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We’ve been a little bored around here lately. Between all the snow and Owen’s nasty cold, Owen and I have pretty much been each other’s entertainment. We’ve been creative about how to amuse ourselves…

From dressing up Max in Travis’s clothes (my idea…it’d been a LONG day with NO adult interaction…I thought this was pretty hysterical and Max cooperated…evidently he was as bored as I was):


To walking around in mommy’s slippers (Owen’s idea…he just walked in the kitchen announcing that he was wearing my shoes…only he refuses to call them “shoes”…many of you know what he calls shoes and also know we are trying desperately to break him of calling all shoes by this word…):


As the week went on, Owen’s obsession with wearing different shoes got even more interesting. (Georgann and Cori…this one’s for you!!) Owen wants to wear his pirate sandals ALL THE TIME. Evidently cords, sweaters, and red pirate shoes are the new thing:


In case you want to see the pirate shoes up close (because they are pretty darn cute and I’m almost positive you can’t buy them in the states…they came as a gift from Aunt Georgann and Cori after a trip to Spain), here’s your up close and personal view of Owen’s latest fashion statement:


Dressing up the dog and trying on different types of shoes was just funny, and then the week got weird. Owen is obsessed with kissing. (I’m blaming this on my cousin Lori…when we were in Dallas last week she taught Owen how to make these 7 dwarfs figurines kiss, and how to make the kissing sound…”muwahhh”.) Anyway, ever since we’ve been home, Owen loves to kiss us and make the sound (very sweet), but yesterday I caught him making these two kiss repeatedly while saying “muwahhh, muwahhh”. Way to make daddy proud. I’m not exactly sure that this type of play was what Travis had in mind when he introduced Owen to his prized Star Wars action figures:



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fun with play dough

Today we had another snowy day! Owen and I have not left the house since Monday, so I’ve been trying to think of things to do to keep us busy. I had been given this recipe for play dough from my parent educator through Parents as Teachers, and today was the perfect day to try it out. I made it during Owen’s nap, let it cool completely, and then we had a great time playing. Here’s a picture of Owen checking out the play dough.


He loved it when I made the play dough into snakes. He thought it was really funny that he could tear apart the snakes into little tiny pieces.


Then he started to think those pieces looked good enough to eat! Good thing this play dough is edible.


Many of you reading this probably have your own recipe for play dough, but in case you don’t, this one worked out really well!

Play Dough (stove top recipe)

1 c. flour
1/4 c. salt
2 T. cream of tartar
1 c. water
2 t. food coloring
1 T. vegetable oil

In medium saucepan, combine the flour, salt and cream of tartar. In a glass measuring cup, combine the water, food coloring and oil. Add wet ingredients to dry in saucepan. Cook over medium heat and stir about 3-5 minutes. It will look like a globby mess, and you’ll be sure it’s not turning out…but it will. When it forms a ball in the center of the pot, turn it out and knead on a lightly floured surface. Allow it to cool completely before storing in an airtight container or plastic bag.

Have fun!!

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our day in the snow

When Owen woke up from his nap and was doing this, I knew playing in the snow was in our future.


We both bundled up, Owen in his long johns, snow boots, hat, and mittens…and me in my old ski jacket that I can just barely zip around my belly. Then we headed out into our winter wonderland.


Last year, Owen was a bit small to take outside. This year, he LOVED running around and picking up the snow. He seemed a bit fascinated that the snow would crumble in his hands when he picked it up. Picking up snow kept him busy for quite a while!


After playing together for a few minutes, I took pity on poor Max and let him come play with us. This was fun for about 2 minutes…and then Max got a little too excited and Owen ended up face first in the snow. Ah well, it was fun while it lasted. Here’s the action shot of Max running at Owen, right before the incident.


It’s still snowing outside and it’s 8pm…there may be more snow play tomorrow!

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the trip to dallas


First of all, thanks to everyone who passed along plane advice. It was very helpful, and I’m happy to report that Owen did FANTASTIC on the plane! I should have thought about the fact that he is obsessed with transportation vehicles and realized that he might be fascinated by the plane itself…which he was. He loved looking out the windows in the airport at the planes and the baggage cars (which he called choo-choos). Southwest was a great airline to fly with a small child. They actually have a baby changing station on the plane by the lavatories! Also, because the plane wasn’t full, Owen was able to have his own seat. This was great because we could strap him in and let him watch his Elmo DVD’s on the tray table (as you can see in the picture above). Anyway, the help from my mom and brother was wonderful…but Owen made the plane trip very pleasant.

Once we got to Dallas, we had a great time hanging out with my cousins, aunts, uncle, and grandma. When we arrived in Dallas, we picked up my grandma from her nursing home and she hung out with us at my aunt’s house. The weather was PERFECT! It was 78 when we got there…causing us to immediately change from our sweaters and corduroys into clothing more climate-appropriate. We enjoyed a great walk around the neighborhood. Here’s a shot of Owen walking with my aunts and grandma.


When he got tired, my grandma loved having Owen cuddle up with her in her wheelchair.


While we were on our walk, we strolled by the new residence of George and Laura Bush! It just so happens that they live in the same neighborhood as my aunt…less than a mile away! The gates have not yet been put up on the street, so we were free to stroll through the neighborhood and take a look. Here’s a shot of the house where the president and his wife will be residing:


Almost all of the neighbors had these signs in their yards, welcoming the Bush family. How strange must it be for these people to realize that their new neighbors are the previous president and his wife!!


Later that night, we all played some Guitar Hero. I loved the fact that even my mom and aunt got into it! Here’s a pic of them rockin’ out to The Doors (I think):


Saturday was not as warm as Friday had been, so we all bundled up and went to the mall. My Uncle Barry was so sweet to walk around the mall with Owen, letting him push his stroller.


Before we left the mall, I got this picture of my Aunt Suzi, Aunt Kathy, my mom, and my grandma. I think some people thought it was kind of funny that we were using the mall to take a group picture…


Owen had so much fun playing with my cousins. I love Owen’s age because he’s so interactive and has so much personality. I also love the fact that he is very outgoing and will play with pretty much anyone. Because of this, I was able to enjoy the freedom to shop and go places with my cousins while the aunts gladly took on some babysitting responsibilities! Here’s a picture of Owen with my cousin, Matt. He and Matt had so much fun playing ball together. (Unfortunately I didn’t get any pictures of Owen with Lindsay and Lori…sorry guys!)


One other thing I love about the previous picture is how Owen insisted on wearing his Elmo slippers with his pajamas when we went down to say goodnight to everyone. Goofy kid.

Before bed on Saturday night, Owen said goodbye to Great-Grandma Nini. Here he is giving her goodnight kisses:


We had a great time in Texas. It made me wish we lived closer to family so we could see each other more often. We’re already looking forward to our next family get together at my cousin Mike’s wedding over Labor Day. But until then, here’s one more cute picture of the little guy!


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wanted: advice!

Tomorrow morning, bright and early, I’m taking off with Owen to go visit my grandmother, aunts, uncle, and cousins in Dallas. We’re flying, and this will be Owen’s first plane ride. I’m a planner…maybe that’s even an understatement. I like to have an idea of what is going to happen every minute and I like to be prepared for ALL of those minutes. I have NO IDEA what to expect out of this plane ride. I realize that it’s just a little under 2 hours, but those hours could feel more like 5 if I have nothing to do to keep this child occupied:
Yes, he’s a delightful child with a charming personality, but he has boundless energy and doesn’t enjoy sitting still. As you can see from this next picture, he has been known to spread himself out on the floor and go limp when he doesn’t get his way…
Anyway, Travis is not going on this trip. I’m very thankful that my mom and brother will be on the plane with me to help out, but I still wonder if any of you out there have any advice about how to keep my crazy boy busy on the plane.
So far we’ve borrowed a portable DVD player and I’m bringing Elmo movies…hopefully the noise of the plane will drown out Elmo’s high pitched voice so as not to disturb the other passengers. But maybe they’d rather hear Elmo than a toddler’s temper tantrum?? I also am bringing snacks and books. What else should I bring or do to keep the kid from racing up and down the aisles??

Help me please, you mothers who are experts at flying with your kids!

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20 months!

20-monthsOn Saturday, Owen turned 20 months old! Crazy that we’re getting that close to 2. Saturday also marked 3 months left of this pregnancy…wow, time is flying.

Here are some things Owen’s been up to lately:

* Of course, the big boy bed. He’s still doing really well, but yesterday he fell out of bed for the first time. He somehow catapulted himself over the top of the bed rail and landed on the floor on his head. Travis thinks I’m too hard core because I had very little sympathy for this “accident”.  I call it an “accident” because he’d been in there laughing hysterically, throwing his pillow around, and bouncing on his bed for 10 minutes prior to the incident…and he’d already received a couple of warnings to calm down.  After checking to make sure blood wasn’t poring down his face, no bones were protruding from his body, and he didn’t have a goose egg the size of a basketball, I proceeded to place him back in bed and very sternly tell him that he needed to stay there. Then I left. Okay, for those that think I’m heartless…this kid has had a broken leg, and he’s had an abscess on his knee drained twice without pain killer. I know my child’s cry when he’s in severe pain. Yesterday was not one of those times. He was fine…just a little in shock. And since I’m the one that deals with him every day during nap time, I didn’t want him to think that he could get out of nap time by making himself fly out of bed. I’m a big fan of tough love.

*Ball…as in football and basketball. He wants to watch ball all the time. When the TV is off, he asks me to turn it on to watch ball. He loves to imitate the football players. He’ll watch a play and then run and “tackle” the floor. It’s pretty great. He also loves to yell at the screen when the game gets exciting. We hear lots of “Oh! Oh! Ooo! Oooo!” during the games. I guess he’s been watching his dad. All the more reason to make sure we watch the things that come out of our mouths during frustrating games…

*Owen also LOVES his buddies, Rowan and Savannah. He is going to really miss them when I stop babysitting them in April. He seriously thinks they hung the moon and wants to be just like them. I think it’s pretty evident in this video that Owen thinks Rowan is pretty awesome…

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a conversation with owen

Owen got this toy for Christmas:


He’s a big fan of the Little People toys…particularly those with animals.  So this Noah’s Ark toy was right up his alley.  Owen is also very into animal sounds.  One night, Travis and I were playing with Owen in his room.  Here’s how the conversation went:

Travis:  Hey Owie, what does the lion say?  (as he hands him the lion to look at)

Owen:  Rrroarrr!

Me:  Great job!  What does the cow say?  (yeah, the cow wasn’t included in the original set, but I’m sure there were some cows on board the ark…and somehow a cow ended up in our Noah set)

Owen:  Mmmmmm….  (we haven’t had success with the “ooo” just yet)

Travis:  Owen, what does Noah say?   (not really expecting a response)

Owen:  (after looking at Noah closely for a few seconds)  Ho! Ho! Ho!

I got to give the kid credit for his observation skills.  After all, we’d been drilling into his head during the Christmas season that Santa, the man with the long white beard, says “Ho! Ho! Ho!”.  Way to use your background knowledge, Owen!  I can just see the wheels in his little head turning…”Well, I know that Santa has white beard.  This guy has a white beard, too.  Even though Santa doesn’t normally carry a staff or ride on a big boat…I’ll give it a shot!”

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