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how are things going?

The first few days at home with Molly were great!  She had her days and nights mixed up for two days…that’s right…only two days!  We had two nights where Travis and I didn’t sleep a wink, but by the third night she’d figured out that we do the majority of our sleeping at night and stay awake some during the day.  Now she’s waking up to nurse twice at night and then going back to sleep immediately after eating.  Sometimes she’s so sleepy it’s hard to wake her up to get her to eat…evidenced in the below photo:


And yes, we resort to stripping her down to her diaper to attempt to wake her up.

I wasn’t blogging when Owen was a teeny baby, but these first few days at home with Molly have been drastically different than our first few days home with Owen (okay, it actually ended up being our first 3 months home with Owen).  Where Owen cried non-stop for hours at a time and nothing worked to soothe him, Molly doesn’t cry.  I mean seriously, today I think she cried for about 3 seconds while I changed her diaper.  It’s a little whimper and then she’s done.  When she starts to act fussy (and by fussy I mean she starts to whimper or groan a bit…not like her brother who would all out wail), she loves her paci and also loves her bouncy seat that vibrates.  Those two things are sure to satisfy her.

I remember being more tired than I knew was humanly possible when Owen was first born.  Sleep didn’t happen.  Travis took the 10 to 1am shift with Owen and I was up with him from 1am until morning.  It was rough.  He didn’t sleep.  He cried.  I cried.  I couldn’t figure out how to take care of a baby and take care of myself at the same time.  With Molly, we are sleeping at night and napping a bit during the day.  I shower and get dressed every day.  (I remember many days with Owen when that didn’t happen.)


So yes, things are going very well.  Not perfect, but well.  Here’s our challenge with Molly:  large amounts of spit up.  Yes, I know that most babies spit up.  Owen was a big spitter.  He did it all the time.  But not like this.  Molly started spitting up very large amounts in the hospital.  I talked to the pediatrician about it and she recommended making sure Molly stayed vertical for 30 minutes after a feeding (easier said than done when you’re also chasing around a two year old, but I’ve done my best).  We tried this and it seemed to help.  She wasn’t spitting up what seemed to be the entire contents of her stomach every time she ate.  At her one week check-up, I told the doctor things were much better in this area because, at the time, they were.

When we got home from the doctor’s office that day, I had finished nursing Molly and was holding her out in front of me and she proceeded to projectile spit-up…right in my face and hair.  Fun stuff.  I felt so bad for her because she was obviously very uncomfortable (lots of groaning, her belly was very tight, she was squirmy).  Later on, she started spitting up TONS after each feeding even when I would hold her vertical.  I could feel her little body heave and then all the milk would come back up.  I started to get even more concerned when the spit-up turned bright yellow in color (sorry for the gross description).

up-close-face1This morning, I called the doctor and explained to her all that had been going on lately.  She said it sounded like Molly had reflux, but before she put her on a prescription medication she wanted me to try Mylanta and see if it helps.  I sent Travis to the store to pick some up, and I was very hopeful it would work.  It seemed to help with her first feeding this morning, but then a few minutes later she spit up a ton again and was groaning and whimpering.  Just a little bit ago, she spit up a ton of the yellow stuff (the doctor said this is stomach acid which could be causing her throat to hurt and make her not want to eat…and I’ve noticed that she doesn’t really have that much of an interest in nursing).

So anyway, tomorrow I’m supposed to call the doctor and report in about the Mylanta.  I thinking she’ll probably start her on some kind of prescription tomorrow.  I feel so bad for the little gal.  I know she isn’t comfortable and it’s hard to see your kid in pain.  I’ll update soon and let you know what we’ve decided to do.

Enough about the reflux drama.  I am still loving having Travis home.   It’s nice to have Travis home to be Owen’s buddy so that I can rest…and to help deal with all the fun challenges Owen is throwing our way (must be his response to not being the center of the universe anymore).

I go back to the doctor for my 2 week check-up tomorrow.  I’m hoping the doctor clears me to drive.  It will be really nice to have that freedom again!  I’ll do another post again soon…I have lots of pictures of time spent with the grandparents during our first few days at home.



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home sweet home

Nothing makes you appreciate the comforts of your own home more than spending 4 days and 4 nights in the hospital.  Not that the nurses aren’t nice and the doctors aren’t great…it’s just that you don’t get a whole lot of rest.

Anyway, I’ve been meaning to do this post ever since we left the hospital last Tuesday, but all of a sudden I’m a little bit busier than I used to be!  For those of you who’ve been anxious to see more of little Molly Kate, I have several posts in my head ready to go.  So expect to see more over the next few days.  Here are some shots of our homecoming…

Here’s Molly and me on the way out of the hospital…I think it’s mandatory that everyone have a picture in the wheelchair on their way home.


Molly looked so little sitting in her car seat for the first time.  She was very snug in there and slept the entire way home…and then some!


Here’s a shot of Travis taking Molly into her house for the first time:


After we’d been home for a few minutes, my mom brought Owen home.  He’d been staying with her and my dad while we were in the hospital.  I missed him like crazy!  When they got out of the car to come into the house, Owen was carrying a rose to give to me.  The sight of my little man coming up the driveway with a beautiful rose to give to his mommy was almost more than I could take!  I don’t think I’ll ever forget that sweet image.  You should be proud that I enjoyed that memory by giving him a huge hug and shedding some tears rather than making him pose for a picture.  I don’t have a picture of this moment, but I do have a picture of the beautiful rose.


Finally, I have this sweet video of Owen seeing Molly in his house for the very first time.  He wanted to rock her (which you’ll see him trying to do) and then he wanted to take her out (which you’ll see him trying to do also).  I love that we captured these first moments on video.  Such sweet memories.

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my sweet kids

My sweet, sleepy little girl.


My affectionate little boy who loves to kiss his sister.


And loves to hold her hand.


So excited to see Molly after her first night at home (my husband will probably be less than excited that I included this picture in my post…).


We are loving being a family of four!

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Molly Katherine, born on April 17th at 12:18 pm, weighing in at 7 lbs 4 oz., 20.5″

So Owen called it! (see previous post) Em actually went into labor on Friday night (didn’t get a wink of sleep), and we went to the hospital around 6am. She got the epidural around 8:30 and was able to get a couple hours of sleep before the c-section at noon. Everything went beautifully, and as you can imagine, we were overjoyed to have a little girl!


Em’s tired but doing great. Many have asked about Owen. He’s loving his little sister. He’s given her many kisses and pats on the head. We’re not so sure he’s really grasped that she’s coming home with us soon, but he’ll get it. He’s having a blast hanging with Em’s folks while we’re in the hospital. Here’s O-Man laying a smooch on Molly:


Here’s the whole fam:


Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers! Here are a couple more of our little gal…



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We’ll find out if he’s a prophet or not tomorrow around noon. Stay tuned.

We appreciate all the prayers.

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The Last:

Today marks the last day of my pregnancy, my last day as a mother of one, our last day as a family of three, and the last time we’ll take a picture of me pregnant with baby #2.  So here you go…the last belly pic of this pregnancy!


Travis finished up his last day of work yesterday and began his two weeks of paternity leave…TODAY!  That means I get to have him home until he returns to work on May 4.  How awesome is that?!?

Because we (okay, I) am being all sentimental that this is our last day being a family of three, I wanted to do some fun family things today.  Travis deals very well with my pregnancy emotions, and we headed off to do breakfast together at First Watch.  After a delicious pancake breakfast, we went up to the hospital so I could fill out some paper work and get blood drawn to prepare for the big day tomorrow.

The First:

After all that fun, we decided it was high time we get Owen’s hair cut by someone other than me.  We thought that today was the day to do it…since we’ll be pretty distracted starting tomorrow.  And what better time to get his first hair cut than when both mom and dad can go together??  After weighing my options on where to take him, I decided on SportClips.  A friend of mine recommended them, and I decided this would be a good choice for Owen considering his love of sports.  Travis and I were slightly nervous about how Owen would do…it could have been a major freakout session with lots of tears and flailing arms.  But he did GREAT!

We put him in the big chair and he was a bit unsure of what was going on…


He sat in the big chair with his cape on the entire time, not moving a muscle!  Occasionally he would point at the TV screen and say “b-ball” (basketball).  It also helped that he had a tight grip on two of his favorite Hot Wheels cars (thanks Rowan and Savannah!).  He didn’t even seem to mind when his stylist pulled out the clippers!


At the end of the cut, he even high-fived the stylist…


…and posed for a picture with her!

owen-and-his-stylistNeedless to say, we got her card and will be asking for her during future haircuts!

When we got home, Owen posed for us in his chair.  This picture will serve as his 23 month picture…considering tomorrow’s the day he’ll officially be 23 months, but I just might be a little busy to get that picture taken!  And check out the new haircut…doesn’t he look handsome?


Okay, well…tomorrow we’ll update the blog with pics of the baby!  We can hardly wait!  Oh, and Owen really wants this baby to be a girl.  Whenever I ask him whether he wants a girl baby or a boy baby, he says “gull”.  Hopefully he’ll be happy either way!

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Em caught one of our post-dinner impromptu dance parties on camera…let’s just say the boy’s footwork is on fire! On fire, I tell you! He is the lord of the dance! Only he opts for Fatboy Slim as opposed to Celtic folk…and instead of a dancing line of hot chicks, Owen’s got his dorky dad. Seriously, I’m incredibly lame at the beginning of this video. Forgive me. Now enjoy:

I think Owen’s “Weapon of Choice” (song title in case you didn’t know)  interpretation may even rival that of the one and only Walken…I’ll let you be the judge. Side note: to this day, the below is still my favorite music video of all time.

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