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Travis has been teaching the kids some new tricks.  Check this one out.  It’s a family favorite.

And Molly’s been giving me lots of practice at fixing girl hair lately.  Her hair was looking particularly lovely after this nap.

There’s lots more to blog about.  I think a catch up post is in order.  But that will come another day.  My still crib-bound daughter is yelling for me at the top of her lungs, “MOOOMMMMYYY!!!  WHERE ARE YOU!!!  I DONE!!!”.  And my break is over.


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things i find funny

He finds cowboy boots to be the best baseball playing shoes he owns.  And he consistently wears them every time he plays…which is every time we go in the backyard.

These are Molly’s monkey jammies which just so happen to also be footie jammies.  And those are Molly’s Cinderella socks.  She thinks this combo is perfection and insists on it every time she wears these jammies, which is not nearly enough (in her opinion) due to the fact that it’s summer and there are no good shows on TV to record and watch during my laundry folding sessions.  But when these jams and socks are clean, she puts them on and then runs to find her daddy to tell him, “Lookit Daddy!!  I CUTE!”. 

 And that picture?  Well it’s just cute and it shows off Max’s tongue birthmark quite nicely.  But to fit with the theme of this post, I find it quite funny that our dog takes Valium whenever there’s a storm to help him deal with his anxiety.  I guess everyone has their quirks…even the dog.

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Now the fun really begins.  I’ve been waiting for 2 years and one month for my daughter to have enough hair to clip on a bow.  As you know, Molly’s gotten pretty comfortable with the bow headbands…to the point that she taps her head and says, “Mama BOW” if I don’t have one on her when we leave the house.  But let’s be honest, the headband bow is normally seen on little teeny infants that don’t have much hair.  And Molly Moo’s been rockin’ them past the age of two.  Not any more!!!  The girl is growing some hair!  We’re still dealing with the receding hairline that I pray will go away soon.  But she’s got enough blonde wispy curls to clip a bow on.  Here’s our first bit of proof:

She’s not sure she’s a fan, though.  All day today she kept pulling it out.  But I’m not above bribery.  Accessorizing is very important to me, if you can’t tell.  So I told her she’d get a puff ball each time I saw her with her hair bow still in her hair…and puff balls are very motivating in this house (we use them to motivate the kids to do really important things like eat their vitamins, take their medicines, share, and, of course, accessorize appropriately).  Fill a whole jar with them and you get to pick out something from the dollar bin at Target…woowee!  She accumulated quite a few today because this girl WILL learn to wear a bow.

I realize to some this post is ridiculous.  But how many of you have had a child bald on top until the age of two?  My daughter has had the hairline of a balding man.  I have even had people suggest to me that her headband bows might be rubbing off her hair.  I mean, really. 

But not anymore!  This girl’s got some hair!

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a quick easter tale

Emily teased this a couple posts ago, and I apologize I’m just now getting the story up. It goes like this:

The week before Easter, Owen sits at the kitchen table with Emily, Molly, my parents and me.

Owen: “Nana and Bubba, did you know Jesus died on the cross?”

Nana/Bubba: “We did, Owen!”

Owen: “And that he rose again on the third day?”

Everyone’s beaming: “Yes, Owen!”

Owen: “And when he came back…he killed all the soldiers!”

This story is now known in our household as Easter: The Return and The Revenge.

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silly glasses. pretty funny.

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It’s always something with these two…

I know I just posted about all of Molly’s antics, but her newest way of torturing her brother just has to be shared. 

As you may recall from reading the blog, Owen has recently (since Christmas) conquered his fear of standing up to pee and now does it with no problem.  That is, until his sister discovered this little trick…

She runs into the bathroom while he’s peeing, grabs the toilet seat and tries to slam it down.  He begins screaming and has to hold up the toilet seat while he’s mid-stream.  She then turns off the bathroom light and slams the door (and the bathroom has no window which makes it black as night).  She runs away laughing hysterically while he is screaming at the top of his lungs “I CAN’T SEE!  MOMMY HELP ME!!  I’M GOING POTTY AND I CAN’T SEE!!!  MOLLY TURNED OFF THE LIGHTS!!!  MOOOOMMMMYYYY!!”.

This wasn’t a one-time occurrence.  It happens at least once a day.  Often she does it while I’m in the basement switching a load of laundry (smart girl). 

I really can’t blame him when he needs a change of pants  in the middle of the day.  It really isn’t his fault.  How can a three-year-old be expected to aim in the pitch black?

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So it’s no secret that O-man loves Star Wars. In fact, he quite often requests that we play John Williams’ Star Wars soundtrack to accompany his playing in the basement (something I used to do myself as a child).

Owen’s favorite song is Duel of the Fates from Star Wars: Episode I. If you can’t recall it, give it a quick listen here.

Now, here’s what’s fun: when Owen listens to Star Wars music, so does Molly. And to Owen’s delight, Duel of the Fates is her favorite track, too. In fact, she often sings it during bath time – and then Owen joins in with her, and before you know it, we have our own little sci-fi choir. And friends, we’ve got the video to prove it (note: it REALLY starts to get good around the :45 mark).

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