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It’s always something with these two…

I know I just posted about all of Molly’s antics, but her newest way of torturing her brother just has to be shared. 

As you may recall from reading the blog, Owen has recently (since Christmas) conquered his fear of standing up to pee and now does it with no problem.  That is, until his sister discovered this little trick…

She runs into the bathroom while he’s peeing, grabs the toilet seat and tries to slam it down.  He begins screaming and has to hold up the toilet seat while he’s mid-stream.  She then turns off the bathroom light and slams the door (and the bathroom has no window which makes it black as night).  She runs away laughing hysterically while he is screaming at the top of his lungs “I CAN’T SEE!  MOMMY HELP ME!!  I’M GOING POTTY AND I CAN’T SEE!!!  MOLLY TURNED OFF THE LIGHTS!!!  MOOOOMMMMYYYY!!”.

This wasn’t a one-time occurrence.  It happens at least once a day.  Often she does it while I’m in the basement switching a load of laundry (smart girl). 

I really can’t blame him when he needs a change of pants  in the middle of the day.  It really isn’t his fault.  How can a three-year-old be expected to aim in the pitch black?

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As you may or may not know, the fam has an annual March tradition of filling out our NCAA brackets…even if you can’t read, spell, or even speak. Owen and Molly have both been filling out brackets since year 1, and this year was no exception. The problem is we’ve just been kinda busy, and I’m not even sharing our picks with you until the Sweet 16 is underway! But I’m proud to finally announce our Final 4 picks!

But first, it should be noted that O-man called the Morehead State over Louisville upset. He also has Arizona winning it all, and considering how 5 minutes ago they concluded an unexpected pounding of Duke, the boy is looking sharp. Also of note is Molly’s correct Cinderella prediction of Richmond going to the Sweet 16 (if only her pick of Oakland beating UCSB in the final game was so good!)

Drumroll, please…

Emily: Ohio State, Duke, Kansas, Florida, with OSU over KU in the final game.

Travis: Syracuse, Duke, Kansas, Pitt, with KU beating Duke in the final (and yes, I hate myself for picking KU – fellow Mizzou fans, please forgive me).

Owen: Xavier, Arizona, Georgetown, Gonzaga, with Zona over Gonzaga in the final.

Molly: North Carolina, Oakland, St. Peters, UCSB (clearly, the girl likes the underdog), with Oakland beating UCSB in the final.

So, to date, Emily is looking like she’s in the best shape with 3/4 Final Four teams left, including her final 2.

Owen and I both have 2/4 Final Four teams.

And Molly has 1/4. But hey, anything can happen…

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trouble is her middle name

See that look in her eyes?  The girl is trouble.  From the minute she wakes up to the moment she falls asleep.  She is pure trouble and is constantly looking for the next place she can wreak havoc. 

Molly was the EASIEST baby (if you don’t count the massive amounts of spit up she produced countless times a day).  She was so chilled out and loved to watch the world go by.  Now she is embracing the terrible twos in a way that exhausts me to the core.  She’s cute as a button and absolutely hysterical, but she has this mischievious side that just about makes me pull out my hair.

Yesterday she learned how to stand on the toilet and turn on the faucet in the bathroom.  Since then she’s discovered the fun of piling the sink with goodies and then drowning them in water.  The washclothes that she stuffed into the sink wasn’t really that bad…it was a pretty easy fix.  But then she dumped the contents of my make-up bag into the sink and filled it with water.  I LOVED that clean up.

She and her brother discovered some random cough drops (scary and gross).  They proceeded to unwrap them, chomp on them, and spit their red sticky crumbs all over the carpet.  They smelled like cough drops for the rest of the day.  (I caught them in the act on this one…don’t think I let this cough drop chomping continue.  Talk about a serious choking hazard!)

Vaseline is oh so fun and Molly loves to get into it.  She somehow found a container of it and proceeded to smear it all over herself.  I walked in and she had big chunks of Vaseline covering her face.  I wish I’d gotten a picture.  It was hilarious.

She has to sleep with her crib pulled into the center of her room.  If it’s next to the wall she’ll unplug all the cords way down below her mattress (no idea how she squeezes her hand around to reach these).  If she’s near her dresser she’ll open the top drawer and empty the contents onto the floor.  And if she’s anywhere near her light switch, it’s all over…the party’s begun!

Speaking of emptying out her dresser drawers, yesterday I caught her stuffing an armful of her clothes into the kitchen trashcan.  Maybe she doesn’t like the way I dress her?

She’s mischievious, but she’s also becoming defiant.  Look out…the twos are going to be pretty intense around here.  She throws SO many tantrums every day.  Owen’s consisted of laying on the floor, thrashing and screaming.  Molly’s go something like this…she clenches her fists, lets out the loudest and most blood-curdling scream you’ve ever heard, turns bright red, stomps her feet a few times, and starts shaking.  It was funny the first couple of times she did it.  Now, well…

Love this gal to death.  But today’s been a day I’d like to put behind me…

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23 months

Molly is 23 months old…only one more month until she’s two!  Is that possible??  She is exactly the age that Owen was when Molly was born.  (Her birthday is April 17 and his is May 17…exactly 23 months apart.)  It’s really crazy to me to think that I had a newborn when Owen was her age.  She still seems so little to me.  But, if I’m being completely honest here, I always thought we’d have a third baby by now.  We wanted to plan it that way, but the Lord has other plans in mind for us.  After 8 long months, we found out we were pregnant in December…only to be followed by a heartbreaking miscarriage in January.  After being able to plan our first two down to the exact day, I just assumed that I’d always be able to “plan” my children.  I like to be in control, but I think the Lord is teaching me that I am NOT in control of my life.  This is a hard lesson to learn, and I know I’m not done learning it.  As I’ve struggled through feelings of grief over our loss and feelings of sadness as many of our friends are going on to have more babies while we seem to be stuck in holding pattern, I am learning to appreciate the times I spend with the children I have rather than obsessing over the dream of more children.  I’d hate to think that I’ve missed precious moments with Owen and Molly because I was so obsessed with/worried about what the future holds for us.  Owen and Molly are precious gifts from God and I want to savor every minute of their sweet growing up years. 

I’ve digressed from the purpose of this email and gotten a bit more personal than usual…but this 23-month milestone has been a reflective day for me. 

At 23 months, our little gal is full of life.  She is starting to talk in sentences!  It’s absolutely adorable to hear what comes out of her mouth.  When she wakes up from her nap the first thing she’ll say is, “What Owie doing?”.  He is her best buddy.  She wants to be with him constantly.  Of course, this desire to be with her brother constantly is leading to MUCH squabbling.  But we’re working on it and we have mini-lessons in sharing at least 25 times a day. 

Molly is also becoming quite the fashionista.  If I get her dressed and haven’t put a bow on her, she pounds on her head and demands, “BOW!!!”.

She loves to swim.  We’ve been taking a mommy and me swimming class and she is little miss adventure!  She can put her shoulders over a noodle and kick around a pool (with me helping only a little bit).  And she is not afraid to go all the way under.  The pool should be so much more fun this summer!

She has one speed…she runs.  And she doesn’t stop until she sleeps.  She continues to destroy everything in her path (today I walked in her room and somehow she’d found a tub of Vaseline and had it smeared EVERYWHERE…that was a whole lot of fun to clean up). 

Her favorite word is NO.  Even when she means yes, she says no.  And she says it in this sassy little voice.  The attitude on this girl is out of control!

And she’s getting more hair.  I actually think it might be starting to grow in front!  Yay! 

This guy is getting close to four!  And he asks me all the time when it’s going to be his birthday.  He’s pretty jazzed to be four. 

As noted in a previous post, this month was big because he had to get stitches.  I took him to Walgreens the day after the incident and he got to pick out any kind of bandaid he wanted to cover the stitches on his chin.  He chose Toy Story (no surprise there) and he’s been sporting Buzz, Woody, Jessie, and the aliens ever since.  He’s doing a great job of not messing with his stitches, probably because I scare the tar out of him every time he touches them, threatening that we’ll have to go back and they’ll have to do them all over again.  I have no idea if that’s true, but it’s keeping him from pulling on the little whisker strings. 

He’s been super sweet this month and has wanted to help me out whenever I’m cooking.  We’ve made banana bread, cut out shamrock cookies, and made lots of dinners.  I call him my little chef. 

He also loves to swim.  While Molly and I have been in the mommy and me class, Owen has been in his own preschool class with 2 other boys his age.  He is doing great at learning to swim using a kick board, and he loves to jump in off the side.  He seems so much braver this year.  Again, I can’t wait for pool season to begin!

That’s all for this month.  Next month is birthday month!!

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We celebrated the day by spending the majority of it outside enjoying our 80 degree weather!  We visited two different playgrounds, took a nice long walk, and didn’t run ANY errands (I think this is the first day we haven’t had errands to run since our master bath remodel started 3 weeks ago!).  We can’t get enough of this weather.  Spring, please stay!!

And because I couldn’t chose…my little cuties in green.

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Let me set the stage.  I’m in the kitchen doing some surprise stuff for Travis’ 30th birthday tomorrow.  Owen and Molly are happily playing in his bedroom…until I hear a horribly loud crash and a blood curdling scream.  I race into the bedroom and here’s what I saw…well, part of it.

The drawer to the nightstand is wide open.  Molly is standing in the middle of the bed looking worriedly at Owen.  Owen is running around the room screaming and holding his chin with blood dripping down his arms.  From what I gather, they’d been jumping on the bed (even though I have told them COUNTLESS times that this is not something I allow).  Owen slipped off and his chin broke his fall by slamming into the corner of the open nightstand drawer.  Ouch.

As much as I’d like to tell you that I remained calm, I totally didn’t.  Owen was freaking out.  Blood was everywhere and I, for the life of me, couldn’t find anybody’s shoes!  On top of all that, I couldn’t get hold of my mom or Travis.  Taking Molly with me to urgent care was less than ideal.  I finally reached my mom who agreed to meet me at urgent care.  Travis stepped out of his meeting to call me back and then agreed to meet me at urgent care to help.  

We got to urgent care at about 5:30.  After waiting for 2 hours, we finally saw a doctor.  We had lots of time to snap pictures.  Here’s Owen’s cut pre-stitches.  The picture honestly doesn’t do his cut justice.  If you could see his profile you’d see that he had a chunk of skin gouged out of his chin.  And it was so super deep.  Nasty nasty stuff.

God bless the iPhone.  Travis streamed a movie through his Netflix ap, and Owen sat on the hospital bed and watched a movie called Iron Giant while we waited.  And wait we did.  The place was packed tonight.  Every person in our area must have had an urgent need tonight.  Including the man who was in the room right next to us that was hacking and making vomiting sounds every couple of minutes.  It seriously happened probably 15 times until the paramedics came to take him to the hospital.  I DO NOT deal with vomit well.  Listening to it in the next room almost put me over the edge.   Owen wasn’t phased by this nastiness, though.  Here he is after we asked him to give us a thumbs up (he gave us two fingers up…whatever).  Nice that his outfit doesn’t match and his pants are a size too small.  We had a bit of a bathroom incident earlier in the day and I pulled out the first pair of sweatpants that were clean.  On the bright side, I really don’t care that these pants now have bloodstains on them.

After 2 and a half hours of waiting, we FINALLY saw the doctor.  Lidocaine was applied.  Then Owen got to get into his Superman cape (cleverly named by the good doctor).  Telling Owen he was going to get to be a superhero and wear a cape like Superman was a genious way of getting him into a straight jacket.  He thought it was pretty cool.  See his goofy grin?

I’m so glad that Travis was there with me.  We needed the two of us to hold him down.  Trav got his feet and I got his head.  Owen did so great and was so brave.  He had to get SO many shots of Novocaine and he didn’t cry at all.  We just kept hearing his little voice saying, “OW!”.  He did great through all five stitches.  He started to get antsy on the last one and it took some work to keep his head still.  The doctor did pretty quick work and after a few minutes Owen was ready to show off his stitches!

Three hours later, we were on our way home.  They sent Owen home with a stuffed tiger and a sticker.  We swung by McDonald’s on the way home to get Owen a happy meal.  His excitement about his chicken nuggets and fries motivated him to stay tough during the stitches.  So by 9pm, we all settled down for a very belated dinner.  During dinner, Owen had so much fun calling his grandparents and Uncle Nate to tell them about his “itches”.  Here’s one more shot of our little trooper with his sticker, his bandaid, and his tiger:

Not exactly the way I wanted to spend my Tuesday night, but at least it wasn’t worse than it was.  The stitches come out on Monday, but until then he can’t be submerged in water.  Really not that big of a deal this time of year except that tomorrow is his and Molly’s last day of swimming lessons.  Bummer. 

Moral of the story?  Don’t jump on the bed!  I think Owen learned this lesson the hard way.

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St. Louis weather is totally crazy.  Today it’s been snowing like crazy all day long, but two days ago we were outside all day loving the beautiful (close to 70 degree) weather.  We took advantage of the gorgeous day and headed downtown for the St. Patrick’s Day parade with our friends Ben, Anna, Ella and Drew.  Here’s a shot of our group (well, some of us):

Downtown was packed.  It took patience, but we finally inched our way into a spot where the kids could see the action.

I love that we caught Owen and Ella in this moment!  (Have I mentioned that they think they’re engaged?  Last time we were at Ella’s house, she had her suitcase packed and waiting by the front door so she and Owen could leave for their honeymoon in Florida.  Hilarious!)

This moment was pretty cute, too!

And a rare shot of Anna and me…I used to have so many pictures of me with friends.  Now we take a zillion pictures of the kids and not many of the adults!

We had a great time with our friends, but the parade was quite entertaining, too!  I think my favorite part was when the “Lawn Rangers” marched by.  (I have NO idea who they are or what they do, but they were very interesting…) Each member of the “Lawn Rangers” pushed an old repurposed lawn mower.  The below picture shows how one festive Ranger repurposed his mower:

There were also a lot of Irish dance groups that participated in the parade.  Maybe this is an Irish tradition that I’m completely unaware of, but all the girls wore these extremely curly wigs.  Here’s a shot of my favorite dance group:  The Irish Idols (can you see all their curly wigs?).

It was a perfect parade day.  And the weather made us antsy for spring.  Go away snow…we want the warm weather back!!

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So it’s no secret that O-man loves Star Wars. In fact, he quite often requests that we play John Williams’ Star Wars soundtrack to accompany his playing in the basement (something I used to do myself as a child).

Owen’s favorite song is Duel of the Fates from Star Wars: Episode I. If you can’t recall it, give it a quick listen here.

Now, here’s what’s fun: when Owen listens to Star Wars music, so does Molly. And to Owen’s delight, Duel of the Fates is her favorite track, too. In fact, she often sings it during bath time – and then Owen joins in with her, and before you know it, we have our own little sci-fi choir. And friends, we’ve got the video to prove it (note: it REALLY starts to get good around the :45 mark).

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