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Ok, so I realize that the fact that the kids’ bedroom is FINALLY done is not a big deal to anyone but me (including my husband and my kids).  But it’s done and it’s consumed my life since Mother’s Day weekend when we put up the bunk beds and moved the kids in together.  I had all these ideas, mostly thanks to Pinterest, and I learned a lot of fun new things.  For example, I LOVE adhesive spray.  LOVE IT.  It’s fabulous.  If you have never used it, find a reason to use it and buy some.  Recovering boring white lamp shades is simple with a little adhesive spray.  I also learned how to make lined curtains.  Not a fun project but I’m glad I know how to do it (and using $5 Walmart flat white sheets makes a great and cheap lining for the curtains).

Ok…time for some pictures.  Here’s the view from the door:

Figuring out a color scheme for a shared boy/girl room was tricky.  I didn’t want it to be too girly or too masculine.  I found this geometric elephant fabric at fabrics.com (love this website for fabric…great prices, great selection) and loved it.  I was really into the chartreuse green and candy pink that seems to be a lot of places this year.  Target was really into green and white chevron strip this year and made my dream of having cute under the bed baskets a reality.  The toys are now confined to two baskets under the bed per kid.  Heaven!  (I hate toy clutter.)  The brown quilts and shams were tricky to find.  I searched EVERYWHERE for brown quilts with matching shams and finally ended up finding them online at Walmart of all places!

Next…wall art fun!  A Pinterest idea…silhouettes of elephants (found online) cut out of scrapbook paper, mounted on more scrapbook paper, and then framed.  Easy peasy.

On to the art wall.  I wanted to give the kids a place to hang their creations but wasn’t sure I had room for a corkboard.  I found these wood plaques at JoAnn’s for under $2 each, painted them, glued a clip onto them, and VOILA!  And the little shelves under the art wall make me so happy.  Molly’s basket is pink, Owen’s is green, and they each get to put whatever little toys they’d like to keep in their room in the basket.  No more toy clutter in this room!  And the lampshade…remember when I mentioned adhesive spray?  Love the stuff.

I’d also been wanting to do something fun with embroidery hoops and colorful fabric.  Owen’s wall above his dresser needed a little more life, and the embroidery hoops made it more exciting.  I’m now obsessed with embroidery hoops on the wall and want to put them all over my house.

I needed a place in the room to hang the kids’ baby pictures, and I think they work over the bookshelf.  When our kids were born, I’ve had our visitors sign the frame’s mat.   I always love reading back over who visited us in the hospital.

One more pic…Molly’s dresser.  You can’t see very well in this picture, but I was so excited when I found these knobs for the dresser at Hobby Lobby.  They are black with hot pink dots, and black with bright green dots.  Perfect for this room.  And it’s fun seeing my little girl using the dresser I used in college.  Great Goodwill find all those years ago.

And that’s pretty much it!  It was fun to do, but with only 9 weeks left until the baby arrives, it’s time to get started on the nursery.  It’s been over three years since our last baby was born and I barely even remember what we have.  But I’m so glad that my big kids have a fun room to call their own since their lives are about to change forever!

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