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You read that right. Emily has joined my fantasy football league. My best friend since childhood, Beau, is the league commissioner, and the league is packed with some old friends, including Beau’s wife, Stephanie and Beau’s mom. Last year was my first year in the league, and my team name was “Aguiar 4 Life” in honor of my favorite Kansas City Chiefs punter (that’s right – punter) of all time: Mr. Louie Aguiar. Here’s a picture of him, his mustache, and his glorious hair.

I’m proud to say that I did Louie proud in ’09, winning it all in my inaugural season. Em saw how much fun I was having and decided to get in on the action. The woman has a proven track record of sports picking performance (her March Madness brackets perform well year after year), and I have to admit, she’s bringing the heat in our league this year. We had our draft last night, and her team – The St. Louigans – is stacked:

How about my gal getting our old alma mater star, Jeremy Maclin?! But don’t count me out yet. I renamed my team ¡Aguiar Repita! – which may or may not translate to “Aguiar Repeat!” in Spanish. Obviously, that means I’m defending my crown at all costs…and these are the dudes who are going to help me do it:

Emily and I are actually playing each other in Week 1 – and the winner gets all the glory right here on the blog. What say you, loyal readers? Who do you think is gonna bring home the gold in our first ever husband vs. wife fantasy bowl of destiny?

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give, save, spend

He’s now officially on his way to becoming a responsible adult.  Aren’t chore charts the way to make that happen??  Well anyway, we’ve started one.  It’s great.  I have a little helper eager to get his stickers.  My favorite part about this chart is that I don’t have to set the table anymore…it’s all on him.  And he’s pretty possessive of his jobs.

And to make him seem even older to me, he’s also getting an allowance.  Where did my baby go??  He informs me daily that he’s not a little boy, he’s a MAN.  I don’t know if I’d go that far, but he’s at least a kid who gets his allowance once a week.  The point of the allowance is to teach him what it means to give an offering to God during Children’s Worship at our church.  I wanted the money he gave to be his money so we could begin teaching at an early age that everything we have comes from God and we give 10% back to him.  I also figured it’s never too early to start teaching about saving money (I could use a few lessons in that, too…) so we also do 10% in his piggy bank once a week.  The rest (lucky kid) is put in his Spend jar, and he can’t wait until it’s full of $35 so he can buy the totally awesome pirate ship that he’s got his eye on at Target.  The interesting thing will be if he still wants the pirate ship when he gets $35 in the jar…he has no idea how long that will take and I can tell you now, it’s gonna be a while.  A lesson in patience for my little man.

So there you go.  The new plan.  Already I’m needing to switch out some jobs because they’re becoming so routine that we forget to put stickers on his chart when he does them.  I guess that’s the point, right? 

I’m brainstorming new chores to replace putting dirty clothes away and taking dirty dishes to the sink.  Any ideas of appropriate chores for a 3 year old??

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Yesterday she brought these treasures to me, one by one, insisting in her wordless yet very demanding way that I place them around her neck.  She was extremely pleased with her new look, and she didn’t care in the least that suffocation due to excessive bibbage was a definite possibility.  The girl LOVES to accessorize. 

She’s a trend-setter, our Molly.  One would think it would be hot under all those bibs, so I attempted to remove them during our afternoon outdoor play session.  Evidently a horrible idea on my part.  The bibs went back on, the screaming stopped, she was thrilled to have her bibs back.  Lord have mercy…what is this girl going to be like when she’s a teenager?!?

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16 month update

Molly is 16 months old!

It’s been a big month for Miss Molly.  Last month she wasn’t walking, and now she’s getting to be a sturdy walker who loves her independence.  I’m a BIG fan of the walking stage.  We’ve loved playing outside now that Molly is up out of the grass!  Here are some other things she’s been doing lately.

* Cutting teeth like it’s nobody’s business.  The girl currently has 9 teeth, but she’s working on those last 3 back molars so she’ll have 12 before I know it.  Crazy.  I feel like she went from toothless to a full mouth of teeth in a matter of a couple months.  Wait…I guess she did considering she only had 2 teeth when she turned 1.  There’s lots of drool going on around here.  LOTS of drool.

* Climbing.  The girl is a CLIMBER!  I have to watch her like a hawk because I turn around and she’s standing on top of a table just like this:

Yesterday she climbed on top of our picnic table in the backyard and was just standing there, looking around.  Crazy child.  After I deposited her back on the ground, she walked right over to the swingset and climbed right up to the top of the ladder.  The child has no fear.  None at all.  Scary. 

* Molly loves clothes.  She loves to pick them out of her closet and try to put them on.  (Everything goes on her head.)  She loves to bring me a pair of shoes, plant herself in my lap, and show me that she’d like me to put them on her feet.  After putting one pair on, she goes and gets another and the game continues.  Leaving Molly alone in her room with drawers of clothes turns into a messy experience…

That scene happens daily.  I’ve stopped folding her clothes when I put them back in her drawers.  And, let me tell you, that was REALLY hard for me to do.  I love organization and can’t stand when you can’t find something in a drawer.  But I finally gave up.  She empties those drawers so many times a day that the folding just wasn’t a good use of my time. 

* Following in her brother’s footsteps and becoming a very picky eater.  My vegetable-loving infant has become my vegetable-hating toddler.  Nothing has changed in the way I prepare the food.  She’s just decided that green is not good.  So sad.

* SEPARATION ANXIETY!!!!!  It’s driving me NUTS!  She absolutely cannot handle it when I leave the room when we’re over at  friend’s house.  She completely flips out.  If I can sneak out, she does okay.  But if she sees me leaving, it’s all over.  Can’t wait for this phase to end.

She really is a happy little girl.  We laugh at her constantly.  She has a great sense of humor and so much personality.  I’m looking forward to seeing that personality continue to emerge over the next few months.

On to Owen…

I love this kid.  He’s so much fun.  School starts for him in a week and I’m gonna miss him like crazy!  I know it’s only 2 days a week so it’s silly to say that, but he just makes my days so much brighter.  I love hearing what he has to say.  Here’s what’s new with Owen…

* He says things like this: “Mama, I pretty much a little bit love you.”  This makes me laugh and melt at the same time. 

* He loves to talk on the phone when Travis calls.  His first question to Travis is this, “Daddy, can I watch a scene with you tonight?”.  Like father, like son.  How many other 3 year olds refer to parts of movies as “scenes”?

* His interests this month…pirates and princesses.  Yep, you read that right.  I bought Molly a couple of princess books at a garage sale last weekend.  Owen has adopted them as his own.  He wants to read about Ariel all the time and frequently requests that I sing the Ariel song.  He’s pretty impressed that I know all the words.  I’m pretty impressed that I know all the words.  He balances out his interest in princesses with his love of everything pirates.  Travis lets him watch scenes from “Pirates of the Carribean” (or Pirates of the Caribbeen, as Owen calls it).  Owen talks about Captain Jack Sparrow all the time and wants to know about Davy Jones’ bad guys.

* His picky eating habits have reached a whole new level.  Before meal time he asks me, “Mommy, what are we eating tonight?”.  I’ll tell him and then he’ll say, “I’m not going to like that.  It’s going to make me choke.”  Awesome.  Such a compliment. 

* Sleeping without his bed rail!   

* Going to the potty without help.  It’s a battle because he’d rather I do it for him, but he is able to completely remove his pants and underwear and get himself on the toilet.  It’s awesome.  When he’s getting ready to go, he pops his head around the door of the bathroom and yells to me, “Don’t w0rry, Mama.  I’m gonna tuck my penis in!”  Wonderful. 

* We’ve started a chore chart this month, and Owen now gets an allowance!  More to come on that in another post…

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Last weekend we took a 24 hour trip to Kansas City.  Friday night was a 30th birthday party for our friend, Leslie.  Leslie was one of my bridesmaids and a mutual friend of ours in college.  We arrived in Kansas City on Friday night in time to drop the kids off with Jeff and Julie, change clothes, and get to the restaurant by 10pm.  When’s the last time we went out at 10pm??  We’re normally comfy on the couch in pajamas by 8 o’clock…quite a switch.  It was a fun night catching up with friends and remembering what it used to be like to enjoy the night life.  Here’s a shot of Allison, me, Leslie (birthday girl!!) and Bri…all old roommates and bridesmaids in my wedding. 

We got home after our night on the town to find Nana trying to get Molly to calm down.  Poor girl has had an ear infection and has had a lot of trouble sleeping.  Travis and I thoroughly enjoyed our time with Molly until 4am (can you sense the sarcasm here?). 

The next morning we headed to Crown Center to visit a free Clifford exhibit.  The kids absolutely loved it.  Molly walked around thrilled that she saw so many “goggies”, and Owen is at the right age to understand how to do all the activities.  Nana and Bubba enjoyed playing with the kids in the exhibit.

After having lots of fun with Clifford, we went over to Union Station to visit their dinosaur exhibit.  We’d visited this exhibit when it was in St. Louis, but Owen was thrilled to see it again.  Last time we went  Owen was pretty scared of the dinos.  They’re pretty realistic.  This time he was a little timid at first, but he warmed up quickly.  Molly had no fear, of course.  In fact, she thought the dinos were funny.  When one would move or roar, she’d point at it and start laughing.  She’s got this really evil-sounding fake laugh that she does all the time (I’m trying to get it on video because it’s really funny).  She did this laugh through the whole exhibit.  Here’s a pic of Nana and Molly at the beginning of the exhibit.

And here’s a family shot.  Pretty typical of our experience…Owen so excited to see it all that he won’t look at the camera and Molly pointing and laughing at the dinosaurs.

Before we left KC to go home, we celebrated Grandpa Lane’s 84th birthday.  We were glad we got to spend some time with him during his birthday month.  He was sweet enough to let Owen help him blow out his candles. 

Great 24 hour trip.  We loved the time with family.  We love Kansas City.  We are looking forward to more time with family over Labor Day weekend!

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bye bye size 5 diapers

It’s official.  I’m only buying diapers for one child as of last week!  Woo hoo!

You’re probably thinking, “Wait…I read all those blog posts last winter about potty training Owen.  Why’s he still wearing diapers?”.  Well, he’s been day trained since January.  But night has been a whole different ball game.  I know some people work really hard to train their child at night.  I’m not one of those people.  It really wasn’t a big deal to me that he was still wetting his diaper at night.  In fact, I was okay with it because he was letting us get a solid night of sleep without waking us up to go to the bathroom.  For once I didn’t obsess about this area of his development and just decided to let him wear underwear at night when he was ready.  This was a big step for me because, in case you haven’t picked up on this about me, I like to control things.

About a week ago, Owen told me that diapers were for babies and he wanted to wear big boy pants at night.  He’d been waking up dry the majority of the time for the past couple of weeks, and I could tell that he was getting uncomfortable wearing a diaper at night.  We let him wear his underwear to bed that night, he told us he needed to go potty three times before he finally fell asleep (props to him for COMPLETELY emptying his bladder before he fell asleep) and then he remained dry all night long! 

It’s been a week and he hasn’t had one accident.  In fact, he’s only woken up once in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom.  The rest of the nights he’s gone almost 12 hours and held it until he got to the potty in the morning.  Funny thing about Owen (and I know that MANY parents would kill to have a child who did this), he absolutely WILL NOT get out of bed in the morning or the middle of the night without one of us present to tell him that it’s okay.  (Don’t worry, I think we’ll pay our dues with Molly.  She’s more of a test-the-limits kind of kid.)  It is very sweet that he’s so obedient in this area, but he’s not getting it that it’s okay to get out of bed to wake us up when he has to go in the middle of the night.  Instead he just sits in his bed and fake cries until we get there.  Weird, but I guess he’s learned that parents wake up ready to take action when they hear someone crying in the night.  Whatever.

I’m thrilled.  He’s proud.  Buying diapers for one again…it’s been a while since I could say that!


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an unhealthy obsession

This little girl…

…has an unhealthy obsession with these:

She calls her paci her “ga ga”.  And she wants it ALL THE TIME.  For a while I was just letting her have it in the car and in her bed.  That was going well.  But then she started screaming “GA GA” and ransacking cabinets trying to find them…so I just gave in.  I know I’m creating a monster, but I just couldn’t take the screaming all day long.

She doesn’t play with toys anymore.  She only plays with her “ga ga”.  She gets all of them out, puts them on the floor, and then takes turns putting each one in her mouth.  Then she walks around hiding them around the house.  Yesterday I found two of them on a shelf with my cookbooks.

She wants one in her mouth and one in her hand at all times.  She wants to have one on her tray while she eats.  If I give in to this (which sometimes I do so I can have a moment of peace at mealtime), she takes it out to put a bite in her mouth and then sticks it back in.  Gross.

When we try to break her of these guys, it’s gonna be ugly.  But I’m not going to tackle that ANY time soon.

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so i have a new job…

Yep, it’s official.  I’m a workin’ woman again!  This week I began my new part-time job as the Assistant Director of Children’s Ministries at our church, The Kirk of the Hills Presbyterian

Let me give you a little background…

I’ve been on the Children’s Nurture Team at church for the past year.  My official title was “recruiter” which meant that I called members of the church to recruit them to fill different volunteer positions for the children’s ministry.  At these meetings, I found out that Graham (the Director of Children’s Ministries and my friend) was looking for an assistant.  After learning about what the job entailed, I got pretty excited about it.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE being home with my kids.  I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.  Which is why I decided I couldn’t think any further about this job, and I put it out of my mind for about 3 months.

At the June Children’s Nurture Team meeting, the need for an assistant director was again brought to our attention.  The position was still open.  Again I got really excited thinking about this job and realized how perfectly it would fit my life.  I talked to Graham about it after the meeting and decided that I’d apply and see what happened.  And apply I did!  By that weekend I had an interview and an hour after the interview, a job!

Here are the details.  I will work 10 hours per week.  Most of my hours will be on Sunday mornings, Sunday evenings, and Wednesday nights…all times when my family is there anyway and free childcare is offered for my children in the nursery.  On Sunday mornings I will be helping get things set up for Sunday School and helping out with Children’s Worship (for children ages 3 through Kindergarten during the 11 o’clock worship service).  Sunday nights I will be assisting with Kirk Kids (the Children’s program while parents are at small groups).  During the fall semester the kids will be working on their Christmas musical.  I’m really excited about helping with this.  I started a Drama Club for 2nd graders at the elementary school where I taught, and I loved helping kids get ready for a production.  So much fun!  On Wednesday nights I will be teaching the preschool class with an amazing assistant…Travis!  We will be teaching Owen and his buddies, which excites both of us.  The theme for Wednesday nights is missions so I get to work with a mission-related curriculum to develop my plan for those nights.  I’m really excited about this night because I’ll get to teach again…something I really miss.

Besides all the work I’ll be doing with kids, I’ll also have some administrative work to take care of.  I’ll be creating some bulletins for the children, doing some correspondence with parents, and making sure we have schedules set up for volunteers. 

There are a couple of reasons I’m really excited about this.  First, even though I have two wonderful children of my own, I miss working with children and teaching.  I am very excited to be able to teach the kids at our church more about God and his love.  I’ve seen the impact Owen’s Sunday School teachers have had on his faith, and I’m excited to be a part of this ministry.  Second, I am really excited to work again!  I know that I contribute to our family by staying home and taking care of our kids, but when our budget is tight I’ve often struggled to know how I can help financially.  This job will enable me to contribute financially without taking away from my time with the kids. 

To wrap this up, my first few days “on the job” have been great.  I’m getting used to what it means to work part-time as a full-time mom.  I’m learning that nap time is work time.  We, as a family, are learning the juggling act that will be our Sunday morning.  I will need to be at church at 8am every Sunday, so the responsibility to get the kids up, dressed, fed, and out the door will be left up to Travis.  (I’ll be laying out clothes for the kids because who knows what they’d show up in…no offense, Trav.) 

So that’s what’s new around here!  I’ll keep you updated on life around here as we continue to figure all this out!

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