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The last time Travis and I went on a vacation together, just the two of us, was our honeymoon.  Here we are…tanned, happy, newly married, not a care in the world.  (By the way, I was wearing more than just a necklace that night.)

We’ve definitely done our share of traveling over the last 6 years.  We’ve visited family all over the country, done a vacation with my parents when Owen was a baby, and vacationed with Travis’ parents last summer.  It’s all been great, but we haven’t ever gone anywhere just for us since our week in Cancun the day after our wedding.  Why not, you ask?  Well…the summer after we got married we bought this:

And the next summer we got this guy:

The following spring, this fella made his debut:


And last spring this little gal entered our family:

All of these have been good things…great things.  I wouldn’t change a second of the last 6 years.  But these last 6 years haven’t provided us with too many opportunities to escape and have some time away…until now!

Travis has a business trip in Chicago this weekend and I’m going with him!  He has responsibilities tomorrow evening, and then the rest of the weekend is set aside for us to do whatever we want!  I love Chicago and can’t wait to shop, eat out (without having to make sure they have a kids’ menu first), sleep in, and just have a break from normal life for 3 days.  We are SO excited for this.  My parents are excited about having Owen, Molly, and Max for 3 days (at least that’s what they’re telling me…). 

So tomorrow morning, we’re off!  Have a great weekend!


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We are finally on the mend.  The noses are no longer running, the coughs are getting fewer and farther between, and everyone is just downright happier.  It’s about time!  We’ve been house-bound for so long, and today is an absolutely gorgeous day.  We were trying to think what we could do and decided to take advantage of the Dinosaurs Unearthed exhibit at the St. Louis Science Center.  As I mentioned in another post, Owen is big into dinosaurs.  He plays with his dinosaur figurines daily and watches Dinosaur Train as often as I’ll let him.  This seemed like a perfect idea for Owen. 

He was SO excited all the way down to the Science Center.  We’d told him the dinosaurs were going to be big and they would probably make noise and move, but we’d assured him that they were just robots and would not hurt him.  He talked about seeing the big dinosaurs all the way there and then to whoever would listen to him before we went into the exhibit.  Here are Travis and Owen on their way in.  Notice how Owen is looking apprehensively at the T-Rex and has a grip on Travis’ shirt…

When we got inside, the dinosaurs were a bit overwhelming.  Owen did NOT want to walk and was afraid to get too close.  Here we are checking things out:

I don’t think Owen realized just how big these guys were going to be.  He was a bit freaked out the whole time we were there, but was very curious at the same time.  He kept saying that the dinosaurs were “saying hi to Owie” when they would roar.  I guess that was his way of telling himself not to be scared!

Molly, on the other hand, thought this was so much fun!  She didn’t stay in the stroller very long because she wanted to get out and see the big guys.  Granted, she’s probably too little to understand that they might be a bit scary and just liked looking at them.  Here we are in front of a really big dino…no idea which one. 

Owen loved the area where you could dig for dinosaur bones.  He thinks Dr. Scott the paleontologist from Dinosaur Train is awesome and thought it was pretty cool that he got to find bones, too. 

And then Molly found her favorite dino…the T-Rex.  Owen wouldn’t get close, but Molly had a blast standing right underneath the big guy, listening to him roar, and bouncing around.  Fearless little thing.

This last picture in the dino exhibit pretty much shows what Owen did the whole time we were there.  He had a huge smile on his face, but he had a tight grip on either Travis or me.  We kept trying to get him to let us put him down so we could take a picture of him in front of the dinos, but he would have none of that. 

Sure enough, as soon as we left, all he could talk about were the dinosaurs.  We let him go into the gift store and pick out a dino figurine to take home.  He picked the tricerotops…even though that was the dino that scared him the most.  Now that we’re home he can’t stop talking about the tricerotops!  Here he is with his new toy:

A big thanks to Grandpa Lane for the Valentine’s money he sent the kids.  We thought he’d like to fund a fun family outing…and it proved to be just that!  If you live in the St. Louis area and have a kid who likes dinosaurs, this is definitely worth your time and money.  Just hurry…it leaves on March 12!

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Last weekend, Nana and Bubba came up to St. Louis to hang out with us.  We started off the weekend by opening up the Valentine presents they brought with them.  Molly loved her big bear!

And I think Travis liked Owen’s Indiana Jones-themed presents as much as Owen did!

Here he is in his new Indiana Jones hat and whip.  The whip plays the Indiana Jones theme song as well as making a whip sound.  Fun fun.  He LOVES this.  (And don’t worry…it’s not a real whip.  It’s like a long stuffed animal snake attached to the top of the whip.  How’s that for a description?  Anyway, not a weapon he can use to damage his sister…at least I hope not.)

On Saturday we spent the morning playing in the basement and enjoying the new toys.  After nap time we loaded up the cars and took Nana and Bubba to the Magic House.  They’d never been before, and I think they thought it was pretty cool!  Owen loved showing them some of his favorite areas (since we’ve become regulars at the “every third Friday night is free” nights).  He loves playing in a big water area and spent a whole lot of time there.  Nana got a chance to cuddle with Molly while Owen played.

When we finally dragged Owen away from the water area, we went fishing!  For those that have never been to the Magic House, it’s not real fishing.  But it’s close!  There’s real water and you get to use your fishing pole to catch magnetic fish.  Who knew I would be the one to share Owen’s first fishing experience with him?  When it comes to real fishing, Travis definitely has dibs.

While at the Magic House, we discovered that Molly’s a budding pianist.  With 18 years of piano lessons between Travis and me, it could only be expected.

And here’s a shot of Bubba and Molly taking a break.  Travis and I agreed that, as fun as the Magic House is, it wipes us out!  After about 10 minutes, I need a nap. 

And finally, a stop in the Oval Office.  Owen looked pretty comfortable behind that desk.  Scary.

The visit was great.  The presents were fun.  The Magic House was exciting for all.  We’re looking forward to seeing Nana and Bubba again when we go visit them in Mena in a couple of weeks.  Thanks for visiting…come again soon!

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another month older…

Well, it’s the 17th of the month again and time for the monthly update! 

Molly is 10 months old today!

Here are some big events from Molly’s last month:

* She crawls!  If you missed the big announcement, check out this post.  Every day that goes by she gets better and better at crawling.  Today she managed to crawl all the way across the room and get some of Owen’s cars.  This made him extremely unhappy.  I predict the word “share” is going to come out of my mouth countless times each hour.

* She loves to eat!  She’s getting really good at feeding herself and would probably eat Puffs all day long if I’d let her.  I’m getting excited about the baby food days ending and starting to feed her what we eat.  We’re not there yet, but we’re heading that direction.  The doctor mentioned that it’s okay to start introducing whole milk to her slowly.  My plan is to drop her late afternoon feeding and give her whole milk in a sippy cup at that time.  Then I’ll just slowly wean her off nursing over the next couple of months and hopefully we’ll be done nursing and bottle-free by one year!  My goal was to make it to her first birthday…we’re almost there!

* Teeth!  She has two.  This picture shows them off pretty well.  They’re not all the way in yet, but boy are they sharp!  Funny thing, we were at the pediatrican for her 10 month check up on Monday.  We were talking about Molly’s teeth and the doctor noticed in Owen’s chart that he already had 7 teeth when he was 10 months old.  Crazy how different these two are!

* This girl’s got attitude!  Her personality is really starting to emerge.  She’s still such a sweetheart, but she lets you know when she doesn’t like something!  She’s got a scowl that cracks us up and she’s not afraid to use it. 

*Standing.  She loves to stand around tables and play with toys.  She can’t pull herself up yet, but she can stand and play without me holding on to her.  She will still fall over after a while if I’m not there to spot her.  She loves to play this way.  I think it makes her feel like a big kid. 

Last but not least…her monthly stats.  Not that anyone really cares about this but me and probably the grandparents, but I like to have it here so I remember.  Anyway, she weighed in at 19 pounds 4 ounces and is 28 3/4 inches long.  She’s still a whole lot more petite than Owen was at her age.  Also, while we were at the doctor for her well baby check up, the doctor discovered that Molly has a double ear infection.  Bummer.  She’s quite a trooper though.  I had no idea she was even sick.  She’d been acting fine…no fever, no runny nose, not cranky, eating well.  Because of how many ear infections she’s had lately, we’ve started the conversation about tubes.  If this girl gets two more ear infections in the next 7 months she’ll be getting tubes put in.  We’ll see what happens, but I really won’t be surprised at all if we’re sitting in the ENT’s office before too long. 

Well…that’s all for Molly this month!

Owen is 33 months old!

Here are some new things for Owen this month:

* I am happy to report that Owen is completely potty trained!  We haven’t had an accident of any sort since this day.  He tells us when he has to go and can hold it until we find him a bathroom.  He’s also been waking up dry from his naps for some time now.  I’m just nervous that the day I decide to let him wear underwear during his nap will be the day he wets the bed.  I’ll just wait until I need to wash his sheets anyway and then see what happens.

* We’re big into the stage of “Mommy, watch this!”.  He loves to show me all his stunts.  For instance, while I was taking these pictures he wanted me to watch him pose all sorts of different ways.  He started out like this:

And then he moved into this pose:

Just a minute ago he said, “Mommy, watch me fall into these pillows.”  Then he looks at me and says “Ow.  I’m okay.”  Evidently this is a pretty fun game.

* He’s been cracking us up with his manners lately.  We’ve always had him say please and thank you for things, and recently he’s started doing this without our prompting.  For example, I’ll ask him if he wants more milk and his response is either “Oh thank you!” or “No thank you.”  Lest you think I have a perfect child with perfect manners, I’ll just say that now we’re working on how he requests his lunch.  “GET ME MY FOOD!” is not an appropriate way to request that I make him a PB&J.  We’re working on this…

* Green Eggs and Ham is his current favorite book and Dinosaur Train on PBS is his favorite TV show.  Moms out there, have you ever watched Dinosaur Train?  I actually like it, and it doesn’t get on my nerves like most of the kiddie shows do.  Owen has been learning a lot about dinosaurs from the show and is big into playing with his dinosaur figurines lately.  I recommend the show if you have kids who like dinos!

* Sick.  Sick.  Sick.  Owen is still sick.  He’s missed 3 out of his last 4 Wednesday morning Mother’s Day Outs.  This makes me very sad…for him and for me.  Today he couldn’t go because this latest round of antibiotics doesn’t seem to be working on his ear infection/tonsilitis and he isn’t getting much better.  7 days into antibiotics and you’d expect the runny nose to be cleared up and the cough to be significantly better.  Neither have happened.  We’re going back on Monday when he’s finished with this round of antibiotics for a recheck.  Have I mentioned that I’m tired of having sick kids?!?!?

Well, that’s all for Owen right now.  Even though the majority of the month has been spent together in our house trying to get over sickness, I’ve loved all the time with the kids.  The other day Owen looked over at me while we were playing and said, “Mommy, you’re my best friend.”  That absolutely melted my heart and made all these long winter days at home even more worth while.

Until next month…

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and she crawls!

Just like the sweetheart that she is, Molly decided to give us the gift of her mobility on Valentine’s Day!  We had just returned home from our small group at church.  Travis was getting Owen ready for bed and I was on Molly duty.  The nursery ladies had told me that she looked like she was about ready to take off, so I thought I’d just let her play a bit and see what happened.  Here she is in her Valentine’s Day best right before her crawling debut…

Now, I realize that this crawl isn’t a very impressive crawl.  It’s really more like a couple of shuffles and then a belly flop onto the floor.  But it was the first crawl, and I caught it on camera.  How often does that happen??  And yes, Owen is throwing a tantrum in the background…what’s new?

She was pretty proud of herself, but she also seemed to need to concentrate a lot while crawling.  It’s pretty serious business for her. 

Since this first crawl, she’s been practicing a lot and is getting a whole lot better.  I wouldn’t say she’s totally comfortable with crawling yet.  She’s still pretty slow and often loses her balance and falls onto her belly, but she can move all the way across a rug to get what she wants (going more than just the little shuffle you saw in the video). 

So my worries about her never crawling are gone.  She’s doing it..finally!  Yea Molly!

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last night was valentine’s day!

Since Valentine’s Day falls on a Sunday this year and we’ll be at church that night for our small group, we decided that we would declare last night our Valentine’s Day.  All I knew was that I needed to have the kids fed and ready for bed by the time Travis got home.  At promptly 7, he walked in the door with all the fixin’s for an at-home date…sushi, roses, and a movie.  But Owen wouldn’t let us put him to bed until he’d seen what was inside the presents on the table.  He had already determined that the red bag belonged to him and the pink one to Molly (and he was correct). 

First, we let Owen open up his present:

Owen is big into stickers.  I’d seen someone do this on another blog and decided to copy.  I never know what to do with all the blank pages covered with stickers and Owen loves to look at the art he’s created.  Now all of his masterpieces can be stored in this book!  We let him complete his first page before going to bed.  He was so proud!

Then we let him open up Molly’s present:

Molly is now the proud owner of two big bows…white and hot pink.  Since she’s still bald as can be, we need to make good and sure people know that Molly is a girl.  I think this bow will do the trick.  Travis isn’t a big fan of them.  He thinks they’re a little much.  Whatever.  I think they’re adorable and oh so girlie.

After the kids’ presents, Travis had to find his by solving the clue, “You’re present is chillin’ in the basement.”  It didn’t take much for him to figure out he needed to look in the basement fridge.  He opened it up to find…

Having a fully-stocked “beer fridge” was one of the things that had to go when we decided I’d stay home with the kids.  I thought it’d be a fun treat for him to have some of his favorite beers back in his fridge. 

Next it was my turn.  He had already given me the roses when he walked in the door, but my other present was a book!  I’m a huge reader.  I love to read and will really read anything I can get my hands on.  He surprised me with the book Push, which is what the movie Precious is based on.  We haven’t seen the movie yet, but I’ve heard it’s great. 

After finally getting Owen in bed (he wanted to see what Mommy and Daddy got for Valentine’s Day, too…but really he wanted to put off going to bed just a big longer), we thoroughly enjoyed our at home dinner date.  We ended up sitting at our kitchen table eating sushi by candlelight and just catching up.  Our kids cooperated and nobody made a peep.  We finished off the night by watching Couples Retreat.  We enjoyed it…not the best movie in the word but entertaining enough.

Jeff and Julie (otherwise known as Nana and Bubba) come in town this weekend.  I’m sure the Valentine’s festitivies will continue through the weekend.  Enjoy your Valentine’s Days!

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