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We celebrated Owen’s birthday with Jeff and Julie and Great-Grandpa Lane last weekend when they came to visit.  Because you only turn 3 once, we went ahead and threw another big party for Big O.  Nana and Bubba brought presents…all Toy Story-themed.  Here he is opening up his Toy Story movies…

We were so glad that Great-Grandpa Lane came with Jeff and Julie for a visit.  Owen and Molly both love Grandpa Lane, and they really enjoyed getting the chance to play with him.  Here’s a picture of Owen keeping Grandpa Lane company while he finishes his dinner.

For Owen’s 3rd cake, I tried my hand at making a dinosaur cake.  I was a  little nervous to attempt this…although I know Owen wouldn’t have cared what it looked like as long as he got to eat it.  Here’s the finished product…

After all the birthday celebrating, we got outside and enjoyed the beautiful, HOT weather!  It was warm enough to break out the baby pools, get out the kids’ swimsuits and have some fun.  Molly got to try out the swimsuit, cover-up, and sunglasses that Nana gave her…

…and Owen had a blast splashing around in the pool with Bubba.

And one more picture of Nana and Molly.  Molly was trying on her new outfit that Nana bought her.  LOVE the coordinating daisies.  It even has shoes that match! 

Owen’s birthday was great, from start to finish.  We enjoyed every minute of it!  We’re excited about having a three-year-0ld and can’t wait to see what this year has in store.


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After a week of birthday celebrations, I’m finally ready to post pictures of the events.  Part 1 will be about the weekend before his birthday and his actual birth DAY.  First things first…the Saturday before Owen’s birthday we went to the Transportation Museum with Owen’s buddy (and fellow train-lover), Chase.  The boys had a blast playing on all the big trains and riding on a trolley, even though it was cold and pouring down rain. 

After checking out all the trains, we headed over to Chick-fil-A for some lunch.  Owen’s request for this birthday was to have a dinosaur cake.  When it was all said and done, he had THREE dinosaur cakes because that’s how many little parties we had for Owen’s birthday.  Here he is with his first dinosaur treat…cupcakes with little dino toys on top. 

Later that day we went over to my parents’ (Mimi and Dada) house for another birthday celebration.  My mom went all out for the dinosaur theme and had the house decorated with all kinds of dinosaur paraphenalia.  She also had a really cool dino cake made for Owen.  Here he is with dino cake #2:

Monday was Owen’s actual birthday.  Travis had to go to work, so we woke Owen up early to open his presents.  We were really excited to give him this trike…

 …but trike riding takes more effort than Owen is willing to put forth.  He lasted about 10 seconds before he started saying, “I’m DONE!”.  Hopefully he’ll like it someday…when he has the patience to work at it for a couple of minutes to figure out how to pedal. 

We also gave him this easel and some art supplies.  He enjoyed painting for a little while…until it got on his hands.  Owen’s a neat freak and really hates to be messy.  (Let me pause for minute and sing the praises of Ikea.  This easel cost me $15!  Can you believe it?  And the art smock, $2.50.  Amazing.  LOVE THAT STORE.  PLEASE BUILD ONE HERE!)

On to his favorite present…some pirate action figures I picked up at the last minute for $6.  Owen LOVES action figures.  He’s also really into pirates.  I’d found a pirate ship at a garage sale a few months back for $5 but had never been able to find any pirates to go with it.  Ever since he opened this present and found these pirates, they’ve been all he’s wanted to play with.  See the joy on his face?

For his birthday lunch Owen requested Chicken McNuggets from McDonald’s.  I’ve done a great job of getting this kid to love healthy food, huh?  We met Travis at a McDonald’s in Webster Groves (maybe one of the nastiest McDonald’s ever).  While I was a bit caught up in the grossness of the place, Owen thoroughly enjoyed his meal.  That’s all that matters, right?

On Owen’s birthday night, Travis and I were so excited to take him to see How to Train Your Dragon.  If you read this blog regularly, you know that Owen loves movies.  He loved every minute of the movie…and so did Trav and me!  It seriously was a great movie.  I highly recommend it. 

As we were leaving, Owen and Travis saw the Toy Story 3 sign.  I think we know what movie we’ll be going to next!

More on Owen’s birthday weekend with Nana and Bubba coming up next…

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the end is nigh

I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that LOST is my favorite show. As in “ever.” I’ve loved the characters, the twists and the clues. And so, as Sunday night’s series finale event approaches, I find myself predicting…even though I’m completely along for the ride and can’t wait to see what the show’s writers/creators have in store.

That being said, here are my guesses (note: I have no idea how the sideways world/real world will converge, so I’ll hold on to that mystery – granted, the biggest of them all – ’til Sunday night).

Who does Kate ends up with? Sawyer. C’mon, Princess Leia and Han Solo have to end up together.

Who kills the man in black/smoke monster/Flocke? Ben. He’s keeping Flocke close to him so he can do to him what Flocke manipulated him into doing to Jacob.

Surprise character appearance? Juliet.

Who ends up the island’s protector? Hurley. My second guess: Ben.

Wait, then what happens to Jack? He dies. Heroically, though, saving his sister, crazy Claire.

Who else dies? Miles. Richard if he’s not already dead. Ben, if he’s not the island’s protector.

Moment that makes you stand up, pump your fist, and shout “yes!”? While driving to the mysterious concert in the sideways world, Hurley rocks out to “You All Everybody.”

Desmond? Has a heartwarming reunion with Penny. Again. Everyone in America cries. Again. Brotha.

So what’s the big twist that keeps us all LOST as the show ends? As Hurley watches his friends leave, another crash happens on the island: a 1985 DeLorean streaks across the beach. Doc Brown & Marty McFly pop out.

Doc Brown: “Maaaaarty!”

Marty: “Doc, this is pretty heavy.”

Hurley: “Dude.”

End Super: “LOST”

Okay, so maybe not. I’m guessing just as the island gets a new protector, someone takes on the role of new smoke monster. Probably Ben. If he’s not dead.

So there you have it. I’m highly confident 99.9% of it won’t happen, but who knows.

What I do know? I’m gonna miss this show. But I’m glad it’s going out on its own terms. I already can’t wait to watch it all over again with the kids someday in the not-so-distant future…

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Owen is THREE!  I can hardly believe it’s been three years.  It’s gone fast…but then I can’t remember what life was like without  him.  Here are some of the things Owen’s been up to:

1.  Questions, questions, questions…we’ve entered the age of asking questions.  All the time.  About anything and everything.  Most of the time he asks things he already knows the answer to such as, “Are you my mommy?” (not a great question for him to be asking loudly in public places). 

2.  Being charming.  He frequently tells me, “Mommy, you look pretty as a princess.” 

3.  Asking me, “Are you happy?”.  This question comes immediately after he’s disobeyed or when he’s in the process of disobeying.  I will answer, “No, it makes me unhappy when you disobey.”  Then he’ll give me his charming smile and say, “Mommy, be happy!”.  This doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s going to stop what he’s doing and obey.  I think he’d rather me just be happy and let him disobey.  He’s a manipulator.

4.  He’s still on a big dinosaur kick, but he’s also into playing with army men and pirates.  On a crazy day he might mix all three and have a big “battle fight” (his words).

And one more picture of our big three-year-old holding up his age on his fingers:

And then there’s Molly, our crazy 13 month old gal:

I thought this picture was fitting because Molly is ALWAYS yelling.  She has a lot to say and she says it very loudly.  She’s our little miss personality.  Here are some other things about Molly this month:

1.  She’s starting to say some words.  So far we’ve got “da da” for both Travis and me.  (This morning she came into the bathroom to see me, looked in the mirror, smiled and said Da Da!  I’ve tried my hardest to get her to say Mama.  Whenever I do, she just smiles and says Da Da.  It’s totally a game.  She thinks it’s funny.)  She also says doggy (goggy) and she can bark like a dog.  She can also oink like a pig (although it sounds more like she’s gagging).  When she talks about Owen, she says “uh uh”.  And “uh oh” continues to be her favorite word…followed by dropping whatever she’s holding onto the ground.

2.  This one’s a little instigator!  She intiates little wrestling “fights” with her brother.  She’ll climb on his back and hit him on the head.  And she’s tough.  She can hold her own when he gets her back.  It’s hilarious to watch.

3.  Pulling up to a stand and cruising around everything.  She loves to move the kitchen chairs all over the house and use them as walkers. 

4.  She’s a little destroyer.  Her very favorite activity is to go from room to room opening drawers and emptying their contents.  Yesterday she emptied out my entire towel drawer in the kitchen.  To her credit, she does put everything back when she’s done.  I’ll know she’s been there because the drawer will be open and a huge pile of towels will be piled inside.  At least she cleans up after herself!

5.  Max.  She loves him.  They are buds.  She particularly loves his water dish.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve taken my eyes off her for a second and she’s turned the dish upside down all over herself.

6.  Dancing whenever she hears music.  And she’s pretty good!

7.  Still loves to eat…and I still haven’t found a food she doesn’t like.

And one more pic of Molly.  She laughs all the time.  I love this picture of her…she’s in mid-laugh, showing off her chins.

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Can you tell how excited he is??  This kid is loving every minute of his birthday.  We’ve had LOTS of birthday fun over the last few days, so expect a more extensive post soon!

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We are so thankful for all of the prayers for Owen’s surgery/recovery.  We definitely felt them as we dealt with two rough weeks, but Owen is FINALLY recovered and better than ever!  We went back to the ENT on Thursday for a surgical follow-up appointment.  The nurse practitioner took one look at his throat, said he looked great, was free to eat and drink whatever he wanted, and sent us on our way!  We are so thankful this is all over and are thrilled with the new Owen!

Here are some ways he’s changed…

1.  His voice is COMPLETELY different.  It used to be kind of low and husky.  Now it’s high pitched and a little nasal.  I’m still getting used to it.  Sometimes I don’t recognize his voice in a group of kids.

2.  He eats!  It used to be a battle to get him to eat a meal, and he used to take forever.  He’d chew everything about a thousand times and then finally swallow.  Now he eats fast and eats his whole meal.  (He’s still picky…that hasn’t changed.  But he’s getting a little better.)

3.  He doesn’t choke on his food anymore.  He used to choke at least once a meal…I guess because his tonsils were so big that it made swallowing difficult.  I haven’t heard him choke once since the surgery.

4.  No more snoring!  We used to be able to hear him snoring all the way in the living room while he was in his bedroom sleeping.  Now I have to put my hand on his back to make sure he’s still breathing because he’s such a quiet sleeper!

5.  He’s happy!  Many of you probably think that Owen already was a happy kid…and in front of others he normally was.  But at home, he was completely different.  Since he’s recovered, he wakes up from his naps and in the mornings with a smile on his face and happy.  He used to wake up crying and was grumpy for at least an hour.

To sum it up, I’ll take 2 weeks of horrible recovery for a much healthier, happier, well-rested, energetic Owen.  Lest you think all our problems are solved and he’s now perfect, the fits he’s been throwing lately are doozies.  He’s a bit confused why he can’t eat chocolate pudding and popsicles all day long now that his throat is feeling better.  Oh well, it’s easier to tackle that battle now that I’m not dealing with an unhealthy kid.

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