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With less than 3 weeks remaining until the baby comes, I keep thinking of things I want/need to do before he/she arrives.  One of those things happened to be finding the perfect gift for the baby to give to his/her big brother.  As of late, Owen has been BIG into Hot Wheels.  He loves how he can make them zoom super fast and how they fit just perfectly in the palm of his hand.  When thinking about a gift for him to receive from the baby, these were perfect.  Not only are they small enough that they can easily be wrapped to take to the hospital, but they are also very friendly on our budget.

I knew that Target has them for 99 cents each, and I was planning on getting them there.  But today as I was perusing the weekly coupon mailers, I came upon this great Walgreens special.  From now until next Saturday you can buy one Hot Wheels car at $1.29 and get one free.  There’s  a limit of 4, but that means you get 4 Hot Wheels for less than $3!  Pretty great deal!  I was pretty pumped to get Owen something he will really love that cost me so very little.

If any of you out there have a little guy at home who likes Hot Wheels or need a good birthday present idea, take advantage of this great deal before they get too picked over!

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Today, Travis and I went to the doctor knowing there was a chance that he could say that the baby needed to come out ASAP.  Let me backtrack…

Last Wednesday I had a weekly appointment and my doctor said that I was still measuring very small and he was concerned that the baby was dropping in percentile.  (If you remember, I had to have an ultrasound 3 weeks ago because my belly was measuring small.  The baby was determined to be fine, just a petite little thing measuring in the 25th percentile.)  The doctor told me that 25th percentile is okay, but if the baby drops to around the 10th percentile it would need to come out early.  We set up the ultrasound for today and weren’t sure what to expect from our little bitty.

Good news!  After the ultrasound, the baby has only dropped to the 22nd percentile…still within the normal range.  Right now, the baby weighs roughly 5 pounds 4 ounces.  The doctor thinks that it will probably gain a little less than a pound in the next three weeks and will be born around 6 pounds, which is considered full-term baby weight (he told me anything over 5 pounds 12 ounces is full-term weight).  He also thinks that it’s okay to leave the c-section set up for April 17.

We are so happy and so thankful.  I’m happy for 3 more weeks of time to enjoy being just Owen’s mom.  These are the last 3 weeks when he will be the only one I tuck in at night and the only one I listen for over the monitor as he sleeps.  These are the last 3 weeks that I will only have one car seat in the back of my car.  The last 3 weeks that my attention is not divided between two kids.  I’m going to cherish these last 3 weeks with my first baby.

I’m thankful for 3 more weeks of pregnancy.


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The Tigers are in the Sweet 16, and we couldn’t be more excited. Next Thursday’s game against Memphis is sure to be a challenge. The odds are against us. But with some guts…and a little hope…shoot, who am I to give a pep talk when this video exists?! PLEASE watch the whole thing…it just gets better and better. If Anderson shows this to our players before the game, there’s no way we lose!

I knew from the cut from Braveheart to Fozzie Bear that I was going to love it.

Thanks to Jeff for the link.

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As you know, Em and I are rather obsessive Mizzou hoops fans…so as you can imagine, after the Tigers won the Big 12 Tournament last weekend, March Madness was in full effect in our household.

Em and I both love the tourney, and are raising Owen to as well. We’ve filled out our brackets, and are ready to go (that’s right, Owen has a bracket – by simply answering “yes” or “no” after I said a team’s name, he made his pick; watch – he’ll do better than both of us!)

You’ve waited long enough. Here are our Final Four picks:

EMILY: Louisville, UCONN, Pitt, Oklahoma. Final game: Louisville vs. Pitt, with Louisville winning it all.

TRAVIS: Lousiville, Missouri (I couldn’t help myself), Pitt, North Carolina. Final game: Louisville vs. Pitt, with Pitt winning it all.

OWEN: West Virginia, Mississippi Sate, Duke, Gonzaga. Final game: Mississippi State vs. Duke, with Mississippi State winning it all.

So there you have it! According to my 22-month-old, Mississippi State wins it all. You heard it here first! Oh, and it should be noted that Emily almost won my office pool two years ago (lost by a game). The girl knows her stuff.

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Yep, that’s right.  A month from today, Owen will be 23 months and a big brother!  Quite possibly, the next time we take a monthly picture it will be of Owen sitting in the chair holding his new brother or sister.  Wow.  That makes it seem REALLY close.  Anyway, here’s a shot of the little man right before bedtime:


Some things Owen has been doing this month are:

1.  Calling his Daddy “Travis”.  Not sure where he got the idea that this would be okay, but one morning he asked me where Daddy was, and I told him he was at work.  Then he started saying “Tavis work”.  Off and on he has continued to call Travis “Tavis” at different times.  Pretty funny (to me…Travis is not quite as amused).

2.  Playing outside.  He can’t get enough.  With the nice spring-ish weather we’ve been having, he’s gotten lots of outside play time.  I think my spring/summer months are going to be spent sitting on the back porch holding the baby and watching Owen play.

3.  Playing with his “guys”.  The first thing he says in the morning is “pay guys” (meaning:  play with guys).  If you didn’t get a chance to see the video of putting his guys to nigh-night, see the video below on this post.  He spends at least an hour a day playing with his animals in his room.  I love how he’s found a toy that he loves to play with so much.

4.  Giving Max cookies.  He gets it in his mind that he wants to give Max a cookie (what we call Max’s dog biscuits) and he starts saying over and over, “Max cookie, cookie Max, Max cookie, cookie Max”.  He gets a kick out of handing it to Max and letting Max eat out of his hands.

5.  Going on “truck hunts”.  This is something I’ve invented to keep him entertained in the car.  Owen has a serious passion for trucks lately.  Whenever we get in the car I say, “Owie, do you want to go on a truck hunt?”.  He immediately starts saying “tuck hut” and searching for trucks.  All the way to wherever we’re going, I hear his little voice in the backseat yelling “a tuck!”.  It’s pretty exciting for him…and it keeps him busy while we’re driving.

That’s all for now.  4 weeks and counting until Owen is a big brother and there will be two kids to do monthly updates for!

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happy birthday, travis!

Today was the day…the big 28!  Travis had been out of town since Friday morning for a work conference and returned today around lunchtime.  He decided to take today and tomorrow off to spend some time with the fam.  He couldn’t have chosen a better two days weather-wise.  We spent the entire afternoon playing outside with Owen.  But first things first…

When Travis got home from the airport, we had lunch and opened presents.  Owen picked out his own card for Daddy this year…Superman!  (He calls Superman “A-Man”.  This card plays the Superman theme when you open it…Owen thinks it’s awesome.)


After lunch and naps, we took a long walk around the park and ended up in our backyard playing ball.  I love this shot of Owen and Travis playing ball together.


Owen is thrilled to have his Daddy back.  (And I’m pretty happy about it, too.)


Here are a couple of shots of Owen being a ham for the camera.  He looks at me and says “Cheese!” and wants me to take his picture!



Finally, what’s a birthday without a cake??  Because Travis’s birthday always falls on or around March Madness (and we’re pretty huge fans), it’s become tradition for me to make Travis some kind of cake and put these basketball figurines on top.  This year he got a birthday pie with the basketball guys poised on top.


Today was a great day.  Happy Birthday, Trav!

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Owen is obsessed with going “nigh-night”.  He loves it when he has to go nigh-night, and he loves to put his “guys” to nigh-night.  (He calls his Little People animals his “guys”.)  I’ve been trying to catch him in the act of putting his guys to sleep for the past couple of weeks but he tends to freeze up when on camera.  Not today!  Admittedly, I got a little carried away with my documentation of Owen’s latest favorite activity.  The first minute is pretty cute and the last minute is pretty cute.  If you listen carefully, you’ll hear him shushing his guys to sleep!

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The weather has been absolutely gorgeous in St. Louis for the past couple of days.  Now that we’re healthy again, Owen and I have been taking full advantage of being outdoors!

Thursday afternoon we played outside for 2 hours with Rowan and Savannah.  They showed Owen the fun of sidewalk chalk.

Can you tell by the look on Owen’s face in this next picture how much he loves being outdoors??


Even though we had sidewalk chalk to play with and balls to play catch with, Owen preferred to play with sticks.  Here’s a picture of my little outdoorsman:


Friday was even more gorgeous than Thursday!  I had to have an unexpected ultrasound on Friday morning due to the fact that my belly was measuring too small for my 33 weeks.  Travis took the morning off to go with me to the appointment, and we decided to make a morning of it and go to the zoo with Owen.  (By the way, the ultrasound showed that the baby is okay, just on the small side.  Where Owen measured in the 95th percentile, this baby is measuring less than 25th percentile.  We’re not sure why this is, but I’m anxious to talk to the doctor soon to get his perspective on what’s going on with our little one.  Maybe I’m going to get my petite little girl!)  Anyway, it was a great morning to be at the zoo.  Owen got his first picture with the big gorilla in the Jungle of the Apes.  I’m sure everyone who’s ever been to the St. Louis Zoo with their kids has one of these pictures:


It’s a rare treat when we get a family picture, and even more rare when we get one that turns out well!  Some kind soul offered to take our picture at the zoo today…I’ve seen better pictures of the three of us, but it was kind enough for her to take it.


This weather has given us quite a taste for spring.  It’s making the fact that the baby is coming 6 weeks from today even more of a reality!

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As the title of this post suggests, we made another trip to the doctor today.  And even she recognizes that, if it’s out there, Owen’s going to get it.  When we were getting ready to leave she looked at Owen and said, “Buddy, what are we going to do with you?  You’ve had some bad luck!”.

Here’s what we’re dealing with now…

Strep throat, a bad case of croup, and a strep infection that has attacked Owen’s diaper area (which I didn’t even know was possible).

The good news?  Strep is only contagious for 24 hours from the time you started the antibiotics.  So tomorrow at noon we should be cleared to rejoin the rest of the world.

That is…assuming that the antibiotics take care of the croup.  If they don’t, the doctor wants me to call her in the morning and she’ll start him on steroids to reduce the swelling in his throat (she said he has a strider…which I don’t totally understand but it has something to do with the fact that you can hear him wheeze when he breathes in as well as when he breathes out).

Anyway, more fun medical stuff to add to Owen’s resume!

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our little helper

Owen is big into helping out around the house lately.  He loves to help load (and unload the dishwasher).  As soon as he sees me open the dishwasher, he runs over and holds out his hand so that I can hand him something.



Even though it takes about 10 times as long, I love how much he loves to help!  I’m not about to discourage this behavior…in fact, I’d like to know how I can keep him interested in helping out through his teen years!

Owen also loves to help unload the groceries.  He takes things out one at a time and hands them to me.


I love this next picture…these apples are pretty heavy!  (And this is when Owen still had crazy hair…I gave him a trim that night!)


The dishwasher and the groceries are fun, but Owen’s favorite way to help out is with the vacuuming.  This used to be difficult because he liked to hold onto the vacuum while we were using it, but then he got his own vacuum for Christmas and loves to follow us around the house with his vacuum.  I think it’s pretty cute.  Check out the video:

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