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it only took 2 years

But I finally got a picture of both of my kids looking at the camera and smiling at the EXACT same time!  Thank goodness for our new super-fast camera…I would never have gotten the perfect picture otherwise. 

We had a little impromptu photo shoot one afternoon during snack time.  I got about 20 pictures that look like this:

Or this:  (I say, “Look at the camera and smile!”.  He must hear, “Look away and take a drink!”.)

Or this:  (Where Molly practices her goofy, tight-lipped smile and you can tell Owen is doing the exact opposite of what I asked him to do.)

Or this:  (Once again, he thinks I told him to take a drink.  She likes to pretend that she’s asleep when I ask her to smile.)

But then finally all my hard work paid off!  The camera snapped it just in time…the drink is not in front of his face and she is still awake!  SUCCESS!!!

And I think this pic shows off her crazy, curly mop quite well!  I’m going to love it if those curls show up all over her head.


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easter fun

Easter is only two days away and we’ve been doing lots of Eastery things around here.  Owen is really starting to understand the meaning of Easter, which is really exciting.  I’ve been bugging Travis to do a post about Owen’s rendition of the Easter story so maybe this will spur him on.  It’s really quite accurate…until the most important part where he adds his own little twist.  Stay tuned…

A couple of days ago we had some friends over and we made Easter cut outs.  My kids love to help out in the kitchen and the driving force behind this is that they enjoy consuming the goodies.  Making, decorating, and eating sugar cookies is one of their favorite things.  Here’s a pic of the kids with their buddies, Ella and Drew.

Owen was SUPER excited for our playgroup’s annual Easter Egg hunt this year.  Molly didn’t quite get it.  She got excited when she’d see an egg but she didn’t really care to pick it up and put it in her basket.  Next year… 

Here’s a shot of all the kids.  We didn’t really even attempt to get them to look at the camera.  We were just happy they all stayed put long enough to take a picture!  (I think our saving grace was that they were pretty excited to look at their Easter eggs.)

Each mom brought a dozen Easter eggs per kid and filled them with a special treat.  O and Moo had a great time discovering what was inside each egg…anything from Cheezits to Chocolate Cheerios to stickers. 

My mom had today (Good Friday) off.  It’s not too often that she gets days off work but we love it when she does!  We invited her over to dye Easter eggs with us and it was so fun.  (Although when I told O that we were going to dye eggs he was quite confused.  His understanding of the word “dye” went along with the definition for “die”.) 

Because we were going to be dying Easter eggs with my daughter who is not afraid to make a big mess, my mom and I both decided to wear something that we didn’t care that much about.  It was hilarious to open the door and see that we have very similar taste!

The kids dipped the eggs…then they dipped them again…and again…and again.  By the time we called it quits, we had some very multicolored eggs. 

This was so fun!  Thanks for coming over, Mimi, and helping us get ready for some more Easter egg hunts!

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silly glasses. pretty funny.

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I don’t think her birthday celebration could have been much better.  She had an absolute blast…start to finish.  Molly has no problem being the center of attention and that’s just what she was.  All day long.

We celebrated on Saturday the 16th, the day before her actual birthday.  We started the morning off at the Discovery Room at the Science Center.  I absolutely love the Discovery Room.  For those of you in the STL area who haven’t been…you need to check it out.  My kids adore the place and could spend WAY longer than the 45 minutes you’re given to play.  Owen’s more of a focused player, as you can see from the below picture.  He would find a certain toy that he enjoyed playing with and he would devote several minutes to playing with it.  In this case we couldn’t even get him to look up for a picture.

Molly is pretty much the complete opposite.  She’s a total spaz and never spent more than about 30 seconds in one section.  She flitted from toy to toy and loved every second of it. 

One of the kids’ favorite areas of the Discovery Room was the Native American teepee and campfire.  Molly found some drums and went to town.

While Owen found the costumes and got into character.

After the Discovery Room, we headed downstairs to the Build-A-Dino store (which is just like Build-A-Bear but they have dinos!!  Awesome for Owen!).  Trav and I really had a hard time knowing what to get Molly for her birthday.  We thought Build-A-Dino would be a fun gift and also provide us with some fun memories.  While Trav and I helped Molly build Georgette the monkey (to provide Molly’s very favorite stuffed animal, Curious George, with a friend), Owen and the grandparents made Terry the Triceratops (named by Owen and it makes me laugh every time I call him Terry).  Here are the kids with their pre-stuffed animals.

The whole Build-A-Bear experience was a lot of fun.  The kids loved getting to pick out their own stuffed animal to make.  When the kids began the stuffing process, they got to choose a sound to put into their animal.  Terry roars (very fitting), and Molly’s sings Happy Birthday.  The choice between two different sounds didn’t make Molly too happy as is evidenced by the look she’s giving the Build-A-Bear lady in the below picture.

After dressing Georgette in a cutesy denim skirt and tank and Terry in a Mizzou football uniform we left the Science Center and headed to Chick-Fil-A for lunch.  The kids were TIRED after our morning out.  They snuggled up with their new friends on the way to lunch.

While the kids napped, Julie and I worked on Molly’s cake.  As some of you may know, Molly is obsessed with princesses lately.  She wants to read princess books constantly and loves to watch princess movies.  Her current favorite is Cinderella but that pretty much changes every week.  Because of this, I wanted her birthday party to be a princess theme.  I found a picture of a castle cake online and thought I could copy it.  Julie and I worked on the cake for about two hours and it was so much fun!  I think it turned out pretty cute, too.

We used the cake as our centerpiece on the table because after you spend two hours on a cake, you need to enjoy it.  Here’s a shot of our princess-themed table.

We opened presents before dinner so the kids would be occupied playing while the ladies got the food ready.  Molly was completely spoiled by the grandparents, as usual.  She got the movie, Tangled, and a lot of her gifts were Rapunzel-related.  Here are some of her other gifts.

A grocery cart like the truck carts my kids are obsessed with at our grocery store with Georgette riding in the front:

A dollhouse with lots of people and furniture.  (My parents built me a dollhouse when I was little and it was my favorite thing to play with.  I can’t wait to see Molly play with this!)

And a gift I knew she would love…her own trampoline!  The girl loves to jump.  Beds, couches, the floor, etc…  I’m hoping this trampoline is WAY more fun than any of those other places…I know it will be safer!

And last but not least…the joint birthday gift from Nana and Bubba.  Owen loves cowboy stuff and Molly loves to jump on things.  This horse was the perfect birthday gift for both of the kids.  They love it!

After all the presents were opened, we headed upstairs for some Baked Ziti (one of Molly’s favorites).  Here’s a shot of the whole group (including my brother Nate and his “special guest”).

And a shot of Trav with the kids…

Dinner concluded with Molly finally getting to enjoy her birthday cake.  When we asked her what she wanted for her birthday, the only thing she would say is CAKE!  All her birthday wishes came true!  The night ended with jammies and Tangled.

The day was perfect.  It couldn’t have been much better.  We are so blessed to be Molly’s parents and feel so privileged that the Lord has entrusted her to our care.  We love every day that we get to watch her grow and become the person she’s going to be.  Laughing at her antics is such a gift!  Happy Birthday baby girl!

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molly moo is two!

My baby girl is two years old today!  She is absolutely delighted that it’s her birthday.  She tells EVERYONE that today is her “birtday” and that she’s “fee”. When I say that she’s a silly girl and isn’t three but two, she giggles and says, “I two (only she pronounces it tee-you).”  She loves to sing Happy Birthday to herself and couldn’t get enough of being the center of attention this weekend.  Her birthday weekend has been SO much fun.  There are tons of pictures to share and memories to record so a blog post totally dedicated to birthday festivities is coming. 

Owen had a great time on Molly’s birthday, too.  Can’t you tell?  He’s been obsessed with his disguise ever since he got it in his Easter basket.  He made me laugh really hard when he wanted to wear it into the Science Center so no one would know who he was.  The kid is crazy!  One month from today this guy will be FOUR!  Time needs to slow down a little bit…

Lots more pictures to come!

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I haven’t been in much of a blogging mood lately, hence the lack of posts.  Life’s been busy and I have a new project that is taking up tons of time.  I decided after the completion of our bathroom that our doors were in bad shape and needed repainting.  On top of that, I was done with the brass knobs and hinges and decided to replace all of them with brushed nickel.  So one day I just got myself a screwdriver and took down a door!  I called Travis and told him I felt like Superwoman…I mean, I took down a door all by myself and I’m NOT a woman who knows much about fixing stuff.  But I’ve now learned how to use a drill, take down and replace a door (although I’ve learned that it’s impossible to replace the door without the help of my husband…those doors are heavy!), install a door knob and hinges, and I’ve become an expert at painting doors and trim without making much of a mess.  The doors are looking so much better, but this project…WOW!  It’s time consuming. 

Enough about that.  Here are some random pics of the kids that I thought were share-worthy. 

Owen got these glasses in his kid’s meal at Sonic.  He wore them for about 2 days straight before they broke.  I think he felt they helped his super hero look. 

Lately I call Owen my little chef.  He grabs his apron and a chair every time I’m cooking and wants to help or watch.  These times have become some of my favorites with my big boy.  We often cook while Molly is napping because she likes to “help”, too.  This pic is Owen after he’s licked the banana bread batter off the beaters. 

The kids have gotten really into playdoh lately.  Owen comes up with some really awesome creatures like this multi-handed monster:

Molly thoroughly enjoys her playdoh, too.  She tries to sneak a bite every time I’m not looking .  (And look at all that hair!!  Slowly but surely…maybe soon she’ll have enough to wear a barrette.)

Molly loves to swing.  And Owen loves to push her.  It’s sweet.

There you have it.  Randomness from the last couple of weeks.

p.s.  My baby girl turns 2 on Sunday!!  I can hardly believe it.

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is it weird…

…that I’ve watched this trailer probably 10 times over the past few weeks, and it still gives me goosebumps every time?

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