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Em and I are  about halfway through Season 2 of Mad Men and are both pretty excited about Season 3 starting up soon. We’re both big fans, and being an ad guy, I couldn’t help but want my own Mad Man avatar.

The feature is called  “Mad Men Yourself” (for a show about advertising, I would’ve hoped for a more clever title). Above is my result…and as much as I wish I had Don Draper’s square jaw and broad shoulders, I ended up looking more like I should be cruising through space with my boy Elroy, daughter Judy, and Jane, my wife.


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advice for men

Never tell a woman that you now know what it must feel like to be pregnant.

baby bjorn

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new posts coming soon…

Yesterday, Travis made my life 1,000 times better!  He got me a new computer!!  I’d still been using my laptop from college (and I’ve been out going on 7 years…).  It had gotten to the point that it took me about 45 minutes to check my email because the computer was so slow and would just shut down at random times.   Seriously annoying and enough to put me in a bad mood for the rest of the day.  I can’t tell you how many times I’d be working on a blog post and all of sudden the computer would die and it would be gone.  I guess Trav got tired of hearing me complain about our horrible computer…that, and the fact that Walmart had their laptops on special for $300 yesterday. 

Anyway, I’m pumped about the new computer.  We’re still in the process of uploading our software for pictures and all that other stuff you have to do with new computers.  Soon I’ll have some new pictures and posts up. 

I love this thing!  When I type, the words appear right away…not 10 seconds later.  Amazing!

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Travis’ parents were kind enough to give us their old living room furniture when they no longer needed it.  It’s great basement furniture.  The couch is super comfortable and the tables are very functional.  I love the size they are and they are very sturdy…great for a basement where little kids play.  A lot of our furniture in the basement is black, so we decided that we should paint the tables to match.  Here’s a pre-paint picture of the furniture:

paint 1

And here’s a post-paint picture:

paint 4

Ah…it all flows nicely now.

I love little projects like this that make a big difference!

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i thought it was time

We went out and bought these:

big boy pants

And I set up this:

potty seat

We even watched this:

Elmos Potty Time2

While Elmo was singing about the fun of flushing the potty, Owen turned to me and said “Mama, Owie pooping.”  I got super excited and said, “Great!  Let’s go on the potty seat like Elmo!”.  Perfect timing, right?

Owen’s response?  “No PLEASE! NOOOO!”

No, potty in the potty seat didn’t happen that day.  It still hasn’t happened.  Every time I bring up the idea of sitting on the potty, Owen FREAKS out and says “No PLEASE!”.  (Seriously, he says it like I’m torturing him.)  We even sat him on the potty so he could get used to it and he screamed the whole time and squeezed his legs together, the whole time saying (you’ve probably guessed it by now), “No PLEASE NOOOO!!”.

Oh well.  Maybe we’ll try again in a few weeks.

Just out of curiousity…those of you who read my blog and have potty trained a boy, at what age did you successfully get the job done?  (And if you’ve never commented or even if I’ve never met you, I’d love to hear your thoughts!)

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First, we celebrated our 5th anniversary!


Wow…5 years.  It feels like it’s gone fast, but when I think that we own a house, a dog, and have 2 kids I realize we’ve experienced so many big life changes together.  It’s been a great 5 years!  We had a great night out…sushi, a Cards game (they won 6 to 1 and we got to see two Pujols homeruns!!), and a night of no kids!  Love them to death, but it was great to have adult conversation that didn’t center around poopy diapers and feeding schedules.

Next, Molly is 3 months old!

3 months

Our little gal is still such a joy.  She loves to smile and is such a happy baby.  She is becoming very social…she “talks” all the time!  She has definitely discovered her voice!  She’s also starting to get some cute little rolls on her legs…no worries here about whether or not this girl is getting enough food!

She’s still a great night sleeper.  We’re enjoying between 7 and 8 straight hours of sleep every night.  I’ve also been so excited lately because Molly and Owen have both been napping at the same time every afternoon…some days sleeping 3 hours straight!!  Recently though, Molly has decided that I’m too much fun and she’d rather hang with me than sleep during the day.  Bummer.  Good thing I have experience dealing with a baby who decides sleep is not his thing.  (Remember this post??)

One final thing, Molly is starting to notice her big brother and thinks he is so cool.  She loves to watch him and smiles at him while he plays.  It’s really sweet.

3 months 2

Last, Owen is 26 months old!

26 months 1

Our goofy little man makes us laugh like crazy these days.  He says the funniest things…and he is such a parrot!  He repeats anything and everything we say, which is scary and funny at the same time!  Owen is on a HUGE Star Wars kick lately.  Every morning the first thing he says to me is “Watch Star Wars with Daddy?”.  They love to watch clips from Star Wars together at night, and then they go reenact light saber fights (Travis with the light saber and Owen with his foam sword.  It gets pretty intense!).  He loves to make the sounds of Chewbacca and Darth Vader.  He knows all the characters names and gets very into the movies.  It’s pretty funny.

Owen is also starting to speak in complete sentences.  I love hearing what he has to say and how his little mind works.  This past week he’s starting to want to pray before bed and at meals.  We’ve always done this with him, but he’s never wanted to pray by himself before.  It makes me teary every time his sweet little voice prays.  He loves to thank Jesus for Molly, Mommy, Daddy, and his food.  It’s really so sweet.

26 months 2

Life with these two just keeps getting better!

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i’m in a rut

Those of you who read this blog regularly know that, for the past 2 months, I’ve had to avoid dairy completely in order to continue nursing Molly due to her milk protein allergy.  While I am so glad that my avoidance of dairy is keeping away all the scary reactions she had, I am getting SO BORED of the food I’ve been eating!! (And I’m sure my family is, too!)

If you have any good recipes or cooking ideas for things I can do that don’t include dairy in any way (that means no milk, cheese, sour cream, cream of chicken/mushroom soups, yogurt, etc…), please pass them along!  I think Travis is getting really tired of me saying, “Guess what?  We’re grilling out again!!”.  While I love to grill out in the summer, I miss the variety that we used to have.  If you have thoughts/recipes/brilliant solutions to my boring diet, please help!!

(Quick note:  I’ve recently discovered that I can use milk substitutes for cooking…soy milk actually doesn’t change the flavor of the food too much.)

Thanks, guys!

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