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Molly Katherine, born on April 17th at 12:18 pm, weighing in at 7 lbs 4 oz., 20.5″

So Owen called it! (see previous post) Em actually went into labor on Friday night (didn’t get a wink of sleep), and we went to the hospital around 6am. She got the epidural around 8:30 and was able to get a couple hours of sleep before the c-section at noon. Everything went beautifully, and as you can imagine, we were overjoyed to have a little girl!


Em’s tired but doing great. Many have asked about Owen. He’s loving his little sister. He’s given her many kisses and pats on the head. We’re not so sure he’s really grasped that she’s coming home with us soon, but he’ll get it. He’s having a blast hanging with Em’s folks while we’re in the hospital. Here’s O-Man laying a smooch on Molly:


Here’s the whole fam:


Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers! Here are a couple more of our little gal…




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We’ll find out if he’s a prophet or not tomorrow around noon. Stay tuned.

We appreciate all the prayers.

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The Last:

Today marks the last day of my pregnancy, my last day as a mother of one, our last day as a family of three, and the last time we’ll take a picture of me pregnant with baby #2.  So here you go…the last belly pic of this pregnancy!


Travis finished up his last day of work yesterday and began his two weeks of paternity leave…TODAY!  That means I get to have him home until he returns to work on May 4.  How awesome is that?!?

Because we (okay, I) am being all sentimental that this is our last day being a family of three, I wanted to do some fun family things today.  Travis deals very well with my pregnancy emotions, and we headed off to do breakfast together at First Watch.  After a delicious pancake breakfast, we went up to the hospital so I could fill out some paper work and get blood drawn to prepare for the big day tomorrow.

The First:

After all that fun, we decided it was high time we get Owen’s hair cut by someone other than me.  We thought that today was the day to do it…since we’ll be pretty distracted starting tomorrow.  And what better time to get his first hair cut than when both mom and dad can go together??  After weighing my options on where to take him, I decided on SportClips.  A friend of mine recommended them, and I decided this would be a good choice for Owen considering his love of sports.  Travis and I were slightly nervous about how Owen would do…it could have been a major freakout session with lots of tears and flailing arms.  But he did GREAT!

We put him in the big chair and he was a bit unsure of what was going on…


He sat in the big chair with his cape on the entire time, not moving a muscle!  Occasionally he would point at the TV screen and say “b-ball” (basketball).  It also helped that he had a tight grip on two of his favorite Hot Wheels cars (thanks Rowan and Savannah!).  He didn’t even seem to mind when his stylist pulled out the clippers!


At the end of the cut, he even high-fived the stylist…


…and posed for a picture with her!

owen-and-his-stylistNeedless to say, we got her card and will be asking for her during future haircuts!

When we got home, Owen posed for us in his chair.  This picture will serve as his 23 month picture…considering tomorrow’s the day he’ll officially be 23 months, but I just might be a little busy to get that picture taken!  And check out the new haircut…doesn’t he look handsome?


Okay, well…tomorrow we’ll update the blog with pics of the baby!  We can hardly wait!  Oh, and Owen really wants this baby to be a girl.  Whenever I ask him whether he wants a girl baby or a boy baby, he says “gull”.  Hopefully he’ll be happy either way!

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Today, Travis and I went to the doctor knowing there was a chance that he could say that the baby needed to come out ASAP.  Let me backtrack…

Last Wednesday I had a weekly appointment and my doctor said that I was still measuring very small and he was concerned that the baby was dropping in percentile.  (If you remember, I had to have an ultrasound 3 weeks ago because my belly was measuring small.  The baby was determined to be fine, just a petite little thing measuring in the 25th percentile.)  The doctor told me that 25th percentile is okay, but if the baby drops to around the 10th percentile it would need to come out early.  We set up the ultrasound for today and weren’t sure what to expect from our little bitty.

Good news!  After the ultrasound, the baby has only dropped to the 22nd percentile…still within the normal range.  Right now, the baby weighs roughly 5 pounds 4 ounces.  The doctor thinks that it will probably gain a little less than a pound in the next three weeks and will be born around 6 pounds, which is considered full-term baby weight (he told me anything over 5 pounds 12 ounces is full-term weight).  He also thinks that it’s okay to leave the c-section set up for April 17.

We are so happy and so thankful.  I’m happy for 3 more weeks of time to enjoy being just Owen’s mom.  These are the last 3 weeks when he will be the only one I tuck in at night and the only one I listen for over the monitor as he sleeps.  These are the last 3 weeks that I will only have one car seat in the back of my car.  The last 3 weeks that my attention is not divided between two kids.  I’m going to cherish these last 3 weeks with my first baby.

I’m thankful for 3 more weeks of pregnancy.


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Yep, that’s right.  A month from today, Owen will be 23 months and a big brother!  Quite possibly, the next time we take a monthly picture it will be of Owen sitting in the chair holding his new brother or sister.  Wow.  That makes it seem REALLY close.  Anyway, here’s a shot of the little man right before bedtime:


Some things Owen has been doing this month are:

1.  Calling his Daddy “Travis”.  Not sure where he got the idea that this would be okay, but one morning he asked me where Daddy was, and I told him he was at work.  Then he started saying “Tavis work”.  Off and on he has continued to call Travis “Tavis” at different times.  Pretty funny (to me…Travis is not quite as amused).

2.  Playing outside.  He can’t get enough.  With the nice spring-ish weather we’ve been having, he’s gotten lots of outside play time.  I think my spring/summer months are going to be spent sitting on the back porch holding the baby and watching Owen play.

3.  Playing with his “guys”.  The first thing he says in the morning is “pay guys” (meaning:  play with guys).  If you didn’t get a chance to see the video of putting his guys to nigh-night, see the video below on this post.  He spends at least an hour a day playing with his animals in his room.  I love how he’s found a toy that he loves to play with so much.

4.  Giving Max cookies.  He gets it in his mind that he wants to give Max a cookie (what we call Max’s dog biscuits) and he starts saying over and over, “Max cookie, cookie Max, Max cookie, cookie Max”.  He gets a kick out of handing it to Max and letting Max eat out of his hands.

5.  Going on “truck hunts”.  This is something I’ve invented to keep him entertained in the car.  Owen has a serious passion for trucks lately.  Whenever we get in the car I say, “Owie, do you want to go on a truck hunt?”.  He immediately starts saying “tuck hut” and searching for trucks.  All the way to wherever we’re going, I hear his little voice in the backseat yelling “a tuck!”.  It’s pretty exciting for him…and it keeps him busy while we’re driving.

That’s all for now.  4 weeks and counting until Owen is a big brother and there will be two kids to do monthly updates for!

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a new phase…

…the phase of independent play! I love it!


For some reason, Owen thinks that he cannot leave his room when the gate is propped up in the doorway. Maybe he learned this from Max because Max is scared TO DEATH of baby gates and will not get near the gate when it’s propped in a doorway. Regardless of how he learned it, it’s fabulous! When the gate is in the doorway, he will stay in his room for as long as an hour and a half and play by himself! This is when I love having a very small house. I can leave him in his room to play and be anywhere else in the house and still hear everything that he’s doing (including singing along to the music on the CDs that Travis has made him!).

Owen is very into his animals and farms lately. (Thanks to Aunt Georgann…these have provided hours of independent play time!) I love this picture because you can tell he’s been pushing all the animals through the doors of the farm. I think it’s cute how he prefers to play with the realistic-looking farm animals as opposed to the Little People animals that go with the farm.


I love playing with Owen, but with this baby coming in 10 more weeks, I’m really glad that he’s doing so well at playing by himself. I know that my one-on-one time with Owen will decrease when baby #2 needs a great deal of my attention. I hope his love of playing with his animals and farms doesn’t disappear when the baby comes!

Besides loving to play with his animals, Owen still loves to read…especially when he gets to read with Travis before bedtime. I love how Owen is “reading” to Travis in this picture.


In baby news, I went to the doctor today and, at 29 weeks, things are looking great! The baby is moving around all the time (particularly all through the night!) and is starting to enjoy pummeling me in the ribs. Besides the backaches and Braxton Hicks contractions that I’ve been having through most of this pregnancy, I’m still feeling well and am able to continue chasing Owen around! Owen is loving my big belly and really enjoys giving the baby “zerberts” as Cliff Huxtable calls them! He also now refers to the baby by our boy name…so if you ask him who’s in mommy’s belly, he just might give a name away!

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First of all, thanks to all of you who’ve emailed, called or left comments asking about test results.  I appreciate the support!

After a full day of anxiously waiting for the phone to ring…it never did.  According to the nurse I talked to on Friday, if I didn’t receive a phone call I should assume that the test results came back negative.

I am very thankful that I’m blogging about not receiving a phone call, rather than blogging about my new diet restrictions.  There’s a small part of me that still worries that maybe they just forgot to call, or for some reason my phone didn’t show that I’d missed a message…but I need to get over that.

No gestational diabetes for this girl!

(Stay tuned…the plan is to do a post tomorrow about Owen’s big boy bedroom.  I have lots of pictures, and he has been sleeping in his big boy bed for three days now!  More details to come…)

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