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Pinterest!  Not what you expected me to say, right?  But it’s true.  I can’t get enough.  I am rarely on Facebook anymore, haven’t checked the blogs on my blogroll in at least a week (no offense to my fellow blogger friends), and have been delinquent in responding to emails.  All because of my new obsession.  If you haven’t joined Pinterest yet…DO IT!  You won’t regret it.

If you have no idea what this Pinterest thing is, here’s a quick explanation.  Basically it’s website you can join (similar to Facebook) where people share pictures of things they like in different categories (crafts, kid stuff, recipes, home decor, travel, music, movies, books, etc…).  I thought it sounded lame when I first heard about it.  I honestly thought it would be another time waster that I didn’t need.  But then one night while Travis was out of town I decided to see what all the fuss was about.  After three hours online I had to MAKE myself stop…and I was hooked.  My one worry was that I wouldn’t actually create anything that I saw…but I’ve already made a few things that I’ve seen on Pinterest and I have a long list of projects waiting in the wings.  Here are some of the things I’ve made….

1.  My new knife block.  My first project.  It used to be boring a boring butcher block, but add a fun paint color and a last name initial…Voila!

2.  My second project…Thanksgiving handprint plate.  A cheap plate, some enamel gloss paint from Hobby Lobby,  and my son’s hand made this one happen.  It’s not food safe, but I’ll just display it every year at Thanksgiving and remember how sweet and little Owen’s hand used to be.

3.  My newest project and the one I’m most excited about…pajama pants!  I got a sewing machine for Christmas last year but never had time to learn how to use it.  Now that Travis is traveling so often, I’m having time to figure it out.  Jo-Ann’s had flannel on sale for $3 a yard last week and I bought three different materials to make him some new jammies…and it was about time.  His had become capri pants…not cool for a four- year-old boy.  Here’s my first pair…army guy pants.  I wasn’t crazy about the fabric but knew Owen would love it and I was right.  He wore them for 24 hours straight when I finished them.

My second pair…robots.  And a $2 shirt from Goodwill.  Cheap jams.

And the third pair…sports theme with a $3 Walmart shirt.

I also made teacher gifts for the kids’ teachers, but I won’t share that quite yet because some of my most loyal readers just might be getting the same thing for Christmas.  So if you haven’t already…go check out Pinterest.  It will change your life forever.  Seriously.

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We’d had a green kitchen (technically called wasabi green) since we moved into our house.  It was the color I wanted.  At first.  It loved it for a while.  It was bright.  It was cheerful.  It was kitcheny!  But it wasn’t very flexible.  There aren’t too many colors that go well with this certain green.  And anything red made it look Christmasy.  It was time for a change.  I learned that choosing the right color of beige is super ANNOYING.  I thought I’d picked the right color and spent an entire naptime painting the kitchen and dining room…only to discover that it looked purple when on the walls.  Not what I had in mind.  Then I went the smart route and got samples of beiges and for a couple of days my walls looked like this:

After looking at the colors in all different lights, I chose Urban Putty from Sherwin Williams.  After getting it on the walls and redecorating a bit, I love it!  I love having more color in the room through accessories.  I found this fun table runner at World Market and love the colors it introduces in the room.

In my kitchen I’d always had a chalkboard/corkboard combo that helped me organize my life.  Well…it never looked organized.  It always looked chaotic and made my kitchen feel cluttery.  That corkboard is still an essential part of my life, but it now has a new home in the stairwell leading down to the basement.  And the wall in my kitchen (the only wall in my kitchen that has any room for hanging things) now looks like this:

I discovered through this decorating adventure that hanging plates is NOT easy.  All those plate hanging hooks that you can buy are tricky!  I couldn’t get them to work with my plates.  I ended up buying some super strong glue and sawtooth hangers and gluing them on the backs of the plates.  I haven’t heard any shattering glass in the middle of the night…so far so good.  I also thought this was a fun idea that my friend, Abbey, gave me.  I found a fun piece of scrapbook paper, framed it, and then used a dry erase marker to write a verse on it.  It only cost me 50 cents for the paper so I can change it out with the season…or whenever I get tired of it.

Moving on to the part that I love the most…the kids now have an art corner!  Our house is small without a whole lot of storage space (upstairs).  All the kids’ art supplies used to be stored in the top of Owen’s closet.  Not very convenient.  And, to be completely honest, I often didn’t suggest doing art activities with the kids because it was such a pain to get everything down.  I have this shelf in my dining room that has always been home to decorative cake plates and the like.  I had a vision of turning that into an accessible art corner for the kids…and now the dream is a reality!

I love the see through containers so the kids can choose what they want to play with without having to be able to read.  A little chalkboard paint and a white paint pen made my little organized-obsessed self very happy.  Everything has a label.  Bliss.

I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love this.  Ever since I put this together, the kids are obsessed with doing projects.  They can easily find their own supplies and get started without as much reliance on me.  The little table is now right next to the art shelf so they can get right to work.  It’s working out so great.  I wish I’d done it years ago!


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wedding weekend!

A couple of weeks ago our friends Peter and Leslie got married!  Leslie was one of my roommates for 3 years in college and Peter was our next door neighbor.  They are great together and it was such a fun celebration!  Leslie asked me to be in her house party and Owen made his third debut as ring bearer.  At the rehearsal we learned that Owen and Micah (the other ring bearer and my friend, Emily’s son) would be dragging the aisle runner down the aisle.  Emily and I were a little nervous about this because their trial run looked like this:

We were sure we’d be helping them down the aisle…but more about that later.  After the rehearsal we took a few minutes to check out the crazy pictures booth that was set up for the wedding the next day.  Pretty awesome family pic, huh?  You can’t see my hat very well, but it said something about a Redneck and had a mullet attached to it.  Fantastic.

And before taking off for dinner, the five roomies got together for a picture.  Emily, Bri, Les, me, and Allie have SO many pictures together from college and now all five of us are married!!

The day of the wedding was so much fun…start to finish.  We had 26 of our college friends and their kids over to our house for a cookout that morning.  It was so fun to see everybody and their families.  After the cookout it was time to head to Union Station for pictures.  Travis kept the ringbearers neat and tidy as we tried to figure out where we needed to be.

When we finally found the bride, Les took a minute to snap a picture with her troop of ringbearers and flower girls.  And Owen was doing his tiger face.  Nice.

Flower girls, Avery and Audrey, are my friend Bri’s daughters.  Owen had a great time with them…and became a bit of a ladies man!

I’d mentioned earlier that Emily and I were nervous that Micah and Owen wouldn’t be able to drag the runner down the aisle without our help.  We were sure that we’d be popping up out of our seats to help them out.  But we didn’t need to because they did GREAT!  They walked all the way down the aisle totally in step.

And they couldn’t have done a better job of dragging the runner! 

And then it was the flower girls’ turn.  They made it down that perfectly straight aisle runner without a hitch! 

The wedding was beautiful…and then it was time for the party!  Owen didn’t stay too long.  His picky palate wasn’t a big fan of tomatoes stuffed with goat cheese and standing around talking to grown-ups wasn’t his idea of a good time.  My parents were amazing and came all the way downtown and picked up Owen from the reception and took him home.  Before he left we snapped a quick family picture.

Our college Bible Study leader, Bissy, has come to almost all of our weddings.  It’s been 8 years since I was in her Bible Study, but it’s always so great to see her! 

Trav and I celebrated our 7 year anniversary the weekend before.  It’s crazy to think about where we were 7 years ago…so much has changed since then!  Here we are…nice and shiny.  The a/c wasn’t working too great and it was HOT that night.

The reception was tons of fun.  Basically Peter and Leslie provided us all with a big Mizzou reunion.

We’d tried out the crazy pictures booth at the rehearsal and it didn’t disappoint at the reception.  We took our fill of pictures using as many costume combinations as possible.  Here’s a shot of the roomies (minus the bride).  Like my tatoo sleeves?  I thought they were awesome.

Trav and the guys in his fake fraternity “PAE…Pimpin’ Ain’t Easy”.  Ask him about it sometime.  Funny stuff.

Tessa and I lived together for a summer and has become a close friend.  She married our good buddy, Tyler, and now we love them both! 

Trav and me…striking a pose in his Cousin Eddie hat and I was wearing angel wings in honor of my days as a Pi Phi angel.

And finally…the only shot I got of the bride and groom all night.  Peter and Les were headed to Mexico for their honeymoon so this picture is only fitting.

Wow…that was an epic post.  And I could have posted a ton more pictures.  It was a great wedding.  A great weekend.  Great times with old friends.  Now somebody else needs to get married so we have an excuse to do it again!

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score! 49 items for $49!

Last Saturday was the semi-annual One Day One Dollar sale at my Once Upon A Child store.  I’ve done posts in the past about this sale because I’m completely obsessed with it.  The only way I’ll miss it is if we’re out of town.  Otherwise I’m there.  Waiting in line with lots of other tired moms before 7am on a Saturday morning.  Laundry basket in hand.  Ready to grab for the choicest items faster than the next bargain hunting mom.  And grab some choice items I did! 

I have to say that the older Owen gets the less I’m finding for him at Once Upon A Child.  Maybe boys wear their clothes harder than girls or something because I’ve had a hard time finding stuff for him lately.  I did happen upon a few things for next summer.  (And keep in mind that EACH item you see in this post cost $1 and all were either from Children’s Place, Old Navy, GapKids, or Gymboree.)

 I’ve never seen them put their jammies on sale but they did this year!  And I stocked up!  I bought Molly jammies ranging in size from 2T to 5T.  I figured you can’t beat jammies for $1 and she’ll always need them.  Poor Owen only ended up with one pair.  Again…the boys’ jammies were sadly lacking.

While Owen’s section was less than fabulous, the 3T girls’ section was fantastic!!  She seriously almost has her entire wardrobe for next summer.  Check it out…

Oh but wait!  That was just one half of the table.  There’s more.  So much more.  And some of it even happened to be fall stuff that just got mismarked.  Love when that happens.

I get super excited when I find a clearance item that is new with tags.  It doesn’t happen often, but it did this time!  I found this adorable pair of BabyGap shorts that originally sold for $16.50 and I paid, you got it, $1!!!  Aren’t they cute?

If you read this, thanks for humoring me.  Travis doesn’t really understand my excitement about getting 49 items for $49.  I mean he enjoys the money I save him but he doesn’t really understand why I’m willing to get up early on a Saturday morning and fight the crowds just to get a good deal.  But for me, getting a great bargain on something is thrilling.  Some of you out there understand that, right??  Regardless, I saved a bundle and the kids (at least Molly) have a pretty decent wardrobe for next summer.

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Our big summer vacation began in TULSA!  One of my best college friends, Allison, got married and I got to be in her house party.  (I wondered about what a house party was too…basically I got to be a part of her big day by wearing a black dress, walking down the aisle before the bridesmaids, handing out programs and bubbles, and assisting the bride with whatever she needed.)  On Friday the 20th, my friend Emily (who was also in the house party) and I flew to Tulsa.  We got there in time to hang out with Allie for a couple of hours before the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.  Here’s a shot of us (kid-less and having a blast!) at the rehearsal dinner (the bride is the one in the adorable white dress):

While I was enjoying time with the girls, Travis was in charge of getting the kids to Kansas City to drop them off with his parents.  He was super dad and drove them from STL to KC after Owen’s last day of preschool.  He even packed lunches and fed them in the car!  Way to go Trav!  Jeff and Julie were kind enough to take care of the kids for us while we were in Tulsa, so Travis was able to leave on Saturday morning and drive the four hours to join me for the wedding.  While he was driving I slept until 10am in my very own hotel room!  When’s the last time that happened?  Um…college?  I remember going to bed thinking that I wouldn’t set an alarm because surely I’d just wake up and after all I didn’t have to be anywhere until noon…

When Trav got there, we went to lunch with a bunch of our college friends.  Sitting around catching up was a highlight of the trip.  Then it was wedding time!  It was a gorgeous wedding on a beautiful evening.  Even though it’s blurry, I love this picture of Allie and Wyatt as they left the church.

Before the wedding, the girls and I had to be at the church for pictures.  This left the guys with time by themselves…to get into trouble.  There happened to be a local art fair going on in downtown Tulsa.  The boys found this beautiful piece of art and felt it necessary that Allie and Wyatt own it for their bedroom.  We all signed the back and proudly presented it to them at the reception.

They were good sports.  Allie is used to this kind of humor since she knew us all back in college.  Wyatt didn’t know what he was getting into when he invited all of us to his wedding.

Besides giving them an inappropriate painting and taking a pictures with it, my old roommates and I got a picture together (minus one…Bri!).  The five of us lived together in college in the Pi Phi house and then off campus for a couple of years (some more than that!).  Here we are:  Leslie, Emily, Allie and me (and Les is getting married in July so we get to do this all again in a couple months!).

We found Bri and got a picture of the three house partiers:

And here are the boys that were in charge of that purchase that I’m sure will be hung over Allie and Wyatt’s bed (is anyone surprised that Travis played a big part in this??)…

Allie’s a big big fan of cake.  In fact, she told us that she didn’t want to see anyone the day after her wedding…she just wanted to eat cake all day.  She wanted us to seriously look at her cake because she loved it so much.  Allie, here’s your proof that Emily and I checked out your cake.  And we loved it…that cheesecake filling was to die for.  My only complaint…they cut the pieces too small!

The wedding was a blast and we danced the night away.  It had been a while since we’d hung out with our college friends so we made the best of it.  Staying up until 2am hadn’t happened in a long while.  We had so much fun and wished it could have lasted longer!  I’m already counting down to Leslie and Peter’s wedding in July (where Owen will be making his third debut as ring bearer!).

Stay tuned for more posts from our Colorado trip…there are SO many pictures it will definitely need several posts!

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My favorite consignment shop, Once Upon a Child, has a One Day One Dollar sale twice a year to get rid of all their clearance merchandise.  This is my third time to go and it never disappoints. 

The first time I went I didn’t have any idea how many people show up for this thing.  The store opens early at 7am, but I didn’t really see the need to get there at 7.  I learned the hard way by waiting in line for an hour and half.  I now know to get there at 6:55 (which seems REALLY early on a Saturday) so I can reserve a laundry basket to carry all my finds.  I also know that if you bring cash they’ll get you through the line a WHOLE lot quicker.  And I also know to bring my mom.  We shop together for a few minutes and then she goes and holds a place in line while I continue shopping.

The way it works is that there is a section of clearance items in every size.  Any item marked with a red stamp is $1.  If you want to get any of the good stuff you have to get there first, which definitely brings out the worst in people.  I’ve actually been looking at a dress and had it grabbed away from me.  People, this sale is vicious!

But I love it.  I really do.  I look forward to it two times every year.  And because I’m so proud of my amazing finds, I’m going to show them to you.  Get ready to be impressed!!  First I’ll show the things I got for Owen.  Generally the boys’ stuff isn’t as good as the girls’ stuff.  I think boys wear their clothes out more often than girls.  This year I only got three things for Owen.  But spending $3 for an Old Navy hoodie, a Children’s Place sweater vest for church, and a flannel shirt from Target…not too shabby!

I did a little bit better for Molly:

A couple of things worth mentioning…the turquoise hoodie was new with tags from BabyGap (originally $25!!).  The little floral leggings and sweater are brand new from Gymboree ($1 total…they came as a set!).  And the little red shirt is a Gymboree shirt that will be just adorable next Christmas.  The floral shirt is from H&M.  The pink capris with little white flamingos on them are from Old Navy.  The green floral capris are Target.  The khaki capris are Children’s Place.  And the crocs…well, they weren’t on the clearance rack but they were just too cute.  I gave in and spent $6.50 on adorable lime green Mary Jane style crocs for this summer.  Pretty impressive finds, huh?

I also like to shop ahead.  These jammies are all size 4T but how do you pass them up when they’re a dollar for each set?  I know I’ll be so excited to pull them out in a couple of years and not have to spend money on jammies.

I know I got a little carried away and gave you WAY more info than you cared to know about my finds.  But I just love a good bargain and love that this sale has give me a head start on Molly’s spring wardrobe.

Anyone in the STL area ever interested in going…it’s SO worth it.

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candy cane lane

Ever since September my Sunday evenings have been devoted to working on our church’s Christmas musical, Candy Cane Lane.  It was a lot of work, but it was so much fun to see it all come together in the end.  My role was to manage everything that happened on Stage Left.  I’d never been a stage hand before, but it was lots of fun.  I had to assist with costume changes, hand out props as needed, and make sure kids knew when to enter and exit the stage.  I also got to watch the play from behind the scenes.  Here’s a shot of all the kids dancing away during our performance:

Owen got to be a part of the musical, too.  Because he’s one of the littlest kids involved, he was on stage for under 10 minutes.  But he still got to wear Christmas jammies (the required costume for all performers).  And I’m sure he was so cute up there on stage singing.  I still haven’t seen him…I’ll have to wait until I get my copy of the DVD.  Being a stage-hand has it’s downside when you’re the mom of a little performer.  Even though I didn’t get to see him perform, he had the rest of the family in the audience including my mom, who was actually the helper for the 3 year olds over the last three months of musical practice.  Here they are looking so cute in their Christmas jams:

I love this picture of Molly looking into Owen’s classroom with envy as he got dropped off on the night of the performance.  Our little gal wants to be a big kid SO bad.

After the show I snagged a picture with Owen, looking official in my all-black stage hand attire.

We also got a picture of Owen with Candy Cane Jane, the star of the show.  Isn’t she adorable?  She really did a fabulous job.  Look for this girl on Broadway someday!

And one more on stage of me and the kids.  (And I promise that Molly really does wear other clothes besides this Christmas dress and leggings.  I really should try to work on getting pictures of her in other outfits so you’ll believe me.)

Directly following the show, some of the moms had put together a wonderful dessert reception.  There were SO many cupcakes, cookies, and treats.  The kids were in heaven…and very hyper.

Before heading home for the night, we snuck a picture of my side of the family.  I think this shot might be on my mom’s Christmas card.  So if you’re one who normally receives her Christmas card…sorry for the spoiler.

This musical was so much fun to be a part of.  It was really great to get to know the elementary kids better.  I work with the preschoolers quite a bit through my job, but my only opportunity to get to know the older kids is through our Sunday night program.  I realized that I’ve missed working with those older kids who I used to teach 5 days a week!  This musical really worked to get us in the Christmas spirit.  Something about a whole group of children singing Happy Birthday Jesus while wearing Christmas jammies will do that to you!!

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little chef

A few days before Halloween, Owen helped me make sugar cookie cut-outs.  We made sure Molly was fast asleep (because that’s the ONLY way anything gets done around here), put on our aprons, and got to work. 

Step 1:  Wash those hands!

Step 2:  Measure the dry ingredients.

Step 3:  Sift, sift, sift!

Step 4:  Mix, stir, and blend with the spatula.  (Funny story, Owen kept saying, “Mommy, can I use the bachelor?”.  I told him that it was actually called a spatula and he said, “That’s what I said.  The bachelor!”.  I guess you all now know what TV show is my guilty pleasure.

Step 5:  Yum…time to lick the beaters. 

Step 6:  The fun begins…it’s time to cut out shapes with the cookie cutters.

Step 7:  The cookies are out of the oven!  Time to let them cool.

Step 8:  Taste testing is a must.  You always have to make sure the food isn’t gross! 

Step 9:  Decorating the cookies with icing and sprinkles.  (Owen and his buddy, Jackson, got to do this together.  Jackson was WAY more into it than Owen.  Owen was really just there for the eating part.)

Step 10:  The eating part.  See what I mean?  Icing has been smeared on and there’s a significant lack of sprinkles, but there’s a whole lot of cookie eating going on!

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kitchen redo

When we bought our house, I did not like the kitchen.  Over the last five years we’ve slowly been redoing it…little by little.  We started by getting rid of the hideous microwave compartment the previous owners had.  It was horrid.  Check out this post if you want to see what it looked like.  After the microwave was updated, the floor was next to go.  This post will show you the before and after.  We were forced into getting a new dishwasher in June of this past year because ours just up and died.  It was super old and we updated to a much more aesthetically pleasing stainless steel. 

The last piece of the puzzle was redoing the countertops and backsplash.  For my birthday this year, that’s exactly what we did.  The night before the big redo I took some pictures to give you a frame of reference for just how much better it looks.  Here’s the before (granted I’ve taken away all my decorative items that helped to disguise what a dark cave my kitchen really was):

You can’t really see it, but the backsplash (which was really just a sheet of laminate) was carried all the way to the floor next to the back door.  Nice.

But after the redo got started, I realized it used to be worse.  Way worse.  My kitchen used to have this for a backsplash:

Yikes.  But I’m sure it was very cool in the 70’s.  I also realized why the backsplash was carried all the way to the floor by the back door…

Yuck.  I was SO glad to see all that go.  At the end of day 1, I had new countertops and the laminate backsplash was gone.  It was already looking so much brighter.  At the end of day 2, my bright white backsplash was up.

The previous backsplashed didn’t continue behind the stove.  I love that this one does.  By the end of day 3, it was finished!  It took me a while to clean up all the dust and dirt that goes along with home renovations, but we’ve settled back in and love how much brighter the kitchen feels. 

In the last picture you can see that the wall next to the door is no longer black but painted to match the rest of the room.  You can also see our new dishwasher…since I didn’t document that update with a blog post of it’s own.  The kitchen feels so much happier to me.  It only took us 5 years, but the kitchen is finally where I dreamed it would be!

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the big 3-0 birthday getaway

I turned 30 last Saturday.  I was a little bit sad to leave my 20s…I’m finally a full fledged adult.  30 is the real deal. 30 makes me feel like I need to stop listening to my favorite top 40 radio station and switch over to Easy Listening…because aren’t adults not supposed to like Kesha?  Anyway, my wonderful husband planned an amazing 30th birthday getaway for me and it was WONDERFUL.  Be prepared…long post, lots of pictures.

Trav and my best friend, Abbey, had been in cahoots to organize a weekend away to celebrate my birthday.  It was an extra special treat to have Scott and Abbey join us because he so rarely gets time away, being a surgeon and all.  We left on a Friday afternoon and drove to Ste. Genevieve, MO.  In case you’re not a Missourian and don’t know about Ste. Gen, it’s a charming little town filled with Bed and Breakfasts, antique shops, and wineries and it’s only a little over an hour from St. Louis.  Travis had reserved rooms for us at this adorable little Bed and Breakfast. 

Isn’t it charming?  Get ready…the inside was even better.  Trav and I stayed in a room called “Forever Summer”.

Our room was wonderful.  We had a cheerful little sitting room…

A really cozy bedroom…

And the most relaxing jacuzzi tub ever. 

After checking into our rooms, we enjoyed cocktail hour in the BnB’s garden.

The view from the garden made me feel like I’d stepped back in time.

After drinks in the garden, we went to an amazingly beautiful winery called Chaumette.  Here’s me and my hubby with the gorgeous countryside in the background.

And one of Ab and Scott…

We got to the winery just in time to have a private wine tasting.  The wines were delicious.  Our favorite of any of the wineries we visited.  The dinner was heavenly.  The food was better than I’ve had in a long while.  And the view from our table…not too shabby.

The next morning we dined on a four-course breakfast.  That’s right folks.  Four courses of delicious homemade wonderfulness.  I have no pictures of this experience because I was too busy stuffing my face.  It was fantastic. 

After breakfast we decided to roam the very quaint streets of Ste. Genevieve and shop some antiques.  Here we are, ready to set out…

There were some very nice antique shops.  And then there was the Bargain Barn (but they spelled it “Bargin”…that should be your first clue).  We saw the sign telling us that the “Bargin Barn” was a block away.  We knew we had to go.  We rounded the corner and saw…

Ab and I were thrilled.  This looked like just the place to find some diamonds in the rough.  The boys left us alone to go search for caffeine.  When we entered the Bargin Barn, we were a little confused because it looked like this:

There was stuff EVERYWHERE.  No order whatsoever.  Piles and piles of junk on every table in sight.  No sign at all of an employee.  And absolutely no prices.  The place pretty much freaked me out.  But at the same time it was a bargain hunters delight.  Ab and I searched every corner of this scary establishment…

And ended up with all this:

We finally found an employee (who was QUITE a character, might I add).  We offered him $5 for the whole lot, thinking we’d leave with a couple of our finds.  (We only had $5 in cash and were quite positive the place did not possess the capabilities to take credit cards.)  The man was very stressed by our offer.  We thought he was stressed because we’d severly under-bid the price of our treasures.  But no, he thought we were over-paying him!  We haggled it out and finally got him to accept our $5 bill.  This was quite the experience.

After this, we headed back into wine country.  Our first stop was a winery that was actually in a cave (hence the name Cave Vineyard).  We did a wine tasting here and then headed down to the cave.  It was a bit chilly so we only stayed to snap some pictures and then moved on.

Our next stop was Crown Valley Brewery.  The wines had all been great, but we decided to switch things up and taste some of the area’s beers.  We also got a chance to sit outside and look at the beautiful countryside. 

Our last stop was Charleville Vineyard.  We almost didn’t make it to this one because we thought it was a 13 mile drive on a dirt road…turns out it was only 1.3 miles.  Very doable.  We were SO glad we made it to this last winery because it was our favorite.  If we go back to the area, this is where I’d want to spend more time.  It was very secluded, gorgeous views, live music, and a great place for picnics.  It was a perfect way to end a perfect weekend.

So there you go.  I was dreading turning 30, but this was my favorite birthday yet!  Thanks Trav, Ab, and Scott for making it so great.  (And for our amazing parents who so generously watched our children so we could have a weekend away!)

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