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the next knight

First, there was West.

Picture 5

Then came Keaton.


I’m skipping Kilmer and Clooney because those movies sucked. Next came Bale.


And now…I give you the next Dark Knight of Gotham.


Thanks to my folks (a.k.a. Nana and Bubba), who served as Owen’s  Alfred and Lucious Fox in this scenario, hooking him up with a killer batsuit/pajamas. Never afraid to mix characters within the DC Comics world, here’s a video of Owen doing his new signature Batman run to the Superman theme song (he also has a pair of Superman PJs, but he currently prefers the Batsuit). I’ve never been prouder.


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update on the kiddies


It’s been a while since I’ve posted any updates on how things are going around here.  We’re all adjusting to life as a family of four and loving every minute of it!  I feel great…pretty much back to normal.  We are starting to get out and about.  I no longer have fears about taking both kids with me on errands.  I try to take them out at least once a day…I get cabin fever!  I’m still figuring out how to fit both kids in a shopping cart while still fitting in the goods.  I still don’t have a perfect way…it’s challenging!

Yesterday I took both kids to the pediatrician for well-baby check-ups.  It sure is nice to go to the doctor for a regular check-up…going to the doctor in our family normally means some kind of serious problem!!  Anyway, here are some updates on the kids.


owen 1

At 2 years old, Owen weighs in at roughly 29 pounds and is exactly 3 feet tall!  The doctor said that she predicts Owen will be at least 6 feet tall…to his father’s delight.  (Travis really wants to make this kid a basketball player!)  She said at the 2 year check-up she normally asks parents about the child’s verbal development, but she told me she didn’t need to do that because Owen had been trying to talk over us through the entire appointment!  She also told me that I should consider working on potty training Owen this summer.  Not totally sure I’m going to put myself through that battle this summer.  Honestly, I like the idea of diapers on the car trips we’ll be taking over the next couple of months.  Maybe I’ll tackle that mountain when I’m getting full nights of sleep again.

Here are some things that Owen is into lately:

*Cars, cars, and more cars.  The kid can’t get enough.  He spends hours a day playing with his Hot Wheels.

*Singing.  He loves to sing.  He particularly loves to sing in public places, like Target, Walmart, the doctor’s office, etc…  The Superman theme song is his favorite…and at times you can almost tell that’s what he’s singing!

*Speaking in short sentences.  Owen refers to himself as “Owie” and talks about himself in the 3rd person when he wants something.  His favorite thing to say is “Owie NONE!”  (meaning Owen is done…we hear this regularly at the dinner table…we’re still dealing with Owen’s extremely picky eating habits).

*Watching Disney movies.  His favorites right now are Dumbo and Pinnochio.  Today he requested to watch the pirate movie (Peter Pan), so maybe that will be a new favorite.

*The terrible twos…tantrums, tantrums, and more tantrums!  Let’s see, how many have we had today??  If it gives you any clue, Owen went down for a nap at 11:45…and he got up at 9am today.  I was ready to be done.  Today’s tantrums were because he couldn’t pick up all 10 of his Hot Wheels cars at the same time, try as he might (and he tried at least 50 times).  Each time he dropped them,  screamed, threw them, and stomped his feet.  And I COULD NOT distract him with any other activites.  2 is such a fun age!

Even though he’s challenging at times, he is still SUCH a fun kid and a great big brother.  Now on to his sister…

owen 2


molly 1

At Molly’s 1 month check-up yesterday, we learned that she now weighs 9 pounds 2 ounces and is 22 inches long.  She’s growing!  I was a little worried with all the stomach issues and spitting up problems she’s had, but she’s doing great!  The doctor said that she had a completely normal infant check-up and appears to be very healthy.  In the last few days, Molly has started smiling.  You can see her partial smile in the picture above.  She continues to be our extremely laid-back baby and is such a delight.

We are starting to get a bit more sleep.  She is normally only waking up once a night at around 3 or4 and then going back to sleep for 3 more hours.  I can’t complain…she doesn’t cry when she wakes up.  She just makes some grunting noises, eats, burps, then puts herself back to sleep.  That is something Owen never did.  Maybe it was because we never let him try…we always held him until he fell asleep.  With Molly, we lay her down after she eats and is a bit drowsy and she puts herself to sleep.  It’s pure bliss not having to play the “try to put the baby into bed without waking her up” game.

As for her allergy, we’re still dealing with her milk protein allergy and I’m still modifying my diet like crazy.  She is able to breastfeed 3 times a day and then do formula (the special Similac Alimentum for allergy kids) the rest of the feedings.  The doctor said that she is still getting the benefits of breastfeeding because she’s getting about half of her calories from me, but her little body doesn’t seem to be able to handle any more breast milk than that without having a bad reaction.  I’m hoping that, with time, her allergy will go away.  But for now we seem to have struck a good balance between formula and breast milk.  And I’m okay with that.

Speaking of feeding the little gal, she’s calling my name!  That’s all for now!

molly 2

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owen the ring bearer

wedding party

This past weekend our family of 4 (plus Travis’ parents and grandparents) headed up to Michigan for Travis’ cousin Cameron’s wedding.  We were not only excited to see Cameron and Cristina tie the knot…we were also excited/anxious to see how Owen would do in his role as ring bearer.  Don’t let the above picture fool you…the picture below is a better depiction of  how Owen behaved before/during/after the wedding!


As you know from my previous posts, Owen is 2.  I had told Cristina and Cameron when they asked Owen to be the ring bearer that I could promise he’d look cute in a tux but that was about as much as I could control about his performance during the wedding.  Anyone who has ever spent much time around Owen knows that he is pretty much a wild card…you just never know what kind of behavior you’re going to get!

Travis was a groomsmen in the wedding, so it was pretty much up to me to get Owen, Molly, and myself ready for this 2pm wedding.  (Let me also mention that Travis’ parents were EXTREMELY helpful in taking care of my kids this weekend…without them, I surely would have lost my mind.)  We managed to get everybody dressed and to the church with time to spare!  Knowing my very active 2-year-old, I didn’t want to get to the church too early because trying to keep him clean and out of trouble in a church filled with lots of fun things to play with is quite the challenge.  I assigned Julie (otherwise known as Nana) to Molly duty (which is really the easiest job in the world considering the little precious just hangs out and doesn’t cry…if it wasn’t for her darn milk allergy and my insanely difficult diet, she might be the easiest kid ever!).


Jeff (Bubba) graciously helped me wrangle Owen for 45 minutes until his debut as ring bearer.  We both worked up a sweat trying to avoid tantrums…and he was on the verge of tantrumming all day long.  We bribed him with cookies, tried to entertain him with walking up and down stairs, and then picked him up numerous times off the floor in an attempt to keep the tux clean.

In the end, I shouldn’t have worried so much about keeping the tux clean and his shirt tucked in.  Precisely 5 seconds before he was supposed to walk down the aisle with the preciously calm and well-behaved flower girl, Owen rips off his bow tie and boutonniere, throws them on the ground and then tries to take off down the aisle with the last of the bridesmaids!  I’m literally holding him back as he’s straining to run down the aisle.  There is no time to fix anything about his outfit, so my crazy kid went down the aisle with no bow tie, no boutonniere, shirt untucked, and vest hanging out of his jacket.  Wow.  At this point, I just had to laugh.  I heard he went down the aisle with a huge smile on his face, really working the crowd.  He got to the front of the church, threw the pillow at Cori (a bridesmaid and Cameron’s sister), and ran back down the aisle to me to receive the cookie I told him he’d get when he did his job.  Of course everyone thought it was cute…and in retrospect, it really was.  I’m just thankful he went down the aisle and didn’t start screaming “NO!” and running the other way…that definitely was a possibility.

all dressed up

After his procession up the aisle, Owen and I headed as far away from the sanctuary as possible to prevent the vows being interrupted by Owen as he yelled out the names of the Finding Nemo characters in his new book from Nana and Bubba.  The kid hasn’t figured out how to change the volume of his voice!

After the wedding, we stuck around to take a couple of family pictures.  Here’s a shot of Molly, Nana, and me.  Unfortunately this is the best picture I got of Molly in her pretty dress!  I guess I was a bit distracted by her brother in the tux.


Later that evening we headed to the reception.  After a yummy meal, it was time to boogie!  We knew that Owen loved to dance at home, but we weren’t sure what he would do surrounded by a bunch of people he didn’t know.  The crowd only seemed to spur him on!  He was a dancing machine!  When it was time to go home, we literally had to drag him off the dance floor.  Here is a video of our crazy kid.  Check out how he almost takes out the speaker after making himself super dizzy…

The weekend was a blast!  Congratulations Cameron and Cristina and thanks for letting Owen be a part of your special day!

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Owen turned 2 on Sunday.  He really seemed to know that something was up and that it was all about him.  Maybe it was because Travis and I woke him up by bursting into his room singing “Happy Birthday” or maybe it was the fact that there were presents all over the table and a big birthday banner hung up in the dining room.  Whatever clued him in, we heard him talking to himself often during the day saying “birt-day owie!”.  He really got into the excitement.

We started off the morning by going to church.  After church we raced home to open presents.  We gave Owen a Cars tent in the shape of Mack (Lightning McQueen’s truck that hauls him from place to place).  All his presents were in the tent, and he really got into opening them this year.

presents in tent

After he opened all his presents from Travis and me, he wanted to play with his gifts in the tent (all of which consisted of some sort of transportation vehicle).  He insisted that “Mommy pay” in the tent with him.  It was a wee bit claustrophobic for my taste, but I wasn’t about to deny the birthday boy his request!

owen and mommy in tent

Later in the day, it was time for Owen’s birthday party with friends.  I had rented a pavilion at one of our local parks and invited some of Owen’s friends from church and some of our neighbors.  The weather was gorgeous, and he had so much fun playing with his friends on the playground.  Here’s a picture of him sitting in front of his cupcakes while the whole group (kids and parents) sang “Happy Birthday” to him.  I hope I never forget the expression on his face while all his friends sang to him…it was a look of such pride and joy.  It was precious.

birthday song

We tried really hard to light his birthday candle, but it was just too windy.    Judging from this picture, lack of candle blowing didn’t seem to phase him.

so proud to be 2

The kid table…I love how there are boys on one side and girls on the other…and Owen is smack dab in the middle of the girls’ side!

the kid table

Besides eating cupcakes, all the kids had a blast running around on the play equipment.  Owen’s favorite piece of playground equipment seems to be the tunnels.  (So much so that I have to watch him while we’re at the park because he’ll try to keep other kids from going in the tunnels…he just likes to sit at the entrance and look around.  Weird.)

loving the tunnels

I love this next picture of Owen and his buddy, Ella.  So sweet how she’s got her arm around him.

owen and ella

Besides having a lot of his friends there, my parents and brother came to the party.  My mom was on Molly duty (which I’m sure was more of a delight than a chore),  my dad was the photographer (thanks to him we got a lot of these great party shots!), and Nate was the designated “Owen-watcher” for a majority of the party.  His job was to make sure Owen didn’t try to escape the premises, run into the lake, or fall off the equipment.  He did a great job (Owen had no major injuries, stayed dry, and didn’t leave with another family…job well done, Nate!), and Nate and Owen had a blast together.

uncle nate

After the party, my parents and brother headed back to our house to have dinner with us and open their presents for Owen.  They gave Owen a sand and water table for the backyard…which he loves!  We’ve since decided that for the time being it’s going to be only a sand table…Owen was way more interested in combining the sand and water together and making a royal mess than doing any other kind of playing.  This was a great gift and I know Owen will spend hours playing with it this summer.

sand table

We had such a fun time celebrating Owen’s 2nd birthday.  It’s hard for me to believe that he’s already 2 years old!

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it’s birthday day!


Owen is 2 years old!

2 years


Molly is 1 month old!

1 month

The planner in me loves that their birthdays both fall on the 17th of the month…makes monthly updates nice and easy.

Stay tuned for pictures of Owen’s birthday fun…

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Yesterday, on Mother’s Day, Owen told me he loved me for the first time.

I was leaving his room to get ready for church and said, “Bye Owen.  See you in a little bit.”  He looked up at me and said “I wuh ooo, Mama”.

So precious.


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happy mother’s day!

Happy Mother’s Day to my mom and Julie!  We love you guys!

And because it’s Mother’s Day, I’ll take this opportunity to post some cute pics of my two reasons for celebrating Mother’s Day…

my kids

outside owen

molly moo

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