About a month ago, he came down with his 2nd case of tonsilitis and his 4th sinus infection. I took him to see our pediatrician, she prescribed some antibiotics, and a few days later he was much better. We completed the rest of the antibiotics and the day we finished them, he started getting another sinus infection (green gunk in the nose, congested voice, sore throat, etc…) I called our doctor to let her know this was happening again. We went for another visit, got another antibiotic and hoped for the best. After 5 days of being on the antibiotic Owen was not any better…in fact, I’d say he was getting worse. I called the doctor again. She said that most likely he had developed an immunity to that particular antibiotic because he’d been on it before. She prescribed a different, stronger one. After 5 days on the second antibiotic, he was continuing to get worse. I called the doctor, she referred us to an ENT (ear nose and throat doctor), and that’s what we did today!

I called yesterday for an appointment and they were able to see Owen this morning at 10am! Who’s ever heard of a specialist getting you in that quickly?!?! He examined Owen, did some nose swabs, some tonsil-looking, and determined that the adenoid removal was the way to go. He wants to keep the tonsils in for right now because he says that is a very hard recovery for someone as little as Owen. Then he went on to say that he can do the surgery as early as Thursday morning! Can you believe it??

So…Thursday morning Owen’s going under the knife. The doctor said it’s only a 20 minute surgery, but he’ll be fully sedated for obvious reasons. Then he’ll be in the recovery room for a few hours and he’ll go home that evening. He will probably have a sore throat for a few days, but he should recover quickly.

There’s the update on little O. As if the cast wasn’t enough, we’re just going to add surgery to the whole deal! I’m praying that this takes care of his sinus infections for good. And for those of you who’ve heard Owen breathe, we’re also hoping that he no longer sounds like Darth Vader every time he takes a breath! I’ll post again after the surgery is over to let you all know how it went, but until then we’d appreciate your prayers for the little guy!


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when it rains, it pours…literally

Last Tuesday afternoon, my neighbor knocked on the door to show me that this was happening in my front yard:

In case you can’t tell what’s happening, water was spurting out of the ground. It looked like someone had put a hose under the grass and it was shooting up into the yard. Because I had completely NO IDEA what could be causing this, I called Travis to let him know that we had a major household problem and he needed to come home ASAP and fix it.

We had the whole neighborhood out trying to diagnose our problem. Every suggestion they had sounded like lots of money to me…and seriously, how frustrating to have to spend thousands of dollars to fix a leak in your yard! We finally figured out that we needed to call the county water department. They sent someone out at around 9pm. The water guy shut off our water thinking that would stop the leak. When it didn’t, we learned the best possible news…our leak was actually a water main break in the county water supply to our neighborhood! That meant we wouldn’t have to pay a dime to get it fixed. The next morning, the water company sent a crew to our yard to get started. Owen was pretty pumped to see all the big “cars” in our front yard!

He kept wanting to go to the window to watch the “cahs” dig up our grass. We stayed at the house as long as we could, but when I learned that our water was going to be shut off for 3 hours, I decided the mall was calling our name. Before I left, I managed to snap a couple of pictures. The first is of the backhoe that was parked, literally, in my front yard (which caused the grass to die…nice). The second is the excavator digging up a big chunk of my yard to fix the problem. (I may have the names of these pieces of equipment totally wrong. If so and you’re really into large machinery, feel free to correct me.)

After it was all said and done, the leak is gone and we have a big hole in our yard. The good news is that the county is going to come back and fill in the hole and plant grass. The bad news is that it is going to take 6-8 weeks. Oh well. At least it was free!

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Yep, today’s Emily’s big day (well, I’m technically writing this at 11 pm on Wednesday, so it’s officially tomorrow, but you get the point).

If you get a second, send the birthday girl a message. And if you’re wondering, yes, I am taking her out for dinner. Whether or not the wait staff is gonna sing to her is yet to be determined…

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goodbye red cast…

…hello blue cast!

This cast is much smaller, much lighter, and will be much easier to walk with. I say “will be” because he’s having a little trouble getting going…but that’s to be expected. He hasn’t bent his knee or used those muscles in three weeks. Yes, it’s been an eventful day…but I’ll take you back to the beginning.

We started the morning by having a nice family breakfast at the good old neighborhood McDonald’s. Classy, I know. Owen had a steaming hot breakfast of McDonald’s hot cakes. Yum yum! Only, he wouldn’t touch them. But his new aversion to food, any kind, is another post altogether. (Just to give you a teaser, we’re going on 2 days without Owen eating more than one bite at a meal. One bite and then the gagging and temper tantrums begin. Ugh…the fun parts of parenting.) Anyways. On to what this blog post is SUPPOSED to be about. Here’s a pic of Owen’s breakfast at Mickey D’s:

After breakfast, we headed to the doctor’s office for Owen’s 9am appointment. This time Travis joined us. After how horrible the last appointment was, I told him if he knew what was good for our marriage he’d join me for this appointment. I guess I got the message across. We got to the appointment, and they immediately got us started. The first order of business was to remove the cast using a saw. I, for some reason, had it in my mind that they were going to be using some sort of huge chainsaw to get the cast off. I was a wee bit wrong. Here’s what the saw looks like:

The cast remover guy told us that this saw doesn’t cut skin, it just vibrates. That made me feel a bit better, but I was still afraid that Owen was going to buck enough that the saw was going to cut off a limb. (I tend to think the extreme worst case scenario.) They started cutting through the cast and finally got it off. The cast remover had to go get another big burly man to help hold Owen down. (Yes, it took 3 men to restrain Owen enough to get the cast off.) Another thing I was worried about was the appearance of Owen’s leg when the cast was removed. I was expecting a couple of things: pruny skin and a smelly leg. Neither of those things happened. His leg looked totally normal…just a little bit skinnier than before. He also had a couple of callouses where the cast had rubbed as he was trying to walk. While the cast was off, they took Owen to get some x-rays. The doctor came in to tell us that the fracture is still visible but is healing well. He feels that 2 more weeks in a cast should do the trick.

In my post about Owen’s first cast, I mentioned how horrible it was getting the cast on. It was even worse the second time…the only thing that was better for me was that Travis got to be the one to restrain him this time. Owen thrashed and screamed so much that, again, I was afraid he was going to make himself sick. By the time they were done, his hair was drenched with sweat and his face was bright red. The people who put on the cast said they’d never seen a kid fight as much as Owen had. We’re pretty proud. We made orthopedic history today.

After the cast dried, we set up our appointment for October 8 and headed out. It was a pretty traumatic morning. But life got drastically better when I put in Owen’s favorite Elmo CD for the ride home. Elmo makes everything better.

During lunch I thought it was pretty funny to watch Owen trying to take off the cast. I think he thinks it’s a shoe…and Owen LOVES to remove his shoes. Here’s one more picture of him with the cast. I’m sure he’s thinking, “Why can’t I take this thing off?”. Poor kid. Try as he might, that thing ain’t comin’ off for two more weeks.

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A couple of months ago I began a search to find the perfect child-size table for Owen.  I wanted a place for him to color without getting crayon all over the kitchen table and a place for him to eat his snack and get used to not being in his high chair.  I found the most wonderful table for him on craigslist…but I wasn’t fast enough.  I continued to look on craigslist but was only able to find cheesy Spongebob and Spiderman tables.  Not exactly what I was going for…considering I wanted this table to be in my dining room.  I started to look at my favorite stores…Target, Pottery Barn Kids, Land of Nod…but none of these stores had the table I was looking for in the price I was desiring.  My next step was to look online…and I found the perfect table and chairs set at Ikea!  The only problem is that we don’t have an Ikea in St. Louis and they don’t ship this particular item.  Lucky for me, my cousins live in Dallas where they have an Ikea, and my cousin Lori was nice enough to pick the table up for me.  My mom ended up going to Dallas to visit my grandma, and she sent the table to me UPS.  Finally, after all that work, the table was in my possession…and it looked like this:

Well, almost like this.  It came completely in pieces…I only remembered to take a step 1 picture after I had partially put it together.  I was very proud of my carpentry skills because I put it together all by myself (almost).  (Travis informed me that I don’t actually possess carpentry skills because I didn’t make the table.  He said the skills I possess would actually be more in the assembly category.  Whatever.)  So after I put it all together, it looked like this:

Cute, huh?  Unfinished, but cute.  I wanted it to match the table and chairs in my dining room (mahogany), so I went to Lowe’s and bought myself some brushes and stain.  This project was only supposed to last about a weekend…it ended up lasting about 3 weeks.  Procrastination is a bad habit.  But anyway, I’m proud to say…as of today, Owen’s table is finished and in it’s special place in the dining room!

Owen wanted to try it out today after we brought it in the house.  He lasted about 2 minutes, then started saying “up, up”.  I’m sure he’ll get the hang of it soon.  But until then, at least it matches the rest of my dining room!

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our little tiny tim

The long awaited video is finally here! I know many of you have been anxious to see Owen walking with his cast (okay, so I flatter myself…I realize that really only 2 of you have asked!). As you can tell from the video he gets a kick out of himself!  (Oh yeah, you might be wondering what happened to the red cast.  Well, the red cast catches on the carpet in our basement so we put one of Travis’s tube socks on over the cast.  Stylish, I know.)

Last weekend, Travis’s cousin Luke stopped in for a visit on his way down to Florida. He enjoyed watching Owen totter around, too!

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16 months

Today is Owen’s 16 month birthday! The kid is as active as ever, despite the cast. Here are some things he’s into lately:

1. He LOVES to talk.  It seems that he learns a new word everyday.  Some of his new words include Elmo (Melmo), bus, walk, baby (beebee), Max (Mox), Ella (Lala ~ one of his friends), Chase (Ch-s ~ another friend), eye (and then he sticks his finger in his eye, my eye, Travis’ eye, etc…), watch, shoes (cocs ~ he thinks all shoes are crocs…I guess I talked a little too much about them when he broke his leg.  He loves to pull of his shoe in public places and then say his word for shoe.)

2.  He loves to sing the Elmo song.  Elmo has continued to be Owen’s favorite thing in the world.  He would watch his Elmo DVD’s all day if I’d let him.  Whenever we talk about Elmo, he starts singing “la la la la”.  (If you’re a mom that has kids that watch Elmo, I’m sure you were singing the Lalalala Lalalala Elmo’s World song in your head like I was.)  He talks about “Melmo” constantly.  We have an Elmo CD in the car that he wants to listen to non-stop.  Unfortunately it only has 3 songs, and then he wants to listen to the whole CD again.  Sad to say, I often find myself singing along…until I realize what I’m doing.

3.  He walks like a pirate with a peg leg.  It’s fantastic.  We’re putting a video on the blog soon of Owen’s walk with the cast.  Stay tuned…

4.  He’s in love with Max (the dog).  He loves to go to Max’s basket and get out his leash.  He then brings it to me and says “Walk Max”.  How can I resist??  And Max is never one to turn down a walk!  We’re getting a lot of exercise these days…considering the weather in St. Louis has been close to perfect!

Until next month…

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