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wedding weekend!

A couple of weeks ago our friends Peter and Leslie got married!  Leslie was one of my roommates for 3 years in college and Peter was our next door neighbor.  They are great together and it was such a fun celebration!  Leslie asked me to be in her house party and Owen made his third debut as ring bearer.  At the rehearsal we learned that Owen and Micah (the other ring bearer and my friend, Emily’s son) would be dragging the aisle runner down the aisle.  Emily and I were a little nervous about this because their trial run looked like this:

We were sure we’d be helping them down the aisle…but more about that later.  After the rehearsal we took a few minutes to check out the crazy pictures booth that was set up for the wedding the next day.  Pretty awesome family pic, huh?  You can’t see my hat very well, but it said something about a Redneck and had a mullet attached to it.  Fantastic.

And before taking off for dinner, the five roomies got together for a picture.  Emily, Bri, Les, me, and Allie have SO many pictures together from college and now all five of us are married!!

The day of the wedding was so much fun…start to finish.  We had 26 of our college friends and their kids over to our house for a cookout that morning.  It was so fun to see everybody and their families.  After the cookout it was time to head to Union Station for pictures.  Travis kept the ringbearers neat and tidy as we tried to figure out where we needed to be.

When we finally found the bride, Les took a minute to snap a picture with her troop of ringbearers and flower girls.  And Owen was doing his tiger face.  Nice.

Flower girls, Avery and Audrey, are my friend Bri’s daughters.  Owen had a great time with them…and became a bit of a ladies man!

I’d mentioned earlier that Emily and I were nervous that Micah and Owen wouldn’t be able to drag the runner down the aisle without our help.  We were sure that we’d be popping up out of our seats to help them out.  But we didn’t need to because they did GREAT!  They walked all the way down the aisle totally in step.

And they couldn’t have done a better job of dragging the runner! 

And then it was the flower girls’ turn.  They made it down that perfectly straight aisle runner without a hitch! 

The wedding was beautiful…and then it was time for the party!  Owen didn’t stay too long.  His picky palate wasn’t a big fan of tomatoes stuffed with goat cheese and standing around talking to grown-ups wasn’t his idea of a good time.  My parents were amazing and came all the way downtown and picked up Owen from the reception and took him home.  Before he left we snapped a quick family picture.

Our college Bible Study leader, Bissy, has come to almost all of our weddings.  It’s been 8 years since I was in her Bible Study, but it’s always so great to see her! 

Trav and I celebrated our 7 year anniversary the weekend before.  It’s crazy to think about where we were 7 years ago…so much has changed since then!  Here we are…nice and shiny.  The a/c wasn’t working too great and it was HOT that night.

The reception was tons of fun.  Basically Peter and Leslie provided us all with a big Mizzou reunion.

We’d tried out the crazy pictures booth at the rehearsal and it didn’t disappoint at the reception.  We took our fill of pictures using as many costume combinations as possible.  Here’s a shot of the roomies (minus the bride).  Like my tatoo sleeves?  I thought they were awesome.

Trav and the guys in his fake fraternity “PAE…Pimpin’ Ain’t Easy”.  Ask him about it sometime.  Funny stuff.

Tessa and I lived together for a summer and has become a close friend.  She married our good buddy, Tyler, and now we love them both! 

Trav and me…striking a pose in his Cousin Eddie hat and I was wearing angel wings in honor of my days as a Pi Phi angel.

And finally…the only shot I got of the bride and groom all night.  Peter and Les were headed to Mexico for their honeymoon so this picture is only fitting.

Wow…that was an epic post.  And I could have posted a ton more pictures.  It was a great wedding.  A great weekend.  Great times with old friends.  Now somebody else needs to get married so we have an excuse to do it again!


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Our big summer vacation began in TULSA!  One of my best college friends, Allison, got married and I got to be in her house party.  (I wondered about what a house party was too…basically I got to be a part of her big day by wearing a black dress, walking down the aisle before the bridesmaids, handing out programs and bubbles, and assisting the bride with whatever she needed.)  On Friday the 20th, my friend Emily (who was also in the house party) and I flew to Tulsa.  We got there in time to hang out with Allie for a couple of hours before the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.  Here’s a shot of us (kid-less and having a blast!) at the rehearsal dinner (the bride is the one in the adorable white dress):

While I was enjoying time with the girls, Travis was in charge of getting the kids to Kansas City to drop them off with his parents.  He was super dad and drove them from STL to KC after Owen’s last day of preschool.  He even packed lunches and fed them in the car!  Way to go Trav!  Jeff and Julie were kind enough to take care of the kids for us while we were in Tulsa, so Travis was able to leave on Saturday morning and drive the four hours to join me for the wedding.  While he was driving I slept until 10am in my very own hotel room!  When’s the last time that happened?  Um…college?  I remember going to bed thinking that I wouldn’t set an alarm because surely I’d just wake up and after all I didn’t have to be anywhere until noon…

When Trav got there, we went to lunch with a bunch of our college friends.  Sitting around catching up was a highlight of the trip.  Then it was wedding time!  It was a gorgeous wedding on a beautiful evening.  Even though it’s blurry, I love this picture of Allie and Wyatt as they left the church.

Before the wedding, the girls and I had to be at the church for pictures.  This left the guys with time by themselves…to get into trouble.  There happened to be a local art fair going on in downtown Tulsa.  The boys found this beautiful piece of art and felt it necessary that Allie and Wyatt own it for their bedroom.  We all signed the back and proudly presented it to them at the reception.

They were good sports.  Allie is used to this kind of humor since she knew us all back in college.  Wyatt didn’t know what he was getting into when he invited all of us to his wedding.

Besides giving them an inappropriate painting and taking a pictures with it, my old roommates and I got a picture together (minus one…Bri!).  The five of us lived together in college in the Pi Phi house and then off campus for a couple of years (some more than that!).  Here we are:  Leslie, Emily, Allie and me (and Les is getting married in July so we get to do this all again in a couple months!).

We found Bri and got a picture of the three house partiers:

And here are the boys that were in charge of that purchase that I’m sure will be hung over Allie and Wyatt’s bed (is anyone surprised that Travis played a big part in this??)…

Allie’s a big big fan of cake.  In fact, she told us that she didn’t want to see anyone the day after her wedding…she just wanted to eat cake all day.  She wanted us to seriously look at her cake because she loved it so much.  Allie, here’s your proof that Emily and I checked out your cake.  And we loved it…that cheesecake filling was to die for.  My only complaint…they cut the pieces too small!

The wedding was a blast and we danced the night away.  It had been a while since we’d hung out with our college friends so we made the best of it.  Staying up until 2am hadn’t happened in a long while.  We had so much fun and wished it could have lasted longer!  I’m already counting down to Leslie and Peter’s wedding in July (where Owen will be making his third debut as ring bearer!).

Stay tuned for more posts from our Colorado trip…there are SO many pictures it will definitely need several posts!

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the big 3-0 birthday getaway

I turned 30 last Saturday.  I was a little bit sad to leave my 20s…I’m finally a full fledged adult.  30 is the real deal. 30 makes me feel like I need to stop listening to my favorite top 40 radio station and switch over to Easy Listening…because aren’t adults not supposed to like Kesha?  Anyway, my wonderful husband planned an amazing 30th birthday getaway for me and it was WONDERFUL.  Be prepared…long post, lots of pictures.

Trav and my best friend, Abbey, had been in cahoots to organize a weekend away to celebrate my birthday.  It was an extra special treat to have Scott and Abbey join us because he so rarely gets time away, being a surgeon and all.  We left on a Friday afternoon and drove to Ste. Genevieve, MO.  In case you’re not a Missourian and don’t know about Ste. Gen, it’s a charming little town filled with Bed and Breakfasts, antique shops, and wineries and it’s only a little over an hour from St. Louis.  Travis had reserved rooms for us at this adorable little Bed and Breakfast. 

Isn’t it charming?  Get ready…the inside was even better.  Trav and I stayed in a room called “Forever Summer”.

Our room was wonderful.  We had a cheerful little sitting room…

A really cozy bedroom…

And the most relaxing jacuzzi tub ever. 

After checking into our rooms, we enjoyed cocktail hour in the BnB’s garden.

The view from the garden made me feel like I’d stepped back in time.

After drinks in the garden, we went to an amazingly beautiful winery called Chaumette.  Here’s me and my hubby with the gorgeous countryside in the background.

And one of Ab and Scott…

We got to the winery just in time to have a private wine tasting.  The wines were delicious.  Our favorite of any of the wineries we visited.  The dinner was heavenly.  The food was better than I’ve had in a long while.  And the view from our table…not too shabby.

The next morning we dined on a four-course breakfast.  That’s right folks.  Four courses of delicious homemade wonderfulness.  I have no pictures of this experience because I was too busy stuffing my face.  It was fantastic. 

After breakfast we decided to roam the very quaint streets of Ste. Genevieve and shop some antiques.  Here we are, ready to set out…

There were some very nice antique shops.  And then there was the Bargain Barn (but they spelled it “Bargin”…that should be your first clue).  We saw the sign telling us that the “Bargin Barn” was a block away.  We knew we had to go.  We rounded the corner and saw…

Ab and I were thrilled.  This looked like just the place to find some diamonds in the rough.  The boys left us alone to go search for caffeine.  When we entered the Bargin Barn, we were a little confused because it looked like this:

There was stuff EVERYWHERE.  No order whatsoever.  Piles and piles of junk on every table in sight.  No sign at all of an employee.  And absolutely no prices.  The place pretty much freaked me out.  But at the same time it was a bargain hunters delight.  Ab and I searched every corner of this scary establishment…

And ended up with all this:

We finally found an employee (who was QUITE a character, might I add).  We offered him $5 for the whole lot, thinking we’d leave with a couple of our finds.  (We only had $5 in cash and were quite positive the place did not possess the capabilities to take credit cards.)  The man was very stressed by our offer.  We thought he was stressed because we’d severly under-bid the price of our treasures.  But no, he thought we were over-paying him!  We haggled it out and finally got him to accept our $5 bill.  This was quite the experience.

After this, we headed back into wine country.  Our first stop was a winery that was actually in a cave (hence the name Cave Vineyard).  We did a wine tasting here and then headed down to the cave.  It was a bit chilly so we only stayed to snap some pictures and then moved on.

Our next stop was Crown Valley Brewery.  The wines had all been great, but we decided to switch things up and taste some of the area’s beers.  We also got a chance to sit outside and look at the beautiful countryside. 

Our last stop was Charleville Vineyard.  We almost didn’t make it to this one because we thought it was a 13 mile drive on a dirt road…turns out it was only 1.3 miles.  Very doable.  We were SO glad we made it to this last winery because it was our favorite.  If we go back to the area, this is where I’d want to spend more time.  It was very secluded, gorgeous views, live music, and a great place for picnics.  It was a perfect way to end a perfect weekend.

So there you go.  I was dreading turning 30, but this was my favorite birthday yet!  Thanks Trav, Ab, and Scott for making it so great.  (And for our amazing parents who so generously watched our children so we could have a weekend away!)

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You read that right. Emily has joined my fantasy football league. My best friend since childhood, Beau, is the league commissioner, and the league is packed with some old friends, including Beau’s wife, Stephanie and Beau’s mom. Last year was my first year in the league, and my team name was “Aguiar 4 Life” in honor of my favorite Kansas City Chiefs punter (that’s right – punter) of all time: Mr. Louie Aguiar. Here’s a picture of him, his mustache, and his glorious hair.

I’m proud to say that I did Louie proud in ’09, winning it all in my inaugural season. Em saw how much fun I was having and decided to get in on the action. The woman has a proven track record of sports picking performance (her March Madness brackets perform well year after year), and I have to admit, she’s bringing the heat in our league this year. We had our draft last night, and her team – The St. Louigans – is stacked:

How about my gal getting our old alma mater star, Jeremy Maclin?! But don’t count me out yet. I renamed my team ¡Aguiar Repita! – which may or may not translate to “Aguiar Repeat!” in Spanish. Obviously, that means I’m defending my crown at all costs…and these are the dudes who are going to help me do it:

Emily and I are actually playing each other in Week 1 – and the winner gets all the glory right here on the blog. What say you, loyal readers? Who do you think is gonna bring home the gold in our first ever husband vs. wife fantasy bowl of destiny?

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On July 17, Travis and I celebrated our 6 year anniversary!  It’s been a GREAT six years.  I wouldn’t change a thing about it.  Being married to your best friend truly is the best thing in the world.

Anyway, you’ve read about the anniversary date that Travis planned in this post.  It was wonderful, romantic, and relaxing.  He plans great dates.  When I plan dates, they’re not romantic or relaxing.  I’m a big fan of the “let’s do something together” kind of dates.  Last night I told him to meet me at my parents’ house after work where we’d be leaving our children.  Then I took him over to our favorite neighborhood Mexican restaurant, Mi Lupita.  We both thoroughly enjoyed our combo platters of enchiladas, burritos, and tacos…yummy.

After completely stuffing ourselves, we headed out for part 2 of the date…mini-golf!  I absolutely LOVE mini-golf.  I don’t know what it is about mini-golf, but I can’t get enough.  Some of our funnest dates have been 0n a mini-golf course, but I don’t think we’ve been since the kids were born.  We had a blast!  I told him that the winner got to choose the location for part 3 of our date…ice cream.  The competiton was pretty fierce.  I worked on perfecting my swing…

…while Travis thought seriously about each and every shot.

All this strategizing didn’t keep us from posing for a picture in front of the lovely waterfall that decorates hole #14.  Can you tell it was hot by the way our faces are glistening?  Gross.

At the end of 18 intense holes of mini-golf, the winner was…

ME!!!  By 8 strokes, I might add.  Not to brag.  Well, maybe a little bit of bragging.  I mean, 8 strokes isn’t just squeaking by…that’s a pretty decent win.  Better luck next time, Trav.

At the end of the date, we headed over to Silky’s for concretes.  Great end to a great night.

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This past father’s day weekend, three friends (Christian, Franz & Pierson) and I decided to take our boys on their first camping trip in beautiful Klondike Park in Augusta. Chase (Pierson’s son) is 4, Jackson (Franz) is 3, Owen’s 3, and Sam the Man (Christian) is 2 – all ages that inspired our wives to respond with a collective, “Ha! Good luck, guys!” Luckily enough for us, the boys all did great. And Owen, I’m very proud to report, absolutely loved it.

Now, first things, first – it wasn’t a 100% legit “camping” trip – we stayed in a cabin, not a tent. But I CAN say the cabin didn’t have AC and it was in the mid-90s the whole time; needless to say, we definitely appreciated our fans. But all the cooking (thanks to Pierson for the food), bathrooms, etc. were outside. Owen was very proud to return home and announce to his mom, “I pee-peed in the woods!!!” Okay, on with the pictures.

Owen and Chase started playing the second we got there:

Then the rest of the boys arrived, and I realized what I had done by bringing 3 foam swords:

The campgrounds were great. Franz turned us onto the place, so a big thanks to him. We had a very nice private eating spot right next to the cabin:

Then came dessert. The boy was all, “Gimme s’more!”

The boys for the most part had a good sleep. As for the next day’s activities, some things went according to plan, and others didn’t. Emily and I actually had bought Owen his first fishing rod prior to the trip, but he wasn’t too interested. I casted once, he reeled in about one or two turns, then returned to an activity he never tires of: throwing rocks into the pond. Hey, maybe when he’s older. Chase, however, loved fishing, and Saturday morning he and Pierson hit the pond. Franz, Christian and I took the boys hiking for the next two hours, which was quite an adventure for all.

Here we are as we began the hike, Owen eyeing down the mountainous terrain in his path:

And a mighty conquerer he was. Owen hiked up to the top of those bluffs (sure, I held him for a lot of the hike up, but that’s nonetheless). The view from the top was great. That’s the Missouri River behind us.

I had Owen sit up on the fence, which freaked him out a bit…

Standing, however, was just fine:

At the top of the bluffs were some rocks that led up to a higher view. I casually mentioned to Owen that people climb them for a better view – and all of a sudden he was determined to do it. The boy turned all mountain man and scaled them with ease! Here he is after the fact, feeling very proud:

After the bluffs, we took a great trail that went through the woods. It winded us along the bluffs/Missouri River, slowly leading back down to the park. It was a great trail, and Owen was in heaven being in the woods. He kept talking about being Davy Crockett, Indiana Jones, and family members from Swiss Family Robinson – but Indiana Jones most of all. The below video is a good representation of a lot of our hike:

At one point on the trail, Sam was so taken by the male bonding that was going on on the trail that he brought the other boys in for a little man group hug:

After the hike, it was time to head home. It was a very special father/son trip on father’s day weekend, and I can’t wait for many more guy trips in the future. From Owen’s expression in the car on the way home, I think he felt the same way:

A happy camper, indeed.

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goodbye arbor!

While Travis was home assisting me in caring for our little invalid, he had time to get a few projects done around the house.  We’ve been wanting to do this certain project for a while now and I am SO glad he did it. 

When we bought our house, I loved the wooden arbor that covered the back patio.  It provided nice late afternoon shade and it had a kind of charm to it.  I loved hanging flower baskets on it in the spring and twinkle lights on it at night for BBQ’s.  But then the carpenter bees took it over and it became a source of stress for me.  Every time I’d take the kids in the backyard one of those big bees would dive bomb me to protect his “nest”.  (Actually his nest consisted of a hole that he’d drilled into the wood of the arbor and lived inside.)  I grew to hate being outside…so sad because we’ve collected so many fun things for the kids to do out there.  Travis and I explored our options and decided that the only thing to do was to destroy the arbor.  The wood was so rotted that there was just no saving it.  So Travis got his sledge hammer and chainsaw and went to work.  Here’s a shot from the yard at the beginning of the demolition…

And then there’s the action shot as the rotting wood is falling down around him…

And my little daddy’s girl, watching with her adoring eyes. 

The finished product:

I’ve had to get used to the bareness of it.  I’m not used to looking out my kitchen window and seeing sky.  It does make our backyard feel a lot more open and I love that the bees have moved away!  We’re in the process of looking for an umbrella to shade us from some of that late afternoon/early evening sun.  It makes the kitchen so very hot and shines right in my eyes while I’m cooking.  But we’re happy to have that done!  Cross that off the list…

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