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score! 49 items for $49!

Last Saturday was the semi-annual One Day One Dollar sale at my Once Upon A Child store.  I’ve done posts in the past about this sale because I’m completely obsessed with it.  The only way I’ll miss it is if we’re out of town.  Otherwise I’m there.  Waiting in line with lots of other tired moms before 7am on a Saturday morning.  Laundry basket in hand.  Ready to grab for the choicest items faster than the next bargain hunting mom.  And grab some choice items I did! 

I have to say that the older Owen gets the less I’m finding for him at Once Upon A Child.  Maybe boys wear their clothes harder than girls or something because I’ve had a hard time finding stuff for him lately.  I did happen upon a few things for next summer.  (And keep in mind that EACH item you see in this post cost $1 and all were either from Children’s Place, Old Navy, GapKids, or Gymboree.)

 I’ve never seen them put their jammies on sale but they did this year!  And I stocked up!  I bought Molly jammies ranging in size from 2T to 5T.  I figured you can’t beat jammies for $1 and she’ll always need them.  Poor Owen only ended up with one pair.  Again…the boys’ jammies were sadly lacking.

While Owen’s section was less than fabulous, the 3T girls’ section was fantastic!!  She seriously almost has her entire wardrobe for next summer.  Check it out…

Oh but wait!  That was just one half of the table.  There’s more.  So much more.  And some of it even happened to be fall stuff that just got mismarked.  Love when that happens.

I get super excited when I find a clearance item that is new with tags.  It doesn’t happen often, but it did this time!  I found this adorable pair of BabyGap shorts that originally sold for $16.50 and I paid, you got it, $1!!!  Aren’t they cute?

If you read this, thanks for humoring me.  Travis doesn’t really understand my excitement about getting 49 items for $49.  I mean he enjoys the money I save him but he doesn’t really understand why I’m willing to get up early on a Saturday morning and fight the crowds just to get a good deal.  But for me, getting a great bargain on something is thrilling.  Some of you out there understand that, right??  Regardless, I saved a bundle and the kids (at least Molly) have a pretty decent wardrobe for next summer.

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Tonight started innocently enough with car races in the kids’ Cozy Coupes.  Looks pretty tame, right?

As I was zooming Molly through the grass, I stepped in something nasty (thanks a lot Max) and ran over to the water spout to rinse off my foot.  The kids thought this was just about the coolest thing ever and started in with their feet, too.  And then it just got crazy.

If you want to see us in action, check out this video (and my awesome raccoon eyes):

We’ve had fun this summer, but this spontaneous splash party goes down as my favorite night so far.  There is something magical about hearing my children squeal with laughter at the simple things.  This is a moment I’ll cherish.

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protectors of the home

It was several hours after bedtime when I walked through the dining room and discovered these guys:

They made me laugh out loud.  When had my little soldier-obsessed boy done this?  What was going through his mind when he did it?  I could just imagine his little hands lining those guys up and the story that was going through his mind while he was doing it.

I love my imaginative boy.

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weekend at the lake

My mom won a four day/three night stay at a fantastic condo in a silent auction and decided this would be the perfect excuse to take a quick family vacation.  So a couple of weeks ago my parents, brother, Trav, the kids, and me headed down to the Lake of the Ozarks.  It was a much needed getaway and we did tons of relaxing.  A good portion of our time was spent in the pool.

The kids have become little fishies this summer and I’m loving it!  Owen is completely independent in the water (yay!!) as long as he’s got his vest on.  And Molly just loves being in the water.  At least she did until she fell down a couple steps at the pool and scratched up her shoulder and face.  The fall kind of soured her on the pool for the rest of the day.  You can hardly blame her.

It’s been two weeks and she’s still completely obsessed with her boo boo.  She even asked a random man in the grocery store if he’d like to kiss it–“That guy you kiss my boo boo??” (an awkward moment).  Even though it’s now a pretty nice scar, she still talks about how she fell down the stairs at the pool.  Moving on…after dinner out we came back to catch the sunset on the dock. 

We had to walk right by the pool to get back from the dock.  It was just so enticing that swimming in clothes became the coolest thing Mommy has EVER let them do.

My brother, Nate, brought his inflatable kayak and Trav and I took Owen for a little boat ride.  He had been watching the boats all weekend and couldn’t wait to get out in one.

He insisted on bringing his sword so he could paddle along with us.  He thought the boat was SO cool.

Poor Molly was pretty bummed that we didn’t let her go out on the boat.  Call me overprotective, but I was afraid she’d jump right out of the boat.  She’s crazy like that.  And she’d been talking about wanting to swim in the “big pool” all weekend.  Not a risk I wanted to take. 

The weekend was great!  The weather couldn’t have been more beautiful (10 degrees cooler would have been nice!).  And the shopping wasn’t too shabby, either.  We’re headed to a lake in Arkansas in a couple of weeks and our little mini lake vacation got the kids primed and ready for some more time on a boat!

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random funnies

Travis has been teaching the kids some new tricks.  Check this one out.  It’s a family favorite.

And Molly’s been giving me lots of practice at fixing girl hair lately.  Her hair was looking particularly lovely after this nap.

There’s lots more to blog about.  I think a catch up post is in order.  But that will come another day.  My still crib-bound daughter is yelling for me at the top of her lungs, “MOOOMMMMYYY!!!  WHERE ARE YOU!!!  I DONE!!!”.  And my break is over.

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Over the 4th of July weekend, we went up to Michigan for the annual family reunion.  We spent some quality time with aunts, uncles, cousins, and of course…the cows. 

For those that are reading about our annual trip to Michigan for the first time, here’s a little background.  My dad grew up on a dairy farm with his six brothers.  That’s right.  My grandma had seven boys.  Can you even imagine…pregnant seven times and each time A BOY??  Well, it happened to her.  The story goes that my dad came home from the hospital in a dress because she was so certain he was a girl.  He was number four in the line up.  And then she went on to have three more boys.  Crazy.  But actually pretty awesome for the family business…lots of brute strength and manliness to do farm work.  I love seeing my dad back at the farm.  For those that know him, he works as our church administrator.  Looking at him you would never guess that he knows all about how to milk a cow, how to dehorn a cow (didn’t know he knew how to do this until this trip), how to artificially inseminate a cow (again, wow…didn’t know he possessed this knowledge), and that he is incredibly comfortable around cows.  Don’t believe me?  Check out this video.  I would never in a million years let a cow do this to me.  Ever. 

Clearly he feels pretty comfortable around them.  The rest of us weren’t too eager to feel the cow’s tongues, which I’m told feel like sandpaper.  My mom got pretty close to confirming that little tidbit of trivia…but pulled back before the cow could make contact.  Too bad.


The kids weren’t too into receiving cow kisses, but they did get pretty jazzed about feeding the big guys.  First they pulled leaves off trees and gave it to the cows…

Then Molly went on the hunt for some straw.  She found enough to keep herself occupied for a while…

She got pretty brave and no longer needed to be in Grandad’s arms to feed the cows.  She thought it was great when they’d eat right out of her hands.

Owen got in on the action, too. 

I love that the kids get this experience once a year.  I grew up going to my grandparents farm and loved it so much.  Seeing the cows was such a highlight for me, and now it’s something my kids look forward to as well.  He loved it, can’t you tell?

And then we discovered the water hose.  Major, the farm dog, had already come up with his unique way to keep cool…a drinking bucket/foot bath combo.  Refreshing, I guess.

Molly and her cousin, Weston, discovered how refreshing the water hose could be, too.  And we just went with it.  Wet clothes can be changed.  Muddy feet can be cleaned.  Pure joy like this is priceless.

Our weekend trip was very quick but we loved catching up with cousins, seeing the kids play together, seeing my sweet Grandma, and hangin’ with the cows.  Until next year!

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happy belated 4th!

Our 4th weekend was spent in Michigan at a family reunion (lots of cow pictures coming soon), but the actual 4th of July was spent here in STL with good friends. We had a yummy cookout followed by fireworks for the kids to shoot off. The kids had SO much fun with this.  I love Owen’s look of amazement (and Emmie’s look of pure insanity) in this picture.

And we caught Molly’s firecracker in action in this picture (and I was evidently needing to make strange faces in order for this to happen):

After the kids finished off the little fireworks (you can tell I have very little experience with fireworks…I have no clue what each kind is called), Trav became the designated fireworks shooter-offer.  The kids gathered around him at first before they realized how loud they were going to be.

Then they retreated and watched from a distance.  Luke and Drew had the right idea with their fingers in their ears….it was loud!

And then things got awesome because Travis started pulling stunts like this:

That’s when their enjoyment of the fireworks turned to awe.  I love how Ella has her hand over her heart…so patriotic.  And that look on Owen’s face says that if Travis wasn’t his hero before, he is now.

The fireworks were the highlight of the evening, but we had a great time with friends.  It’s so fun to see all the kids run around together and play.  They are all such buddies.

We finished up the evening at our house, watching fireworks from the backyard.  After much needed baths, they wore their 4th of July jammies (a totally unnecessary expense on my part but Old Navy had them right by the register and I caved…I did have a groupon and a coupon so that rationalizes it, right??).  Then we set up our chairs on the patio and watched the fireworks in the privacy of our own home…no traffic jams, no crowds of people, just the four of us and some pretty fireworks compliments of one of our local parks.

Happy 4th everyone!

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