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18 months old!

18Our little man is now a year and a half old!  I can hardly believe it.  He’s starting to look so grown up.  Since I haven’t done a post of any sort in the recent past, I’ll update you on what’s been going on with the O-man lately…

* Owen is running everywhere he goes.  He loves to move!

* He still loves to talk.  With well over 50 words in his repertoire, he chatters all the time.  He is really understanding things we say to him and responds with a “yeeeah” (said in a very Jersey accent) or a “noooo”.

* He is getting MUCH more hair!  So much so that he now needs shampoo!  This is a first.

* Owen LOVES the “beebee” in mommy’s belly.  He loves to kiss it (but really he just lifts my shirt and puts his head on my belly).  He loves to pat the baby, but we’re going to have to give him some lessons in being gentle!

* He is very into his books right now.  In fact, he doesn’t want to get out of his crib in the morning.  When I ask him if he’s ready to get dressed, he says, “noooo, books”.  I will then give him a basket filled with books and he’ll read them to himself for up to an hour!  Woohoo…a great way to shower in peace!  In fact, he is so ready to read his books, that he looks at me and says “buh-bye” after I’ve put the basket in his crib!

* Owen is also starting to test his boundaries…resulting in frequent trips to time-out.  For a while he DID NOT want to stay in time-out.  After receiving advice from my parent educator through our Parents As Teachers program, I learned that in order to teach him to sit in time-out, I needed to restrain him so that he can’t get up.  After a few weeks, it worked!  Now he sits in time-out until I tell him it’s time to get up.  Then he comes over and gives me a kiss and I explain why he had to go, and then we move on!  For Owen, it’s been working wonders.

Owen continues to be lots of fun!  There are many times I think how I’d like to do a blog post about something he’s doing, but then I remember that I can’t because of our lack of internet!!  We’re getting it fixed on Dec. 2…so only a few more days!

Some of you have been asking about baby #2…things are progressing well!  I’ll put up a picture sometime soon of my rapidly growing bump.  Wow, it happens fast with the second baby!  I’m feeling great and can’t believe that I’m already 18 weeks pregnant!  We have our 20 week ultrasound on Dec. 4, and we ARE NOT finding out the sex!  I know that drives some of you crazy, but we are going to be surprised in the delivery room once again.  I have my suspicions about the sex, but you know how that goes.  We can’t believe that we’re only about 4 1/2 months away from the baby’s debut!

Okay, you’ll be hearing more from us when that darn internet works again!  Happy Thanksgiving!



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Well, “an” Owen, at least. Hopefully ours turns out a little more sophisticated.

Hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving next week!

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animal sounds…by owen

Recently Owen has gotten very into making animal sounds. Some of them sound like the real animal…some of them don’t. During snack last week, I captured this video of him being a ham for the camera. And please ignore the dorky mom that is taking the video…embarrassing.

Also, our internet is no longer working at our house. If our posts seem few and far between, that’s the reason! AT&T will be out to resolve the issue on Dec. 2…way too long for someone who is completely addicted to her computer. Maybe this will be a good time for me to learn to get other things done around the house! So anyway, never fear…we’ll be back in full force when the interent issues are solved!

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operation: get sweet


I don’t often shill projects that I work on (for those that don’t know, I’m on the creative side of the advertising biz), but this is one I’d like to share.

I’ve been working on a campaign for Splenda that includes a partnership with the DVD release of Get Smart. Here’s the idea: you’re a CONTROL recruit, trying to attain secret agent status like Maxwell Smart or Agent 99. Your mission is to find Sweetened With Splenda products in your pantry or at your local grocery store (think products with the little Splenda logo – like Diet Coke sweetened with Splenda).

_120673317589531When you find one of these products, enter its UPC code at OperationGetSweet.com. Every time you enter a code, you could be promoted to special agent and score the gear that comes with the title (including a Vespa, Get Smart DVD, voice-activated grocery list maker, and lots of other techy prizes). There are tons of prizes, so you actually have a really good chance of winning something.

It’s a pretty fun site, and you can get your first code for free – so why not play?! Just hit the “free code” link at the top right. Also, check out the rotating CONTROL ALERT messages at the top. Pretty silly stuff.

Get started here!

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After Emily’s epic Halloween post, I figured I’d follow up with an opus of my own. A couple weeks ago, Em and I headed back to Mizzou for Homecoming. We headed down Friday, and stayed with our friends Abbey & Scott.

That night we went to the fraternity/sorority “house decs” – too long to explain in detail, but basically each fraternity partners with a sorority, and they do what is essentially a glorified puppet show in the greek neighborhood on-campus (Mizzou greek grads will be offended by me calling it “a puppet show”, and probably should be – it really is impressive). Owen and Harry, Scott and Abbey’s little guy, loved the shows. As the boys’ hats suggest, it was a bit chilly that night.


The next morning we all got up early and headed to the Mizzou Rec Center for an alumni pancake breakfast (by the way, the rec center is insanely state-of-the-art now that Em and I have graduated – seriously, watch this video; I’m talking lazy rivers and weight rooms with juice bars). Afterward, we went with Scott, Abbey & Harry to the Homecoming parade. Good times.


From there, we met my parents, Aunt Georgann, and Uncle Keith (yep, the whole family met up for the weekend!) over at my cousin Cori’s dorm. Cori’s a freshman at Mizzou, and needless to say, the whole fam is loving reliving the glory days through her. Here we are at her dorm room at Mark Twain Hall.


From there, we took a stroll through campus’ most famous area, the Quad, which now includes a new addition to the Journalism School. For those that don’t know, I’m a proud grad of the j-school. The new addition was outstanding. The quad itself is just as beautiful as ever, especially on a perfect fall day.


Gratuitous Owen shot here, rockin’ the Mizzou apparel.


After a lunch at The Heidelberg (a family favorite), Owen took a nap back at Abbey and Scott’s while the rest of us toured the ole’ alma mater. After he woke up, we headed to the game. Owen was in a very independent mood, wanting to walk the whole way.


Then came the game – Owen’s first football experience. I gotta say, he did great. We all took turns holding him, taking him on walks, etc. My mom got him a Tiger stuffed animal, which kept him interested as well. Our #14 Tigers beat the socks off of Colorado, 58-0. Which is nice.


And yes, Owen actually did watch the game on occasion. He kept yelling “ball! ball!” and pointing towards the field. Cute stuff.


We all had a great time. Thanks to Scott and Abbey for their hospitality, to Georgann, Cori & Keith for the great company, and to my folks for the tickets! We all had a fantastic weekend.

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Well folks, Halloween has come and gone, and it was definitely an adventure! Our evening started off with Grammy and Granddad (my parents) coming over to take pictures. Owen enjoyed showing off his Charlie Brown-ness.


o-and-mommy2During the pre-Halloween photo shoot, Travis and I actually managed to get a picture together…that rarely happens anymore! The point was to have Owen in the picture with us, but he had other ideas. Instead baby #2 makes a bit of an appearance if you look closely!


We were just getting ready to start trick-or-treating when Owen got a treat from our local police officer! He was handing out blinking buttons for the kids to wear so they can be seen in the dark…a genius idea if you ask me!

policeThis is the second year that we’ve taken part in Halloween festivities with our neighbors, Paul and Kristin, and their daughters, Kaydin and Avery. Kaydin is 3 months older than Owen, and they are becoming good buddies. Here’s a pic of Owen and Kaydin in the wagon we used to take them from house to house.

wagonOnce we wrangled the kids into the wagon, it was time for the fun to begin. I wasn’t sure how Owen was going to do with this whole trick-or-treating thing, but here’s a picture of the two little cuties waiting at the door.

little-trick-treatThis sweet, perfect looking picture was right before Owen threw his bucket and started throwing a temper tantrum! Fun times! I guess that’s his mechanism for dealing with new situations…as well as his mechanism for dealing with things that frustrate him, kids who take his toys, food he doesn’t like, being told “no”, sitting in his car seat, etc… I was a wee bit nervous to continue after this first showing of Owen’s Halloween spirit, but we continued on. Things got better and he eventually started to get the hang of things.


We were almost done trick-or-treating when we decided to check out the house that went all out for Halloween…I’m sure every neighborhood has one of them. Owen was intrigued at first (but personally I think this picture is creepy…it reminds me of little kids in horror movies and those totally freak me out).

creepyAfter taking in the scene for a few seconds, Owen climbed all over me…but still wanted to check out the spooky graveyard.

clinging-to-mommyOn our way back home, we got a picture of the group…minus Travis, the photographer. Our little Charlie had long since decided the wagon was not for him…lucky me!


As is becoming Halloween tradition, we headed back over to Paul and Kristin’s after trick-or-treating to sit around their fire pit and pass out candy. This was much harder this year, considering we both have very active one-year olds who saw the fire as an object to be discovered. We ended up putting a baby gate around the fire to keep the kids out. We had a great time hanging with them, but didn’t manage to get any pictures while we were there. I think we were all too busy trying to keep the kids away from the fire and trying to avoid letting them escape into the street.

This Halloween was a blast. Our little Charlie Brown took it all in…and I’m sure will never forget a moment of it. Next year he’ll get to show the ropes to his baby brother or sister!


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