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When did my child get old enough to have a school picture??  Yet somehow he is.

This school picture was taken a week after he fell and hurt his chin (see this post for a picture of the damage!).  If you saw the before pictures, you can tell he’s done a lot of healing in a week!  You can barely tell…he just looks a bit dirty.  Yikes.  I hope his classmates’ parents don’t see him in the yearbook and think of him as the dirty kid.  There’s always one in the class.  I was a teacher.  I know these things.

Since the last blog post centered on Molly, I’ll make this one an update on Owen.  Let me start by saying that I love my son.  Very very much.  I’m so thankful to be his mom.  But…

The past couple of months have been rough.  Definitely the most challenging parenting we’ve faced so far.  With the age of 4 came ATTITUDE.  I feel like I am constantly correcting, disciplining, praying for patience, taking deep breaths, and then doing it all again 5 minutes later.  Owen has never been a kid who does well with transitions, and the transition to being in school 3 days a week has been tough.  And saying it’s “tough” is definitely an understatement.  He does not want to go to school…ever.  In Owen’s perfect world he would stay home 7 days a week, 24 hours a day and play with his Star Wars guys.  So getting up and leaving the house before 8am three days a week is not his idea of a good day.  In fact, things had gotten so bad that he would refuse to walk down the hall of his classroom, and I’d have to push him down the hall.  He wouldn’t throw a public fit…he’s become too shy to draw that much attention to himself in front of his classmates, but he’d drop lines like “you don’t love me” as we’d walk in.  TORTURE.  It was awful.  I want my kid to love school.  But he doesn’t.

Things are getting better.  He’s made a buddy who likes to do the same things he does.  His friend, Molly, is also into the Lion King so they often play lions on the playground together.  Here’s a picture of him with Molly that my mom took on Grandparents’ Day.  She’s a cutie, isn’t she?  No wonder Owen has already proposed to her.  (Not kidding…he really did.  Her mom emailed me and told me.  How I would have LOVED to be a fly on the wall to hear how that conversation went down.)

So…school is not awesome but getting a bit better.  At home, we’re dealing with lots of sharing issues, eye rolls, temper tantrums, back talk, disrespect…I could go on.  I’m realizing more and more how I need the Lord to guide me as I parent my children.  I do not have all the answers, and I am not a perfect parent.  I’m thankful that I have a heavenly Father who forgives me time and time again, and I pray that I can reflect that kind of love and forgiveness to my children.  I know I can’t do it by myself!

While Owen’s behavior clouds my feelings at the end of the day, I need to remmeber the sweet things he says and does.  For example, when I ask him to tell me about his day at school he responds with, “No Mommy, I want to hear about your day.  What did you do?”.  Sweet Owen is still in there…we see him every once in a while.  Please Lord, let this be a phase that we move through quickly!



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I couldn’t wait to chaperone Owen’s first ever school field trip!  Being on the parent side rather than the teacher side of the field trip experience was a WHOLE lot more relaxing!  We went to Thies Farm which is a pumpkin patch about 10 minutes away from Owen’s school.  The weather had been awesome…70’s and sun…for a very long time.  It just so happened that on the day of the field trip it was rainy and chilly!  B0o! We were so thankful that the rain held off while we were at the pumpkin patch.

The pumpkin patch was basically a huge playground made of straw!  For an hour the kids got to run around and play with whatever they’d like.  Including this big spinning tire…

And this very cool rope bridge…

All the kids in Owen’s class were at school that day and we got a cute class picture on top of the hay bales.  Mrs. Dudley, the aide in his room, is on the left.  Mrs. Hauser, his teacher, is sitting right next to Owen on the right.

After playtime in the straw was over, the kids each got to take home a little pumpkin.  I got a quick picture of Owen with the 3 other boys in his classroom.

I loved my first field trip chaperoning experience.  Silly, I know, but this is one of the things I looked forward to the most when I knew I was going to stay home with my kids.  It did not disappoint!

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Poor Owen.

Looks nasty, huh?  Our first rainy day in a long while caused us to pull out the raincoats yesterday.  Owen is obsessed with putting his hands in his pockets when he walks, thus preventing him from catching himself when he tripped going up the slippery steps outside of church last night.  It was not a pretty scene.

Today he’s taking it all in stride.  This poor kid’s chin…6 months ago it was five stitches in the exact same place.  Now it’s a bump the size of an egg with a really gross looking bruise.  We won’t be walking with our hands in our pockets anymore.  It’s a new house rule.

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wedding weekend!

A couple of weeks ago our friends Peter and Leslie got married!  Leslie was one of my roommates for 3 years in college and Peter was our next door neighbor.  They are great together and it was such a fun celebration!  Leslie asked me to be in her house party and Owen made his third debut as ring bearer.  At the rehearsal we learned that Owen and Micah (the other ring bearer and my friend, Emily’s son) would be dragging the aisle runner down the aisle.  Emily and I were a little nervous about this because their trial run looked like this:

We were sure we’d be helping them down the aisle…but more about that later.  After the rehearsal we took a few minutes to check out the crazy pictures booth that was set up for the wedding the next day.  Pretty awesome family pic, huh?  You can’t see my hat very well, but it said something about a Redneck and had a mullet attached to it.  Fantastic.

And before taking off for dinner, the five roomies got together for a picture.  Emily, Bri, Les, me, and Allie have SO many pictures together from college and now all five of us are married!!

The day of the wedding was so much fun…start to finish.  We had 26 of our college friends and their kids over to our house for a cookout that morning.  It was so fun to see everybody and their families.  After the cookout it was time to head to Union Station for pictures.  Travis kept the ringbearers neat and tidy as we tried to figure out where we needed to be.

When we finally found the bride, Les took a minute to snap a picture with her troop of ringbearers and flower girls.  And Owen was doing his tiger face.  Nice.

Flower girls, Avery and Audrey, are my friend Bri’s daughters.  Owen had a great time with them…and became a bit of a ladies man!

I’d mentioned earlier that Emily and I were nervous that Micah and Owen wouldn’t be able to drag the runner down the aisle without our help.  We were sure that we’d be popping up out of our seats to help them out.  But we didn’t need to because they did GREAT!  They walked all the way down the aisle totally in step.

And they couldn’t have done a better job of dragging the runner! 

And then it was the flower girls’ turn.  They made it down that perfectly straight aisle runner without a hitch! 

The wedding was beautiful…and then it was time for the party!  Owen didn’t stay too long.  His picky palate wasn’t a big fan of tomatoes stuffed with goat cheese and standing around talking to grown-ups wasn’t his idea of a good time.  My parents were amazing and came all the way downtown and picked up Owen from the reception and took him home.  Before he left we snapped a quick family picture.

Our college Bible Study leader, Bissy, has come to almost all of our weddings.  It’s been 8 years since I was in her Bible Study, but it’s always so great to see her! 

Trav and I celebrated our 7 year anniversary the weekend before.  It’s crazy to think about where we were 7 years ago…so much has changed since then!  Here we are…nice and shiny.  The a/c wasn’t working too great and it was HOT that night.

The reception was tons of fun.  Basically Peter and Leslie provided us all with a big Mizzou reunion.

We’d tried out the crazy pictures booth at the rehearsal and it didn’t disappoint at the reception.  We took our fill of pictures using as many costume combinations as possible.  Here’s a shot of the roomies (minus the bride).  Like my tatoo sleeves?  I thought they were awesome.

Trav and the guys in his fake fraternity “PAE…Pimpin’ Ain’t Easy”.  Ask him about it sometime.  Funny stuff.

Tessa and I lived together for a summer and has become a close friend.  She married our good buddy, Tyler, and now we love them both! 

Trav and me…striking a pose in his Cousin Eddie hat and I was wearing angel wings in honor of my days as a Pi Phi angel.

And finally…the only shot I got of the bride and groom all night.  Peter and Les were headed to Mexico for their honeymoon so this picture is only fitting.

Wow…that was an epic post.  And I could have posted a ton more pictures.  It was a great wedding.  A great weekend.  Great times with old friends.  Now somebody else needs to get married so we have an excuse to do it again!

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protectors of the home

It was several hours after bedtime when I walked through the dining room and discovered these guys:

They made me laugh out loud.  When had my little soldier-obsessed boy done this?  What was going through his mind when he did it?  I could just imagine his little hands lining those guys up and the story that was going through his mind while he was doing it.

I love my imaginative boy.

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Owen’s actual birthday fell on a Tuesday, and the Cardinals were at home.  We felt it was high time our boy went to his first Cards game.  To get him ready for the game, our birthday present to him was a Cardinals hat and shirt to wear to the game.  And he wore them proudly.

Despite the fact that we had an awesome view of the stadium (and these were the cheap seats!)…

Owen’s favorite part of the game BY FAR was the ballpark food.  He downed his hot dog and then we bought him his very own box of popcorn to keep him busy so Trav and I could enjoy more of the game.

He lasted until the top of the 8th and then we called it.  He probably could have stayed longer, but at that point the caffeine he’d ingested by drinking almost my whole diet coke had made him giddy and hyper (awesomely healthy birthday meal, huh?) and we decided to leave while everyone was happy.  The Cards were ahead when we left and held onto the lead to win against the Phillies.  Nice b-day present for Owen!

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To celebrate Owen’s fourth birthday he had his first ever drop-off party!  He invited 10 of his best friends over for a cowboy-themed party, and everybody arrived dressed in their best wild west gear.  We were really hoping for a nice day and after a week of 80 degree (and hotter) weather, it seemed possible.  Unforturnately last Saturday greeted us with lots of rain and chilly weather.  Bummer.  Instead of having our rowdy cowboy party outside in the backyard we are stuck indoors.  But we definitely made the best of it! 

Before the party we snapped some pictures of us in our cowboy gear.  This picture is the only time that Molly would wear her cowboy hat all day long.

Travis greeted all the children at the door in character…his  name for the day was “Pecos Trav”.

When the kids came in, I had them go to the dining room to make their own cowboy vests out of brown grocery bags.  We had markers, crayons, and some fun foam wild west stickers.

Here’s the finished product on our little cowgirl.  She didn’t mind posing for the camera to show it off!

By the end of our craft, all the kids were there and the parents had made their exit.  Pecos Trav came in and announced that someone had robbed the bank and hidden their loot in our basement!  All the cowboys and cowgirls made their way downstairs to gather as much loot as they could.  Here’s a picture of them mid-hunt.

Then we all gathered to count our coins and see who found the most loot.  I think our winner collected 30 gold coins!

Next we divided the kids into three teams for a stick horse relay.  Some kids got it, others not so much.  Owen being one who didn’t quite get it…he entertained us all with a little stick horse dance.

After this we settled everyone into a circle for a wild game of Cowboy, Cowboy, Sheriff (the wild west version of Duck, Duck, Goose).  When the cowboy hat gets placed on your head…RUN!

Snake Bite was next!  This is the cowboy version of Hot Potato.  I made a snake out of socks, glued on some button eyes and put a plastic Easter egg filled with rice in the tail making it a rattlesnake!  Trav was in charge of turning on and off the cowboy music and nobody wanted to get stuck with the snake!

Next we headed over to the big cowboy for a game of Pin the Badge on the Sheriff.  Abbey was kind enough to help out at the party and she got the job of blindfolding the kids.  Some kids got really close to putting their badges in the right place…

…others were a little off the mark!

After a while, the kids were itching to play with the toys in the basement so we gave them some free play time.  I love this picture…the girls playing with the princess castle and the boys playing with Owen’s guys.  I was thankful that we have both girl and boy toys so we could keep everybody happy!

While the kids played, Abbey and I took small groups of hungry cowboys and cowgirls upstairs to make their own trail mix.  I’d filled upside down cowboy hats with all kinds of different trail mix ingredients (cheerios, goldfish, pretzel sticks, rice chex, raisins, M&Ms, marshmallows, and yogurt covered raisins).  Each kid got to scoop their own favorite ingredients into baggies to create their own special mix.

After making (and snacking on) trail mix, it was lunch time!  My parents and brother were at the party to help out and they were on food duty.  My dad grilled up hot dogs and my mom served up mac n cheese and grapes…kid food!  We got the kids all settled at the table and snatched a quick group pic…and almost everyone was looking.  I had high hopes of getting everyone to pose together in their cowboy hats but our two hour party was a little too rambunctious for that!

And then it was cake time!  My mom and I had fun making Owen’s cowboy boot cake the night before.  I’m realizing that the more time I put into these cakes, the harder it is to cut them apart! 

Owen thoroughly enjoyed every last bite of his cake and ice cream.

After everyone was good and sugared up, we headed back downstairs for present time.  Everyone was eager for Owen to open their present and some even opened them up for him.  It was hilarious and he didn’t seem to mind.

While Owen opened presents, we got all the stuff ready for the kids to take home.  Each kid took home the vest they made, a cowboy hat, bandana, and a sheriff’s badge.

And then the parents were here!  It was the fastest two hours ever.  But before she left, we had Owen and Ella pose for a picture.

It was such a fun party.  Owen had a blast and has talked about it constantly ever since.  We were so thankful for all the help we had…my mom, dad, brother and Abbey.  When I was planning the party I wasn’t sure we would need all the extra hands but we sure did!  It was so fun, but I’m really glad we have 11 months before the kids’ birthday seasons starts up again!

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